Friday, May 21, 2010

Slump. I’m in one.

…And when you’re in a Slump,
you’re not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself
is not easily done.

But, Somehow you’ll escape

And once more you’ll ride high!
Ready for anything under the sky.

(-Excerpt from Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You’ll Go!)

I’m not sure why but I have found myself in a slump. And un-slumping is hard. Most things worthwhile in life are hard, I’m learning. And sitting around waiting to un-slump simply wont work. Un-slumping takes work. Takes effort. Takes motivation, dedication, and will power. So I will find my way out. Then my slump will be done. I am ready to ride high and to run far. I’m not sure why I am having a hard time getting out there to run. Maybe it is the stupid weather here. It is raining. I look outside and it could be November with flowers. It was 48 degrees today and I need to run my heater. I am wearing my winter fleece pants. I am ready for sun, fun, warmth and backyard water fights. I am in a slump.

I hereby pronounce myself SLUMPED.

My name is Amanda. I trained hard for a marathon, completed it, felt amazing. And now I am in a slump.

….Ah. I feel a little bit better.

Today I went to the Y to run on the treadmill. After 1 mile, ONE mile, I started to bargain with myself, “I don’t really need to run three.” I hit 2 miles and convinced myself to just do 3. Three. That’s it. And at 3.25 I was done.

I wasn’t tired. Not at all. I was bored. My head phones were driving me crazy. I had a tiny pebble in my shoe. My bangs kept slipping out of my pony tail and poking my eyes out. My skin felt slimy and itchy at the same time. The dude next to me was kind of smelly and thought I was Stacey (sorry buddy, not Stacey. Poor Stacey). I wanted to lift weights and do lunges. I was cranky. I was thirsty. So I only did 3.25 miles.

Hopefully things turn around and I can un-slump. Have any of you been in a deep running slump? How did you find your way out so that your slump was done?

Today I am grateful for:

Tickets to go see my brother, his wife, my nephew and my NEW nephew!! Yay!!


  1. Don't worry about your slump, Amanda. I was in one earlier today while holed up in a motel traveling for work. I started on a longish run and stopped after 3.5 miles. I was just too mentally exhausted to go on. I spent the day touring a prison (yes, a prison!), and let me tell you, if seeing people locked up in small cells for 23 hours each day doesn't shake you out of a slump, nuthin' will.

    Cheers and take it easy. Love your blog,

    Cinthia (Alaska)

  2. The think i LOVE about running is its has sooo many things that parallel with life. In life we have ups and downs... so it is with running.

    It is also NORMAL to have a down period after reaching the marathon goal.

    You should make sure your giving yourself the grace to just get out and run for fun. No watches, no measuring your distance, no thinking about the next race and what your time will be.

    For me .. running is about relaxing, its about being alone with my thoughts, about getting out and enjoying the world and what is out there. No run is ever the same... some are horrible... some are incredible.

    Taking a break is ok. Running only 2 miles is ok.... walking.. is ok....
    you know you have other goals planned.... you know you are a runner for life right?
    You cannot train hard, strict and focused allll the time.

    I LOVE running in the rain! (as long as no thunder and lightening).. have you ever done that? What about finding a new place to run, search out new trails, or roads, be adventurous.... what about finding someone else to run with one day a week... even someone who isnt as conditioned as you... what an encouragement to them you would be. :)

    Take a deep breath... and run like a kid. Find the joy again. .. but realize its OK to be in a slump.

    Its natural. and it won't last forever.

  3. Take heart... with every slump comes the unslump, in which you'll feel so great! I agree with the other posters -- allow yourself to take a break (run less or shorter) -- you'll get the motivation and enjoyment back soon!

  4. Hey, at least you know you're in a slump. I kind of look like I'm in a slump, but can't tell because there's no one to watch the kids, the power's out a the gym, it hit 92 degrees today, there's no school, etc. I'd like to run, but then it takes so much effort to get there, who knows?

    You'll be back soon. Don't sweat it!

  5. I know you will get un-slumpedified soon. There a little suprise in the mail for you! :-) Packages always make things better!

  6. I'm with you girl!! I am in a major slump!! Just remember that you are at least physically able to do the things you want to do, so you just have to get yourself psyched up mentally. Think about what makes you happy, what makes you smile, what makes your heart smile, and do it!! It doesn't have to be anything major ( like a major race) just enjoy the small things and you, my friend, will unslump!!! Hang in there!!

  7. Sounds like you need to switch it up. Get on the bike with a book and sweat it out. Maybe even do that for a week and you'll be really wanting to run again. LOL! You want what you can't/don't have, right?

  8. YOu need a dose of Mel :) Let me know when we can run together or get together... Miss you! Good luck with your SLUMP..

  9. sometimes we just need to be slumped . . . really! You will pick it back up and might have to work hard to get back into the swing of things . . . but you will. ;-)

  10. Yup, been there!
    I usually completely change it up when I'm in a slump. I either don't run for a week and just cross train, or maybe I do some speed work, or run someplace different.

    You'll get it back!

  11. I would cross train for awhile. As long as you are working out, you'll be just fine. And one day when you least expect it your body will crave a run.

  12. Not that it will make you feel better but I could probably copy and paste your post and change the name to mine. I had a complete meltdown yesterday after a long build up of frustration... the kind you just described. The kids informed dad when he got home that "mommy needs some down time... you know, a break". I'm glad to know someone of marathon status could be in the same place as me. I don't feel so alone now. I'll get out if you will! Splurge on a sitter, call a friend, know that time for yourself will make you a better (nicer to be around) person. blah blah blah! Let me know how that works!!!

  13. If you're quoting Dr. Seuss there is a lot of hope for you! I bet you will be out of your slump soon. It isn't unusual after a marathon. Sometimes just having the next race scheduled can help. Visiting your brother should be just great!

  14. *stands up*

    Hi, My name is veronica and I did NOT run a marathon, yet I'm stuck in a slump.

    I just tell myself that every day is a new day. Another opportunity to run and feel better than the day before.

    >>>stranger hug<<<

  15. Oh man... slumps are hard. The only way I know to get through them is take a little more rest than needed and eventually you realize that you miss training... at least that's how i work. You do lose some fitness though unfortunately!


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