Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Have You Done Lately?

Nothing.....I have done nothing.

Well that's not true, I did 40 kettle bell swings this afternoon, sat in the sun (it was 70 degrees today) and I drove by a CrossFit gym to "check it out" yesterday. Other than that I flaked on my yoga date with J-Ninja and skipped my weekend runs.

Last week was a doozie for me. I missed work on Monday and went in late almost every day after that due to LB being home and out of school with his broken arm. This had me working later-than-usual hours  and playing catch-up which in turn had me feeling like a Lazy Lima Bean all weekend.

I can't snap out of it.

My trial gym membership purchased 2 weeks ago has been used exactly ONCE. Not good. I just don't have a traditional schedule that allows for lunch breaks. If I have a chance to make it to the gym it is a last minute hole in my schedule and it may or may not be long enough to get my scheduled workout in. BUT I guess something is better than nothing since it is clear I come home and do nothing.

I did register for the Tobacco Road Half's March 18th. Lets see if I can actually train and complete a 13.1. It will be a busy spring. Why is it that all the races I want to do are within about three weeks of each other? Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is April 29th, Big Sur (registered) April 29, White Lake 70.3 is May 5, Blue Ridge Half Marathon is April 21... Do you notice that your favorite races are clustered into one mess of a month?

Anyone doing any Turkey Trots this week? I MUST do one, whether it's my own or an organized event I need to do a Turkey Trot....

And what's your favorite small Thanksgiving Dinner recipe? I'm doing a small dinner for just me, LB and The Hubs, nothing big. I've got my trusty Cranberry Sauce Recipe, I'm debating between Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie. The Hubs is lobbying hard for garlic mashed potatoes...and I'm opting out of the trusty Green Bean Casserole. So any veggie suggestions? I think I should stick to running....


  1. It's not my own receipe but one I enjoy, Baked Pineapple! Yum!

  2. How is the little patient doing?

    And yes! March, April, and October are always overflowing with races I want to do.

    Ashley, AKA redonk runner, is putting on a virtual Turkey Trot!

  3. I signed up for the 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. I'm sure I'll be pooped afterwards so I will make everything before. :/ This year we are having dinner in PHX at our house with no visitors from out of town, kinda sad about it but not really. My kids are excited to just have it be us. I also like that it will mean WAY less work on my part. Good luck in your training. :) Jessica

  4. You will get your Grove back!! I am doing a virtual 5K, but I am actually running 4 miles, my last 4 before the Amica Seattle Half.

  5. yes Turkey Trot!
    my first!
    I am looking forward to it!
    low key Thanksgiving for us...

    cauliflower au gratin!

    I hope your son is doing better

  6. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes we need a break. HUGS

  7. I'm the same way... I've been so busy with school and work... maybe post marathon blues as well? That I haven't run but 2 or 3 times since Mid-October! :( Bleh!! I told myself that today is the day! So I woke up early to finish my school projects/study and then I'm gonna workout! :)

  8. I'm not signed up for a Turkey Trot, but I'm supposedly doing one. This will be the 55th year of ours here in Flint, and interestingly enough I've never heard about it until this year. It's only listed in two places, there's nowhere to sign up, and 3 years ago it was cancelled but people showed up and ran it anyway forcing the tradition to continue. It sounds like some sort of wonderful, under-the-radar mess that's run on a golf course, and if you win your age group you get a pie.

  9. I did not run for almost 2 weeks.. I NEED to find motivation and a routine again. Pretty sure I have to sign up for a race before my butt and thighs become one entity.

    hang in there doll!!

  10. If you want a green veg and don't want to make another dish, add Kale to the mashed potatoes. Dutch, tasty, and nutritious! Yea!

    Oh and I am insanely jealous that you are doing Big Sur. That is on my life list, I'm just not there yet. I'm training for my first half, and already signed up for my second a month later, so yeah- it's a clusterfreak.

  11. Signing up for a race.... checking out the Crossfit facility... these are steps toward getting back to it. Little bit at a time, girl!

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  13. This is a tough time of year to stay motivated! Hope you find yours again; I'm rooting for you!

  14. I just saw a recipe for roasted parmesan green beans that looks deelish - but I won't be able to make it because of travel and oven space issues. You should make it instead and report back. ;-)

  15. Thank you for letting me know, I am not the only one without her training mojo. I thank your blog for helping me get back on track - with my running and my posting.

  16. I am lobbying hard for OKC. You need to get back to see the newest niece/nephew anyway. I have decided I'm not even going to try to run anything, instead, I will do the kids marathon and try to coerce Jason into doing a low-stress 5K or maybe even a 10K! My plan is to do the kids race wearing baby #4, and make Grace put Kate on a leash. What's 1 more kid? Yours can join right in!!!!


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