Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I feel myself unslumping, a little bit.

This morning I hit the gym and rode the recumbent bike for 1 hour and made it 13 miles.  I kept my heart rate around 130 for the entire time and felt my bootie starting to burn. I kept wanting to quit and just about the time I was going to  call it good AN the RB came up and talked to me through the last few miles.  I even ended up going 13 miles instead of 12!  When I got up I could NOT believe the amount of sweat.  My back was SOAKED.  It could have something to do with me sitting and my back against a back rest but I tried to lean forward for much of the time.  I was soaked.  Yay me,  I headed over to do some weights in my drenched shirt.  I can feel this mornings workout in my whole body. 

I headed home to get some work done and write some reports for work before heading out for a short run with AN the RB!!  Yay!!  It is always a pleasure to run with her.  She had just returned from an awesome vacation and there was no lack of conversation. It took the entire run to catch up and we ended with plans to run again on Wednesday!  This is just what I need to unslump.  4.44 miles done in 41:07 at a 9:15 pace.  It was a good day for a run and it was a good run.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who gave me encouragement on my Slumpy Post.  It truly did help and one in particular sticks out: Ruthie.  Ruthie said, “The thing i LOVE about running is its has sooo many things that parallel with life. In life we have ups and downs... so it is with running.”  And she could not be more right.  I think often my life and running are like wavelengths.

Life, running and motivation.  Sometimes when life is down and motivation is down my running should be up…like in the sunlight below.  The lower diagram of the Laser is the worst case scenario for me.  When I’m up, I’m up (which is awesome)…but when I’m down, I’m down. And I think I have been in a complete, all around Laser slump.  I need something to be up, whether it be running, life or motivation. I need my three things to look more like the Sunlight or the LED wavelengths.


Luckily my motivation, among other things, is looking up!  I’m not worried, I feel myself unslumping…

Today I am grateful for:

A run with AN the RB and no rain!!!

My Little Buddy going to swimming lessons with only a small bribe, and he had fun!!

A surprise in the mail from Shelly at It’s Just one Foot in Front of the Other!!  She sent me the 30 Day Shred and Ab Ripper since my hubby took it with him when he left.  She included the nicest note that made me a little teary…I’m pretty emo these days, whatchagonnado? So THANK YOU Shelly! You made my day! so be looking out for a 30 Day Shred challenge.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling energized! Can't wait to learn more about the 30 day shred. I am desperate need to have distractions while I can't run.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling more up. Running with a friend and catching up is the best. I love surprises in the mail!

  3. Glad to hear you are on the up and up! Can't wait to hear about your experience with the 30 day shred.

  4. * singing in my best army general voice "and when your up your up, but when your down your down, and when your half way in between your neither up nor down!"

    You probably think I am nuts! I am glad you are un slumping!

  5. Happy to hear you're unslumped!

  6. That is so great that you got the package!!! Glad to hear that you are doing better :)

  7. Yeah you! Glad you got such an awesome workout AND a run! Hope you know what an amazing person you are!

  8. Love Shelly!! That is soo nice.. if you EVER have a chance come up and run with me....we had FUn last time, remember???

  9. One hour on a stationary bike. Wow! That would drive me nuts.

  10. I'm really starting to enjoy the stationary bike. I bring a magazine and listen to a podcast. I'm sad when its done.

    Wow that is a really dorky but awesome way to explain how you are feeling.

  11. Glad to hear you're back from your slump :D we all have them, don't feel bad! :D

  12. Wonderful gift from Shelly - love getting stuff in the mail.

    Glad you are working your way out of the slump. Way to go.

  13. yay for the unslump!
    Love the shred.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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