Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today I got to run.

I didn’t run far.  I guess I should have.  It was a beautiful day.  One of those days perfect for a 6 or 8 mile run, but I decided to run to my gym and do some serious weights.  I just needed to get out a weeks worth of pent up energy.  The gym is 1.44 miles from my house so I decided to see how fast I could actually run there. 

1 mile- 7:24.38

.44 mile 3:38.19

Total: 1.44 miles-11:02.57

Once I got there I hit the weights.  I don’t usually punish every muscle group in my body but today I did.  Legs, back, shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps. In an hour I was sufficiently sweaty and smoked.  It was time to run home.  I ran home by way of Jessica’s house, no actually I just ran to Jessica’s house and she gave me a ride home the last little bit.

1 Mile-8:46.54

I could barely move my legs.  I knew I was tired from my fast mile to the gym and the weights but I couldn’t help but feel like I had taken too much time off.  Like I am starting at square ONE. GASP! Like I can’t run far anymore.  I was tired. My legs did not want to move.  I had to will one foot in front of the other.  In the last 3 weeks I have run a total of 20 miles.  Yes, pathetic.  I know I have not lost my entire base but I feel stiff and heavy.  And to make matters worse I have a half marathon coming up in 6 weeks!  I have some serious catching up to do.

I am happy to say that  starting today I am back in the swing of things.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day so on the agenda is track work with my Little Buddy, who is feeling like his normal silly self, and maybe a hike with Lazy Dog. 

Thanks to all of your who gave me input on the 30 Day Shred! I think I am going to give it a try!

Today I am grateful for:

My Little Buddy feeling better!!!

Pizza with friends!

Getting to the gym!!

And for your viewing enjoyment:

Me and my Little Buddy getting ready to race at the park!

get set go


  1. Glad you got your workout in! I am sure you will feel it tomorrow. Way to get going!

  2. love the pic teach him early!!

  3. Great picture - I'll bet you can take him!

  4. great photo!
    I am glad to hear you are back at it. And speedy mile!

  5. Looks like you are ready to race. Glad you are back into the swing of things. Enjoy another beautiful day.

  6. Uh oh. Looks like Batman's determined to win!

  7. Hey! I got your message on the blog. That's awesome you're moving to NC!What part?
    As for the soreness...well, when you have an intense workout like that you're going to get the DOMS effect 24 to 78hrs afterwards. Sounds like yours is lasting a little longer. Probably best not to do an intense lower body workout while you're still sore. During that time you can do some upper body and core.
    Sometimes when you feel like you've gotten behind in your fitness, you'll want to play catch-up by throwing in a really intense workout. Fight that temptation and add back those exercises gradually. Also, if you're in the training phase for a race or something, it's probably best to hold off on adding in intense resistance traning. Anytime you add a new stress to your body, it's going to pull you back a little (while your body heals and your muscles get stronger). This is normal. But if you do it during training it can do two things...First, if you're running slows, you may panic or become worried that your runnin is off. Second, if it's too close to race day, you may not have enough time to pull out of DOMS and you may be fatigued on race day.
    Do the heavy resistance workouts during your basebuilding phase and then do a maintenance workouts during the training pahses.
    Trust in your training, sounds like you're doin great and don't worry about adding in too many of those extra workouts at this point. Focus on your running. You'll rock that race!
    Probably way too much info, hope it helps and look forward to meeting you guys in the fall!!!

  8. Oh I'm glad he's feeling better. That kid is CUTE!


  9. That is such a cute picture of you and your son!! What a speedy run to the gym!!! Way to go on the workout :)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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