Monday, January 23, 2012

Rocking the Rest...

...That's right. At this point in my training (Week 4), you don't have to tell me twice or twist my arm to get Rest Day Compliance. I welcome it. I don't feel especially tired or in need of rest and/or recovery right now but logistically rest days are awesome. I mean I actually get to eat dinner, after I cook it of course, I get to help LB with homework, conduct bath, supervise evening book reading, then back-scratch duty. Then, I get to sit down. Ah....yes. My evening starts at about 8:30.

So rest/recovery days are awesome until I look at my plan and realize that today is actually NOT a rest day. Epic Fail.

So here I sit...full belly, chillaxing finally, on the couch. It's pitch black and cold outside. Do I run?

You bet your buns I do......

I guess it's time to go get dressed for my easy 3 miler. It's hard to get motivated for a three mile run but in my plan each run has a purpose. I try not to add in junk miles. Each one matters, each one is special and serves a purpose. It's all a part of the deal....after all, I have a marathon to run!

Speaking of marathons, I kind of got crazy today....Another race is officially added to the calendar.


This my friends, is a registration for the Chattooga River 50k in South Carolina. What got into me I can not say for sure, but I blame it entirely on J-Ninja.


As you can see from the text conversation above, she twisted my arm and practically forced me to register....

But what's done is done....only 5 months until I will experience my first ultra. It is scary and exciting! So tonights 3 mile run must happen. It is not only a matter of putting in the run but the discipline, the will, the determination to do what it takes....


  1. I'm running my first ultra in 5 months too!!!!! 50k on June 30th.....oh boy! Is yours a trail run too? At there ultras that are not? Wait, do they send us crazy folk to the woods on purpose?!? Good luck with yours!

  2. Wowzer...this is awesome. Way to be and good luck. You are Awesome!

  3. Unexpected Runner-HA!That cracked me up! I've never heard of an ultra off the trail so they MUST send us out in the woods on purpose!! Those stinkers! Although, they can't have us looking all crazy zombie-like meandering through the communities scaring the children and all....

    Jill--Thanks lady!!!!

  4. I know that rest days are good. How come I always feel guilty?

    Wow... I am in awe with you Ultra Marathoners.

  5. That's awesome!! Me I'm happy with 13.1...

  6. 50k trail runs are the best...Have fun!

  7. 50k CRAZY! But you got it. Way to get your butt out the door, you are awesome!

  8. I don't know how you do it! Once I sit on the couch I can never get up again :)

  9. I am excited to follow your training! I am planning on doing an ultra in October and it will be my first. So if you have any advice along the way let me know!

    Also, I tagged you for 11 Random Things :)

  10. a 50k, that will be quite an accomplishment. And good for you for getting your miles in after dinner and relaxing. Once I hit the couch in the evening, it is almost impossible to get myself motivated to get back out there for a workout!!

  11. 50K? That is super hard core. Good luck! I wanted to give you a heads up that I will be tagging you in my post Friday.

  12. Amanda, you have been tagged. See my blog post titled "My First Tag".


You're pretty much awesome!!


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