Monday, May 10, 2010

What a day.

Only a little bit about running. Consider yourself warned.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers out there!!  What a day!  I really held no expectations for the day today.  My Little Buddy is sick (fever, sore throat, headache, and other things that you non-parents should not have to read about on a running blog) so I knew we would be hanging around the house today.  So once I realized church was out I went back to sleep.  I ended up getting out of bed at 9:18 AM. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to me!

I got out of bed and got dressed.  I put on a sun dress to hang around the house, something I never do…BUT lately I kind of enjoy catching a glimpse of my calves in the full length mirror (insert Carly Simon’s Your So Vain song here).

Second thing, my mom called this morning.  Strange because she is 2 time zones away and should have been in church.  My dad is sick.  Oh boy…I hate being so far from home. 

Later in the day I saw a flower delivery van pull up.  Oooo!  I love getting surprises!!  The kind lady asked me twice if I was me, then she said, “You’re a young mom.  So young!"   Made my day!  She said I was “a sweet mom” , rubbed my arm and handed the the beautiful bouquet. My Aunt Margie sent me these beautiful flowers!!

MD flowers

I also got the second part to my Mother’s Day present from the Hubs…

May  9 2010 002


He ordered these three running books by Hal Higdon from Amazon and had them shipped to me.  I got one book on Friday  then the other two on Saturday.  I am excited to read them and RUN FAST and IMPROVE MY TIME!!! Very exciting!!


I also got a gift card from my Mother –in-law and another gift card to from my Father-in-law!  So awesome!!  i have already started shopping on Amazon and have my wish list full and the tally is WAY over the value of the gift card, oops! 

A few things on my wish list:

A bib belt so that I don’t have to use the stupid safety pins on my sweet running shirts AND i can take off layers and still have my bib on! AND I can use it in my upcoming triathlons!

A new running hat since I always wear my black Nike one.

some new compression socks, which i don’t really need but they were cool.

Some running tights.

Now, for the running part of today’s post.  I need to run.  My foot feels ok aside from feeling like I have a flat river rock under my foot at all times. I think I am ready to run.  My rest has been nice but I feel like I have ants in my pants AND I am pretty grumpy and short lately (some of that could be that my Little Buddy is sick and I have been attached to him since Friday without a break). I have decided to cut my 2 weeks of recovery short.  I will still take it slow but I will hit my running again, hopefully tomorrow but most likely Tuesday.  I have a half marathon to train for and a PR to break people!!!

And finally….


In case you can’t tell, this is the confirmation of registration for the Portland Marathon!!!!!  10/10/10!!!  Yipeeee!!!  Let the madness begin, AGAIN!

Today I am grateful for:

So many wonderful gifts, messages, and phone calls from people who think I am a special mom!

Marathon #2 in the books!!


  1. Happy Mother's Day

    Congrats on registering! Looks like you have been bit by the marathon bug! :) Hoping I'm right there with you soon!

  2. Hal Higdon is my go to guy for marathons and halves! I wonder what else you will purchase at Amazon!!! Let us know!

  3. glad you had such a great day! Hope little guy feels better soon

  4. I bought compression sleeves this weekend. All I can say is this: Get the socks!!! You will wonder how you ever lived without them!!!

  5. You really do NEED the recovery socks! They help so much with dealing with those long runs or more intense workouts. Seriously... get some :)

  6. I love the date 10/10/10.... Portland is on the other side for me... but would love to race that day. Hmmm!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  7. Happy Mother's day to you too! Are you sure it wasn't your birthday as well? Those pics of your foot are icky. How it's feeling better. At least it's not a 6-week recovery like most injuries. :-)


  8. I love my compression leg sleeves they rock.

    Congrats on signing up fr your race. I'm running a half that day too. It was only $40 and on 10/10/10. How could I pass it up?

  9. Happy late Mother's Day! You look gorgeous!

  10. LOL naw I love my new butt from running and try to show it off all the time, you are not vain, just deserving of some attention from all the hard work (who cares if the attention is from you :D)

    And yayyy you're going to be running portland the same day I'm running chicago which means I can follow your training and be inspired since I should be doing somewhat simliar to you in terms of long run buildup :D.

  11. Hope your little one feels better soon! Love all the books!! So excited that you are going to do Portland....see ya there!! Yehaw!

  12. Sounds like a pretty great Mother's Day. Congrats on registering for Marathon number 2. I'm close to doing the same, but still monitoring my assorted ailments. Careful about cutting that recovery short - better a little extra downtime now than having to interrupt the heavy training.

  13. Looks like a great day even though Little Buddy was sick. Hope he's feeling better today.

    And congrats on registering for #2. I can't wait to watch your training and see you get lots and lots of PRs!

  14. Hope your Little Buddy gets well soon - poor boy. Yeah, marathon no. 2! Do I sense an addiction coming on? ;)

  15. looks like you had a great mothers day! those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!! great gifts from the Hubbs too!!

  16. yay!!

    got to love sweet calves. Loved that comment!!

    love thoughtful people especially the hubbs ones. :)


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