Thursday, June 24, 2010

Short and SWEET.

Just like today’s run, tonight's blog is going to be short and sweet.

Today I ran 3 miles and am pretty happy with my time: 25:33 at 8:31 pace.  I felt pretty stiff and when I looked at G.Money I expected to see a 9 min/mile pace. Surprise, legs and brain, y’all are movin’!

I have had a headache now for 4 days.  Yes, I have been drinking water. So I have no idea what the deal is…maybe my eyeballs? Now that I have this nugget of info regarding my eyes I may be a bit paranoid. We will see. Other option is it could just be stress.  I have a lot going on these days. I have taken some Aleive and am heading to bed.  Tomorrow, aside from water aerobics, is a rest day.  Thank goodness.

On a side note, I received a book in the mail from Stephen Paske, Breaking Stride.  Talk about taking me back to yesteryear!  This book, so far is really entertaining and is showing me just how disconnected I was from this type of running (what I am doing now) when I was in High School.  I am usually a slow reader but I am well on my way with this one.  So I’ll get a complete book report out as soon as I finish up!   So, since I brought up High School…can you pick me out of this pic?  I believe this was after our Area or Regional cross country meet my Sophomore year. Next stop STATE! I think we got 3rd in state that year?  or maybe it was the next… Kind of wish I could go back and give it another try…with what I know now I could have done SO much better!

Today I am grateful for:

Easy and convenient return policies.


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  2. Way to go on your pace! I'm envious that you still look as youthful as you did in high school!

  3. You should see a doctor if you're head has been hurting that long.

  4. Do you wear contact lenses? It might be time to switch to a fresh pair. If I go more than 3 weeks wearing the same pair, I start getting frequent headaches.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Check your contact lenses - I usually wear my glasses if I have headaches.
    Looks like you shouldn't be dehydrated. What about drinking some sports drink? Maybe low electrolytes?
    I dislike headaches because mine are always here to stay for days. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. :( hope your head feels better soon

  7. I love that photo.

    Get better!!!!!

  8. got stephen's book in the mail today too. can't wait to start reading it! and I ADORE that picture! priceless! and yeah i wear the belt up higher. Not at my rib cage...around my waist rather than around my hips. I find thats the spot that it doesnt slip around or bother me at all

  9. Love it. I just started reading Born To Run and am loving that one. Have you read it?

  10. Hope your headache's gone soon.


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