Sunday, November 6, 2011

Square One


I just got back from a 3.25 mile run.

The only thing I was thinking the whole time is "Wow, is this really how I feel? This is me starting over. At square ONE. Ugh...."

But it is time, I must get back on track. My diet has gone to pot, sugar and carbs galore! My running has gone to pot...sporadic at best. Who is in control here? Certainly not ME! Not the me I know I am....this is the lazy, sluggish, down-in-the-dumps me, the me who is moping because I am not going to toe the line at OBX next weekend....I have never missed a registered race before and let me tell you, this is a blow to my moral.

I know that attempting 26.2 next weekend is asking for trouble. The smart thing to do is to sit this one out. Maybe next year....

In an attempt to jump start my motivation J-Ninja and I devised a plan that will train us up for Big Sur Marathon on May 1 followed by White Lake 70.3 Redemption on May 7th. That's right, I am going to have a repeat of my half ironman! With one under my belt I am hoping for an improvement.

Yes. We realize this is going to be nuts-a marathon then 6 days later a 70.3. BUT-our training plan starts tomorrow, with a rest day of course, and spans 26 weeks. This will be ample time to train up for the 26.2 with conservative bike and swim workouts throughout. Unlike last year's plan, this year I actually have not one but TWO rest days scheduled in. Boooyow! The plan is realistic, smart, conservative, and perfect! I have full confidence it will get us to the finish line of both races.

We discussed our strategy for completing Big Sur 26.2 with our 70.3 in mind. With proper training and race strategy it shouldn't be a problem. So here's to hoping having this ambitious goal will snap me out of my training rut. I will not miss Big Sur!

So what do you think? Crazy plan? Of course it is!!

Congrats to everyone who ran NYC ING Marathon today!! I can't wait to read all the recaps!!


  1. Cute graphic! I love it! Good job with your training! Good luck with your races!

  2. Wow, talk about going big! Good luck and happy training.

  3. Glad to see you jumping back in and going big. Good luck to you,

  4. Yep, it's crazy. CRAZY AWESOME! :D I love it. :) I'm kind of relieved to hear that you're not doing OBX. I have a feeling that it wouldn't have been an enjoyable experience for you, and you're due for a fun race!

  5. I'm with ya (again). I have to ditch my first paid race too...and it was supposed to be my first marathon. I'm not ready to train again yet but I'm glad you're getting your mojo back!!

  6. Yeah for most people it would be crazy but sometimes that is what it takes!! That's how I always get back on track! Signing up for a race is so uplifting!!!

  7. You can totally do this. That's great that you have a friend to devise a plan with and train with. Accountability is key.

  8. I hear ya A. Since August my running has been crap. I'm back on track, I ran 11 miles this week, and did 2 kettlebell work outs. Good luck!!!

  9. You got this! Crazy is the best way to approach it LOL

  10. I think your plan sounds fine! No worries.

  11. Love the graphic....not that feeling of starting over though! It sounds like a great can totally rock it!


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