Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you ever run with your eyes closed?

Yeah, me either. Usually.

Tonight I came home from work and changed into my running clothes immediately. It seems to be the best method for me so that I actually get a run in. Otherwise I sit down and lose motivation (instantaneously-how does THAT happen?) or walk into the kitchen and get overwhelmed by thoughts of what on earth to make for dinner-then the run is off....and I get grumpy(er). So it seems that if I come home and run to my room and change I am more likely to actually head out for my run. We'll see how long I can keep this up.

Anyway, so there I was, on my evening run. It was dark. Warm...what? Yes, 65 degrees on Nov. 28, and raining. What is up with this weather here lately? It is too warm. It's almost December for crying out loud. As I ran along in my neighbor(ing)hood I felt the soft pitter patter of rain on my cheeks. My shirt was getting wet and my hair was turning into a tangled rat's nest mess of wet hair. I closed my eyes, for just a few steps, or feet, or yards, and let the rain hit my face. It reminded me of my time running in the rain in the PNW. I wont beat a dead horse with that, but it felt good...then I almost ran into a basketball goal and had to open my eyes. Yeah, I would not recommend running with your eyes closed. It's not safe.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was great. We hung around the house on Thursday then headed to Colonial Williamsburg for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Just to show you our unseasonably warm weather here is The Hubs and LB playing soccer in the road on Thursday:


Check out his patriotic cast!


And here are some of Colonial Williamsburg:

Me and LB in the jail sell that held Blackbeard's pirates in 1718! Cool!!


LB at the Yorktown Battleground


Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg? Are you a history buff? If you could take a weekend trip, on the East coast, where would you go?


  1. I run with my eyes closed..... sort of. I've run more than a few steps. It's dark and I know my routes well. Haha.

  2. It's hot here too!
    I'm not complaining. I ran 4 miles with the jogger and then we went for a 2 mile walk.
    I have run with my eyes closed too. When I push really hard at the end of a race my eyes shut.

  3. Anywhere on the East Coast? My house of course! ;-)

    I love running in the rain but I usually keep my eyes open.

    Love the photos!

  4. LOVE this. I have never ran with my eyes closed but I guarantee I will think about this post the next time (tomorrow ha!) its raining and I am running! :)

  5. I'm having all sorts of motivational issues the past couple weeks, so I feel ya.

    And I'm on the East Coast, but if I still had to choose, I'd head up to Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park in Maine.


  6. I'm way too clumsy to attempt running with my eyes closed. lol

    I AM planning a weekend trip to the east coast in March to Virginia Beach. Shamrock Half, baby!

  7. We lived in Newport News for a year and enjoyed all of the history.
    We try to go to Myrtle Beach, SC at least once a year. We love it there!
    And of course, we'll be headed to Boston in April which I'm SURE we'll LOVE!
    But PNW is home for me. We've lived a lot of places and this is where our heart is.

  8. Every now and then, if I need to refocus or am really into my run, I'll close my eyes for a few steps! It is definitely dangerous though!!

    It's 50 in Texas now...well the HIGH is 50, which i think is incredibly to cold! I'll trade you for your 65!

  9. I really want to do an eastern road trip and see Chicago, New York, Philly, DC, etc. Maybe once we are actually living in North America in a few years?

  10. I get it.
    I could have written this whole first paragraph!

    So many distractions even before my kids get off the bus.

    The daily dinner thought sometimes sends me into a tizzy when I get home.

  11. Great post! Fantastic pics! I sometimes run with my eyes closed for a moment or two. I'm prone to running into things or off it is quick! :)

  12. I loved the description of your run. It almost felt like I was running right there with you...

    ... until the basketball post.

    That would have hurt.

    Glad your run was enjoyable and collision free!

  13. I was once very sleepy while on the treadmill, so i thought I could close my eyes for a few seconds to let them rest and definitely tripped and almost fell on the person next to me. Lesson learned!

  14. It's warm in VT too and I am enjoying it!! Well we just went to FL for the week of THanksgving (east and west coast). However during our 26 hours in the car (each way), we talked a lot about where we wanted to go, Outer Banks, DC (one if my favorites, CHarleston SC (another fave). You should also come north, Boston, Maine, and Vermont of course

  15. Glad you had a fond moment during your run - that sounds nice! Watch your step, though. ;)

  16. You were in Williamsburg? That's 45 minutes from me. Next trip, call, text, email me and I will come meet you!

  17. I do the same thing if I sit down right away! When I'd go to the gym after work, I'd have my bag packed and ready to go so I didn't have any excuses!

    I SO miss running in the rain.. I've moved from IL to TX (El Paso) and I had some of my best runs in the rain.

    I've only been to DC and Maryland on the East Coast, so if I could take a trip, I'd go to NYC!

  18. We have a route we take often that has a terrible hill so one day I said "I think I am going to close my eyes going up this one" it made it go by much faster :)

    Yay you for running in the rain~ that's where I usually draw the limit!

  19. I went to Colonial Williamsburg and really enjoyed it! It kind of feels like a time machine, and the bakery was so yummy!! :)

  20. I did not run today, so you shamed me. But I'm looking out the window at that lovely November Pacific Northwest wind, so I'm trying to cut myself some slack.

    My eyes only close as a defense mechanism. Of course, I can trip perfectly well with my eyes wide open...

  21. When we were in VA our weekend trips consisted of DC and The Outer Banks. Hubs likes the history stuff, but more the forts and such.

  22. Im not a runner, but i always close my eyes on the elliptical.


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