Sunday, January 29, 2012

Progress Report...

....LB's not the only one around here to have an N and a U on his progress report. While I have no problem staying on task, I too struggle with completing assignments on time-as in running assignments. In LB's defense, even with the N and U for staying on task and completing assignments, the kid's above grade level in everything that counts (i.e. reading and math) there teacher-who-refuses-to-use-positive-reinforcement-and-redirection, we are working on it.

Back to me.

This past week's training stunk. Like skunk in your living room stunk. As in I didn't train, really. At all, stunk.

I think I may have run Monday night, an easy 3 miler after I spent all day thinking it was a rest day. Then Tuesday came and I had body aches, chills, a head ache, my throat hurt. I was dying. No drama here.

So Tuesday I went to bed at like 8 PM, struggled through work on Wednesday. Came home and again was in bed by 8 PM. Thursday came, I felt a little better. Probably could have hit an easy, easy 3 miler but family duties prevailed and The Hubs was headed to VA Beach for the funeral service of a good friend and a fallen comrade. I had no run in me and didn't really care.

I was flying solo Thursday through Saturday. Friday I just said, forget it and took LB to the Sweet Frog to celebrate TWO things:

My sweet froginess-delicious.

LB's sweet froginess--very kid-o-licious. I actually would not have eaten that....

Celebration Reason #1: Having only ONE incomplete all week long on his weekly progress report (seriously, overall he got a U for this?)
Check plus is like an A+. check is like an A. and check minus is like an A- . INC is incomplete.
Why is 1st grade so complicated? Sheesh....
Celebration Reason #2: His arm is all healed up! Yay!!
He's becoming a pro at x-rays.
We went to his doctors appointment to have his arm x-rayed to make sure everything was good. It was! No visible line on the bone and everything looked good-for him! I, on the other, did not look so good. The super awesome and amazing surgeon thought it was necessary to revisit the traumatic history of his break and his x-rays. He began with the first x-ray. I began to sweat, he had all of them visible on a huge screen right in front of me, I got a queasy feeling in my stomach. He pointed out the clear break, then pointed out the pins he put in, pointed out the break again when we came in for the hard cast, pointed out the tiny visible crack when the cast came off...I got clammy, hot, cold, everything was going black...and blacker, and blacker....I couldn't see......the pinhole of my vision was closing in fast. I had to get out of there. Why can't I handle this? Ridiculous. It is utterly embarrassing. I had to sit down and put my head down.

So we, ok ok...I needed a treat for surviving that ordeal. Sweet Frog it was and boy was it delicious! If yoru wondering, Sweet Frog is a place with like 30 different soft serve frozen yogurt flavors and a million different things you can put on top. Then you pay by the pound. When we checked out and our total was a bit over $10 LB said, "Look mom! It wasn't $100! Can I get more M&M's?" Kids.

Saturday came and LB had a basket ball game-he won 10-6! Go Bobcats!! Then it was off towards Raleigh to meet my brother for lunch! This may be his first appearance on 5 Miles Past Empty! He was only town for a little bit but it was great to see him.


And of course you can't have a visit from the Uncle without receiving a firearm....

We came home and The Hubs arrived shortly after and was fully engaged in a(nother) Nurf War.


An today, I got to meet Andrea for our long run of 11 miles! Oops, no picture of that, but I did get a picture of my Nathan Handheld water bottle because I thought it was cool how much stuff I could fit in there...
work on-call cell phone, GU, pocket knife, key fob.

So tomorrow starts anew! I am feeling better, kicked my cold or flu to the curb and am ready to get back to my plan!!


  1. I love your blog. I totally agree on his progress report....same issue in third grade....I think sometimes teachers forget they are kids!!

  2. totally deserved that froyo!! I'm glad you're feeling better! AND, I cannot believe that your son has a weekly progress report like's intense!

  3. I'm a total weenie, too, when it comes to blood and broken bones. Can't handle it! I pass out cold. I scared the crap out of my husband a few years ago. haha... I had just had some dental work done and was brushing my teeth that night. I bumped that spot on my gum and made it bleed. BAM. I went down. He had no idea what was going on. All I know is when I was coming to, he was over me shouting my name and, "What do I need to do?! What's wrong?!" LOL I guess that whole "don't mind me, I pass out all the time" conversation had just never come up.

  4. As usual our kids handle the whole trauma thing better than us parents. Looks like things turned out good. The treat was spot on.

  5. So glad you are feeling better.:) You are going to have a great week and YAH for your son being all healed up!!

  6. That is one big, full pocket!

    YAYYY for LB's arm being all better. I can't handle that kind of stuff either.

    SweetFrog (how cute is that name) was well-deserved by both of you. :)

  7. That teacher seems like overkill! He is first grade!
    I am so happy for LB's arm! I on the other hand haven't seen my leg or the CT scan I had and it's killing me (not really) when I went into the OR, I could see it on the screens but barely, it was to small, I didn't have contacts and I was nervous so couldn't focus, and awesome anesthesiologist gave me some sweet pain meds. At my follow up appointment I am all about checking it out. I am hoping to see some follow up healing on the newest xray also!
    I love living in rural MT, but sometimes miss things like froyo!

    Miss you always!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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