Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Now?

Ok, I have found my self to be in quite a conundrum. How do I best train during the next 7 weeks for my Rock n Roll Half that will also benefit me in my Portland Marathon training?

Keep in mind Rock n Roll half is June 26th  and Portland full is Oct 10 (oh yea and I am registered for Danskin Sprint Tri in August, but that will be a fun cross training twist to all this).

Here are some options I have considered:

Jump in to Hal Higdon’s Advanced Half training plan now at week 6 of 12 and train for the half?  Begin full marathon training right after.

Work on Hal’s Advanced Half training plan for the next 4 weeks then roll into an 18 week marathon training plan on the 6th of June?

Begin Full Marathon training now and repeat the first  two weeks of the plan twice, so it would be Week 1/repeat, Week 2/repeat , or even repeat weeks later in the training like week 8 twice week 10 twice.  What the benefit of this is I haven’t a clue…

Um, that’s all I got.  Suggestions from the running gurus out there are more than welcome.

I do have some new reading material that I will begin reading that will hopefully give me some guidance.  I just feel like I need to get a plan ironed out ASAP!  I also hope to meet with my Running Consultant this week to get some direction.

I was itching get a run in today.  My Little Buddy has been sick since Friday and thus I have been unable to work out. Period.  Tonight I texted Jessica and told her I was about to do some On Demand Exercise…and for her to NOT come window peep (not that this is a problem, I was just trying to be funny) that was her first clue.  I don’t Jazzercise.  Period.  She knows me well enough to know I was “antsy” and all day seemed like I needed to get out.  She came over to hang with My Little Buddy so I could hit up the YMCA!  I got in a three miler on the mill at 8:16 pace.  I felt good and could tell my body was ready to get back to business.  Something about taking a couple weeks rest is like give me a license to kill…taking a rest somehow equaled eat crap.  Ugh. 

After my run I hit a few weights to include lunges with two 5lb weights.  I am now committed to doing lunges at least 3x’s/week.  Please remind me of this…they are SO good for your legs and bum but I am going to be S.O.R.E.  I am happy to be back into some cross training and running!  I feel like me again!!!

Today I am grateful for:

Jessica, who knows me so well and helped me out so I could go workout.  THANK YOU x 1,000,000,000,000,000.

A fun day spent with Jessica and my Little Buddy despite him not feeling 100%

Longer days!! 

And for your viewing enjoyment:

May 10 2010 Seattle 048


  1. Tough call. Depends on your goals. Speaking personally, in the past Marathon Training over-rode everything. A half marathon (or any other race) that came up during marathon training was looked at as a training run (even adding mileage right before the event, if necessary). Thankfully, marathon training was making me faster overall, so I was still able to PR every now and then during a half or 10K.

  2. Fremont Troll! Love that area, I miss running around Greenlake from when I lived there last year.

  3. yeah! glad you were able to get out! I hope little guy continues to get better!

    Lunge baby Lunge!

  4. cool picture. I dont usually specifically train for just a half, its usually just part of my marathon training. if it was me, i would just combine them, you'll be able to run that far at that point anyway so just add some speed work to the marathon plan? maybe?

  5. I think they are spread out enough to focus on both. Train for the 1/2 then continue on from there with a nice base leading into the marathon.

  6. I like the marathon training with some weeks repeated - you could spread them out and treat them as recovery weeks as you wouldn't be increasing mileage. You could also repeat a preceding week for the same effect (i.e., week 7 again after week 8). Best of luck in all 3 races! Sounds like a well-planned season.

  7. I think I am planning on doing what MissZippy suggested, but let me know what you decide.
    This is going to be fun. Way to GO on the lunges.

  8. I think 16 weeks is LONG for Marathon training. I say find a Half plan you like and use it to prepare for RNR... Then find a FULL plan you like that is 16 weeks and start once it is 16 weeks. Between the 2 go for LONG and mid-long runs with Tall Mom to stay is peak shape... :) Sound good??

  9. I'm with zippy. plenty of time.

  10. I am glad to see you are back to lunges. You are the queen of those I need to start again. About your book I have it.. When I unpack I will return it pronto! Glad you guys had a good day in Seattle I miss you and hope to see you soon!

  11. Yay for good friends who understand you!!!

  12. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog! I'm in the same conundrum! Are you training for your first marathon? I'm running my first half on Sunday, another one at the end of June and my first marathon in November. I might try some combination of your options 1 and 2! I'd love any feedback you have!

    Keep it up with your training!

  13. Jessica is awesome! So good to have a friend like her.

    Do you think you need a training plan for your half? Are you trying to PR? Maybe you just run what you want for the next couple of months or run for time with a long run on the weekend (or on Mondays, I think that's when you do them). Just an idea. :)

  14. The Fremont Bridge Troll - Love it! And yes, squats and lunges are super good for you - I sneak my squats in while drying my hair and lunges on conference calls (interesting in heels), etc. It makes them go by much faster.


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