Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Marathon

....of sorts. A post about LB for the family....and you all too since you are like family too....

I think I'd rather have put myself through a brutal, untrained-for marathon...

Sunday afternoon, when I was supposed to be recovering from a marathon LB was being a 6 year old boy tying to walk on a fence, balancing like a squirrel, or maybe Spiderman, I'm not sure. I had a difficult time explaining the fence to people then I decided to just post a pic. It was this kind of fence:


I looked out my kitchen window and saw our neighbor setting LB over the fence into our yard, he began hobbling home. Then there was the tears and the "where does it hurt?" game. After about 40 min of looking at his arm, trying to conduct some tests (that I have no business conducting, but I've played a doctor on TV) I concluded that I should at least take him to the ER, get an x-ray, receive some Tylenol and be sent home as an over-reactive mother. Better safe than sorry.

After about 4 hours waiting in the ER we finally got a jillion x-rays around 9 PM.

Yes, of course I took pictures...I'm a mom.


By 9:30 the verdict was in: supracondylar type three fracture of his humorous. Ouch. I was shocked. I figured it was just bruised....Then the kicker-the only way to fix it was surgery and inserting three pins.

LB was a trooper and decided at that point he just wanted to go home. I agreed, let's go....But we had no choice, he was prepped for surgery and by 10 I was in the waiting room and he was in surgery. I called The Hubs to let him know what was going on and from Boston there was nothing he could do.

By 11 LB was in recovery. By 2:30 AM I was watching some sort of Batman cartoon with LB who was spaced out on morphine.


We made it home Monday by noon and the rest is history. We've been chillaxing, watching cartoons, eating popcorn, drinking sprite...you know, all the important things.

He has to go back in next week for his hard cast and I will be first in line to sign it.

As for training/running...I did get in a 4.5 mile run this weekend, before the incident! My awesome neighbor and I traded kid-sitting so each of us was able to get in a run. I'm hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful runlationship! This coming weekend I think, I hope, I can convince The Hubs to sit on three kids so we can actually run together! Mark my words-I will have her running her first half-marathon with me before the Army takes her and her family away from me in 6 months.

How was your weekend? Any advice on how to deal with LB's arm? How the heck do I put a shirt on him? This is still a mystery!


  1. Poor LB!!! I can't even imagine! I hope he feels better soon!!!

  2. Poor guy!!! Hope he is feeling good...kids heal quickly!

    I've got a group of ladies doing the Tobacco Road half this March! Maybe this is a good one for your friend! I know you did it last yeaR!!!

  3. Poor guy! Hope he's not in too much pain and heals fast! Sending him speedy healing thoughts and wishes!

  4. Feel better LB. Do you have snow in NC?

  5. Wow!! Good thing you brought him into the Doc.

  6. oh my gosh. (hugs) thinking of you guys.

    on a better note - yay for finding a running buddy!!!!!!

  7. poor sweetheart!
    button down shirts? bigger tshirts? uggg- so sorry amanda!

  8. Runlationship! I love that. haha

    And poor LB, but that's great that he was such a trooper! Hope he's doing ok with everything.

    Now if I get a sticker made of my signature and send it to you, do you think he'll put it on the cast? =P

  9. Poor little guy. I would say to button down shirts or over sized shirts that can just slip over his head and arm. Praying for speedy recovery. Your a strong lady to go through that all by yourself.

  10. The hubbs broke his wrist in a car accident and had to have a pin put in. It was a long 4-6 months of soft cast to hard cast and physical therapy. He wore a lot of sweat shirts altered to fit the cast in. Buy some cheap ones and cut the cuff off on the cast side. Hope he feels better soon :(

  11. Hope he is feeling more himself soon. Thing 1 has broken a wrist x 2....and both times I, too, thought it was just a sprain. 2nd time, he finished the day of school before it became too much for him. Kids....it's the reason we need a hair colour industry ;)
    Enjoy the couch time, he'll be up and turning the rest of your hair gray soon enough!

  12. awwww poor thing! I love that you and your neighbor are trading to run. So awesome! WIshing you all the best!!

  13. Oh no! So sorry about LB and the arm fiasco. My sis had that exact break as a kiddo (a million years ago) and I well remember the surgery and it taking a loooong time for her to get feeling back in her hand.
    Sending many speedy healing thoughts your way. Hang in there.

  14. Ouch, poor kid. It's unbelievable how many things I did as a kid that were much more dangerous than that, and I didn't ever get that bad of a result.

  15. Poor kid....was thinking button up shirt would be the ticket but then what do you do to get it over the injured arm. Wonder if you bought a size bigger if that would work?

  16. OMG your poor lil guy!!! Lots of ice cream and treats :)

  17. Oh no, I'm soo glad you went to the ER!!

  18. Too bad you don't have a sister who is an OT, who works with exactly just sort of injury and could tell you how to put a shirt on, what to expect and 4738 other pertinent details........

  19. Button up shirts are the best, w/ loose cuffs. Next best is loose t-shirts. For all shirts, put the injured arm in first, bunching up the sleeve (like panty hose) then sticking hand in, moving it up the arm. For a button up shirt, just swing the rest of the shirt around his back and put his other arm in. You'll have to do the buttoning until the swelling and stiffness go down in his hand. For t-shirts, after the injured arm is in, put his head in, then uninjured arm.

    I'd also recommend elastic waist pants for a while when he goes back to school. Buttoning and zipping in the bathroom are going to be issues.

    Good luck!

  20. Hugs and Kisses to help him feel better quickly! The good thing is that kids bounce back from injuries WAY faster than we do. As for a shirt, it will be a struggle, but put his hurt arm in first then head and finally his good arm. Or of course, button down shirts until the hard cast is on and then he'll be moving around like crazy. www.dashingdiva.net

  21. Claire,
    Said it exactly as I would have.
    Hope all in LB's world is going well and yours love you!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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