Friday, May 28, 2010

Circle Yes or No…

I have been busy.

No really.

Seriously, busy.

Since my recent Unslumping I have been so busy I don’t even know what I have been doing. 

I have been swimming and biking more than usual this week.  I just wanted a change for a minute.  This morning as I was swimming my half mile I realized that I was totally spaced out.  I have no idea how long I had been out of it but I am sure it was at least a lap and a half.  It was so weird for me, a runner. You know how when you run sometimes you find yourself so far in your own head you are on auto pilot, just trucking along the same ole path?  I can run for miles that way sometimes.  It is like I am seeing but not really paying attention, almost like sleep walking.  Well that is exactly what happened this morning while swimming. I was sleep swimming.  I was talking to my Official Race Crew (Jessica) who is a swimmer.  She said that is what she does when she swims but has not experienced that as a runner.  I took this to mean that I am now a runner AND a swimmer!  I can sleep swim!  Score!

And now, for advice from my fellow running peeps…there is a free marathon next weekend.  I kinda want to do it.  No pressure, no time limits…just me and G. Money (and Mel-Tall Mom and others) and my iPod and Gu Chomps and a SERIOUS mental health issue, out for a nice Saturday jog.  I haven't really been putting in enough miles for a full marathon…my farthest run since April 26 has been 13.1 so I could very possibly die.  But really, when is death not a chance one takes while running a marathon?

yes or no

Sometimes when I am having a hard time making a decision about doing a race I make my Official Running Crew decide for me. It usually goes something like this, “Jess, there is a race I kinda want to do.  But I guess is is up to you, do you want to hang with my Little Buddy Saturday?”   If she doesn’t have plans then I run a race…if she is bored, I run a race…if she is working or busy I don’t run a race.

Today I am grateful for:

An awesome mention on David’s blog HERE saying that I am one of 15 Runners to Check out!! AWESEOME!!

A sweet giveaway over at Tall Mom HERE!  Let her know I sent you, would ya?  Head over there for your chance to win some sweet compression socks so that you can GIVE YOUR LEGS a HUG!

A long weekend!


  1. hmmm... I'd have to circle no, just erring on the side of caution.

    Totally awesome that you're mentioned in that 15 Runners link. Well-deserved - your blog rocks!

  2. LOL your official race crew has to work 12-9 on saturdays! Is it Saturday or Sunday? I am in for sunday but working on saturday! We will chat tomorrow!

  3. I say circle yes! Consider that a typical taper is about four weeks and you are right about there anyway. Take it easy - do it for fun - enjoy the company of other runners!

  4. Nice shout out on the top 15 bloggers!

  5. No advice, but good luck with your decision!

    Congrats on the top 15 bloggers!

  6. just enjoy yourself next weekend go easy and have fun!

  7. You should do it!

    F - Free
    R - Running
    E - Easy
    E - Enjoy

    See. You simply HAVE to! Just have fun and take picture then share them with us!

  8. wow a marathon is awesome; I'm impressed you speak of 26 miles so casually. Remember how great of an achievement it is and respect yourself for it and all your body is capable of!

  9. I think "nuts" should be one of the options to circle. I choose nuts.

  10. Wow, congrats on being on of the 15 bloggers! Exciting!

    I would do the run, but go in with no time goals in mind. That way you are less likely to get hurt, and will have another long race under your belt before the next "big" race!

  11. Thanks for the RunningSomewhere mention. I appreciate it and was glad to mention your site.

    David Damron

  12. I say Just Do It! Well, be cautious of course, but this way there is no pressure.

  13. Be careful...being hurt now has made me rethink everything. Each step is really a gift! Have fun!

  14. Hmmmm.. I say YES but I hold no responsibility for any negative results. But since I MISS you tons would love love to have your company for any part of the run..

  15. Good golly we runners are a crazy bunch, hey. Some crazier than others! I wish you the best of luck :D

  16. I say if it's FREE and there's no pressure for PRs or any other crazy stuff, then go for it! Great to see you over at the Turtles blog...glad you're doing well and thanks for the TGIF creativity. LOVE it!!

    HUGS from Orlando! :) (your blog following has really grown since we began last year...yowzer!) Great job!

  17. circle no! I'm behind on blogs though so apparently this won't really ehlp your decision :D


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