Saturday, May 29, 2010


This week has been full of awesome cross-training! I have been biking, swimming, lifting, lunges, doing shallow and deep water aerobics, and Ab Ripper P90x! I hadn’t done the Ab Ripper in months. The first time I gave it a go back in the fall I could barely do any of it. I was sore for about a week afterwards. This time around I was able to do almost all of the exercises with only a few breaks! It still burned like the dickens but I was able to complete the workout! I even did it twice this week!

I hope to get a nice treadmill run in later today.

And now a few poeple have soem giveaways going on...

Jamoosh over at Last Mile Lounge is giving away a lot of cool stuff this week!

For a chance to win a 24 .oz stainless steel Last Mile Brewing Water Bottle click HERE

To win a RoadID click HERE

Um, Thorlos Socks could be yours!! Click HERE

H. Love at Keep on Keeping On is giving away a super cute Running Chics shirt for her 100th post! Check it out HERE

Kerrie over at Mom vs. Marathon is giving away some sweet Orthaheel Tide Flip Flops!! They are pretty awesome, so check it out HERE!

So there you have it!

I'm still deciding on the Green River Free Marathon next weekend. As of now I am think I am going to give it a go...I may only do 15 to 18 miles of it, maybe 20. We will see. I am itching for a good, long run!!

Off to enjoy my Saturday!!


  1. Enjoy your long run...can you tell me more about the Danskin Tri??

  2. You could do it and not race it, just run it. Although I find that very difficult to do.

  3. I love how often some of you can race! I'm just not that good! All I can think about in Seattle right now!

    I've got a couple fun giveaways for CSN and chocolate going since you're on the fun giveaway lookout :)

  4. any miles would be WONDERFUL.. I need to rip my abs, right now they are FLAB!

  5. I could really use some ab ribber. Hmmm...I think I might have abs on the Insanity schedule today. I need to look.

  6. Way to go on the abs - I could use some inspiration in that area!

    Good luck on your decision.

  7. Man the ab ripper is awesome! I don't get sore from it anymore though so I know it works :D you get so much stronger. Keep up with the cross training you're doing awesome girl :D


You're pretty much awesome!!


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