Monday, May 17, 2010


Who says that as you are running up a hill?

I feel like I am kind of floundering.  I haven’t really chosen a plan to get me prepared for the Rock n Roll Half coming up shortly.  I think I am going to go with Kerrie’s idea and just kind of wing it for the next few weeks.  I throw in a few longer runs and some hill intervals and speed work as I desire.  I wonder if that will get me a sub 1:50 half?  No?  Hmmm…..

Saturday I headed to the track with my Little Buddy in tow so I could do some quarter sprints.  We were both excited until I pulled up to see the field all decked out for the University’s graduation ceremony.  Crud.  But being the calm, cool, collected and quick mommy-thinker that I am I remembered a tiny track at a local elementary school.  It is fenced it, has a sweet play ground AND is dog friendly!  I could kill three birds with one stone (run, dog, park!)!  We swung by the house to grab Lazy Dog and hit the park!  The track is a small cinder track and it takes about a lap and a half to get a quarter of a mile.  I decided to do one fast lap then one slow lap and repeat for three miles.  By the end I was tired and felt I had gotten a good workout.

Saturday’s stats: 3 miles- 25:59

Average pace: 8:38

Fastest pace: 6:18

I even did some plyometrics and lunges after I was done running.

Today I decided to run 5 miles and found myself running down the big, ridiculous hill to Old Town.  Oops.  Here is the elevation for today’s run:


I guess it doesn’t really look all that bad, but trust me…it is.  At one point I was standing at a street catching my breath when a nice man pulled up and started talking about the hill.  I told him I needed a ride to the top and he laughed and said he was heading down and he should take me down as a punishment for trying to cheat.  Silly man in your comfortable car…as he drove off he yelled, “Enjoy!!”  He had a 26.2 sticker on his bumper.  I am sure he has run this hill a few times….I finished this hill and headed for home.

Today's stats:  5 miles-41.59

Fastest mile:   7:57

Slowest mile:   8:58  on the hill!

Pace: 8:22

And to make today’s run ever better I got the stuff that I ordered from Amazon with my Mother’s Day gift certificate!!  Here is my new running hat by Outdoor Research! It’s not black. It’s not a men’s hat… LOVE IT!!!

And check out this awesome pocket on the top!  I ran with my key on my head! 
And here is the bib belt. I’m still undecided about this one but I think it could be nice.  I hate putting holes in my nice running shirts. I pay too much money for those shirts to put stupid pin holes in them!  So I will give this belt a try and see how it goes!
This is my Little Buddy’s bib from his OKC 1.2 mile run!
Today I am grateful for:
My new hat! 
Lunch with Red!
Swim Lessons with my Little Buddy! I better get going!!
My back yard with newly planted flowers and grass!!!  Back yard season is upon us!!!!!
And for fun, today I am trying not to be too jealous that Jessica is in Hawaii and she didn’t even take me… =)
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  1. Hey . . . . sweet hat!! I love your charts you add. must figure out how you do this. ;)

  2. Today I am grateful for: Lunch with YOU! And I laughed at your story of the guy mocking you on your hill. THAT'S why we put those crazy stickers and license brackets on our cars and create dangerous blind spots with symbols of our accomplishments: We are part of a special club! He was probably ogling you, too, but it's okay, since he's in 'The Club'.

  3. love the hat! i am so jealous of all your miles! I want to run so bad! glad you were able to multi task!

  4. I liked your hat even before I saw the pocket. I have a hat with a pocket too. It is great for going to races or wherever!

  5. I don't know who Jessica is, but she didn't take me either!

  6. I agree about the shirts. I always hate putting pins through my good shirts. I just might have to try one of these bib belts. LOVE the hat.

  7. Nice runs! I think winging it is a great idea. No stress.

    I love the hat. (and miss my pony tail.)

  8. Ooo, which elementary school has a track? I'm headed to the North End for a family visit, and know that they fenced off Wilson's track... BOO ...

  9. mason also has a track and its a quarter mile...sorry for leaving you in washington when I get back we can do something fun to make up for it!

  10. mannnn I want to be in Hawaii! Glad you had a good run even if it was up a hill!

  11. I like your post, also the hat is perfect. I always throw my keys behind my gas cap cover, probably not a good idea. We are trying to get a running section in the new All Mountain Access forum and thought you might want to swing by and throw some content down, you have some great stuff!

  12. Yeah, say, "Enjoy!" while I am drinking my coffee in the morning, not when I am about to run up a freakin' hill!

    Love, love, love the hat! I sometimes have to put my key in my shoes in the morning when everyone in the house is still the hat idea much better!

  13. That hat is AWESOME! Hello clever pants! Grat find!!!

  14. I need that pocket. Maybe not the hat, but I really, really need the pocket. Is there anyway I could sew one onto my ponytail? Hmmmm.....I may be onto something.

    I hit the Y today to do some spinning and the power was out. So, we went and checked on Jason's grandma, who lives right by the Y and she had power. Went back to the Y, power still out. Now childwatch is over, and tornadoes are on the way. Don't you wish you lived here? At least we could trade watching kids and go run.

    Miss you!

  15. You don't know me -- I am not even sure how I came across your blog -- but I have been following you a little bit recently. I love reading about your running experiences. I am a runner too -- although usually just 5 and 10Ks. I did a triathlon last summer and I am running my first half-marathon on June 6th.

    Love the hat with the pocket -- I need one of those :)

    What I also love is your tie-dye looking long sleeve shirt in a couple of your pictures at the top of your blog. Is it "technical" fabric? did you dye it yourself or purchase it that way? I LOVE it! I have been looking for a bright shirt like that... do you mind sharing where you found it?

    thanks!! Happy Trails to You!!


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