Sunday, May 23, 2010

7 Things About Moi

Mel-Tall Mom on the Run tagged me!!  So now I have an excuse to tell you 7 things about me that are totally awesome, or not.  Whatever…I find it really hard to write things about myself. The rules are to tell you all 7 things about me then tag 15 more peeps! 


7 things about 5 Miles Past Empty 

1. I ran my first road race (outside of cross country in high school) barely a month after moving to our current home three years ago.  It was a 10K on Mother’s Day and I pushed my Little Buddy in my crummy running stroller. I burned the breaks out on it during that race because it was so dad-gummed hilly.  I never replaced them.  When I crossed the finish line they said, “Here comes a mommy! AMANDA of Tacoma!” And the spectators cheered me on!  I could not have been more proud.  I ran that race the following year too.  I had wanted to do the half marathon but did the 10K instead.  This was also on Mother’s Day and the day before my Hubs left for Iraq.  I ran this race last year and finally completed the Half Marathon!  And this year I ran the Half too…one week after finishing my first Full Marathon. 

2. When I was a sophomore in college my brother let me take over his cell phone.  I don’t really remember why.  But I still have the same phone number, 12 years later. About 3 months ago an old friend from college called me up and said, “Amanda?”  I said “Yes?”  And he laughed so hard.  He said the number popped into his head and he could not remember who’s number it was…so he randomly dialed it.  He knew it was me as soon as I answered.  It was so funny…He definitely used my number A LOT in college.

3.  I was born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma but I think I was meant to live near water, salty or fresh it doesn’t matter.  I love the water and all things related.  Give me warmth, sun and a pool, lake, ocean, river or creek and I am the happiest girl around. 

4.  I used to want to be in the FBI. I even joined the Air Force as a stepping stone to that dream.  I’m not sure what happened.  I still would love to do it but it seems like life has gotten in the way and it may be out of reach. 

5.  I went to the largest and most elite language school to learn Korean (through the Air Force).  I spent 18 months in near full- submersion.  My Korean name was Na Su Me, my teachers called me Su Me.  I love to surprise the Korean people by having random conversations with them.  When I worked full-time at the YMCA I always got called down to the lobby to help the Welcome Center staff sign up the Korean people or deal with whatever it was they needed help with. I would occasionally get random phone calls forwarded to my desk.  One time in the locker room a Korean woman had a medical emergency and I was translating for her to the EMT.  On my way out I heard a young Korean American telling her friend, “White girl speaks Korean!”   Always a fun time but these days I don’t use it as much and I am forgetting a lot of it.

6.  I take about 50 jillion pictures each month.  I have taken so many that my computer is nearly full, like there is not any space left on the hard drive or where ever it is that pictures are saved.

7.  I have a really good memory.  I almost wonder if it is abnormal.  I remember big events and all the tiny details surrounding them.  Occasionally I remember every single word spoken and even the intonation used. 

Well that is about it, now that you all are bored to tears…

Let’s see, 15 people!  some of you have already been tagged so I apologize in advance:

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I look forward to reading 7 things about all of you!


  1. That is so cool that you know Korean :)

  2. #7 I am weird like that too, please don't ever tell me your social, bank or any other information, I will still know it ten years later. I always feel bad for people, I will meet someone once, see them in the grocery store ten years later, remember their name and details and they will have no idea who I am! haha I stopped going up to people, I think I was starting to get a "whack a doodle" label...

  3. Thanks for tagging me. I have done it so go to my blog if you want to see what I put. # 5 is fascinating. Don't lose all of your ability to speak Korean. I bet it will come back easily.

  4. wow...a womam with many talents!

  5. Loved reading about you! So fun to learn new things!! I too take a BILLION pictures!

  6. Seriously? You tagged me? Don't you know that you're the only person who reads my blog?

  7. Great facts, Amanda! The FBI? You are crazy! And cool!

  8. I have a HORRID memory, can I have some of yours.. Hmmm Korean spi for the FBI?? Keep the dream alive.. Hugs

  9. Korean? AWESOME! Did you teach some to Little Buddy?

  10. Korean? WOW! Very impressive :) With that kind of skill you could be FBI ready in no time!

  11. Oklahoma - this explains alot...

  12. These were really fun things to learn about you! Korean seems like it would be so HARD to learn. And the FBI! That is awesome.


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