Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All Over the Place...

I really shouldn't skip days on the blog, especially when every day is SO exciting.

Let's start with Saturday morning, shall we? I woke up SO MAD at the Hubs. Do you ever do that? It was bad. You see, I had this dream or nightmare rather, and my bike was STOLEN! Can you imagine! I ran to my big, strong, tough, brave husband in hopes he would track down the thieving swine (been reading pirate books to LB) and beat him up and get my bike back! But he just looked at me and did nothing. It was like I was frantically yelling in Swahili to him. It was no big deal. He was not comprehending the catastrophic event that had just taken place. Instead he shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something to the effect of "Dang, that sucks."

So I woke up mad at him. I checked on my bike and she was fine....(no thanks to The Hubs, bitter? Who? Me? Nooooo.....). I needed my 30 minute fartlek run....I got it in and felt much better. That was my Saturday.

Sunday afternoon I planed to meet J-Ninja for our long run. I got everything ready and realized my Garmin was only a teeny tiny bit charged. I threw it on the charger while I continued to gather my stuff. I had it all piled up and ready to go....I had my PureFit bar to try (review coming soon) and ZipFizz (also review coming soon), my pocket knife and my pepper spray. I was ready.

What's missing?


I headed out the door to meet J-Ninja, 10 minutes behind schedule....as always. On my way out it struck me, the Hubs had no idea where I was going. I asked him, "Don't you care where I am going?" He knew I was going to meet J-Ninja but he didn't know where.....his defense was J-Ninja's husband will know...Insert annoying buzzer sound here! Wrong answer. I told him where I was going and hit the road. I later found out that J-Ninja's hubby had no idea either. Lesson learned, provide the info even if it isn't asked for. Period.

So anyway, there I was on the way to meet her. I had to stop for gas and realized my Garmin was no where to be be found. A panic ran through me like a lightening bolt. Where was it? Did I drop it in the driveway? Did I leave it on the counter?Would I ever see her again? In a frenzy I texted the Hubs to see if it was at home...

He found it. Plugged in on the bed. Sad and lonely. Missing all the excitement of our long 9 mile run....


But thankfully I had the iPhone and the awesome iMapMyRun app. It seriously has saved me twice now. It is a great backup!

J-Ninja and I knocked out our 9 miler at an easy, comfortable pace (she did the Goofy Challenge last weekend...crazy running partner!). Next weekend we will be hitting up some hills for 10 miles of hill training. Completely necessary as Big Sur is 26.2 miles UP.

Finally, Monday rolled around and it was a chillaxing day. Around 5 o'clock I decided to head out for my my easy three mile run. The Hubs, taking from the lesson on Sunday (or being condescending, not sure which), asked me where I was going, what route I was taking, how long I would be gone, and most importantly did I have my pocket knife. I answered all his questions and he mentioned I needed to practice with my pocket knife. I agree with him and with Kat, who left this comment on my last post:


She and The Hubs are right. If you aren't trained, familiar, comfortable, or savvy with a knife it may be best to leave it behind. Or at least think of it as useful for cutting yourself out of a bind rather than attacking a bad guy. Kat is exactly right, if you aren't careful the very knife you hope to protect you could be used to do you in. The Hubs has taught me this as well. While I am not truly trained in knife fighting I am completely confident in my ability to to use it if necessary.

So, there I was. The Hubs challenged me to a quick draw of the knife. Ready, set, draw! I whipped that knife out of my pocket so fast he wouldn't have known what hit him....until I yelped. As I drew it out of my pocket the blade flung open and it jabbed my hand just under my finger. FAIL.


So there you have it. I am clumsy with a knife and it's no joking matter. The Hubs lectured me about practicing and being trained with the knife. I know he is right. I tell you all this because Kat's comment and my husband's concern are right on. It may be best to stick with the Pepper Spray and enroll in some self-defense classes if you aren't 100% confident in your knife fighting skills.

My marathon training thus far is actually going well. I have hit most of my runs. I missed two runs last week, my speed intervals and a 4 mile fast run. Oh well. I'm not sweating it. This is a new week and already I hit last night's easy three and todays 6x400 intervals at a 6:40 to 6:54 min/mile pace. Tomorrow I rest....sweet sweet rest. Thursday is a 35 min tempo run or I prefer a fartlek. Friday is a 5 mile pace run and Sat 10 easy miles.

And to add a little flava-flav to my day I got this text from J-Ninja....it made me smile ear to ear:


Looks like we have a fun 10 miles ahead of us this weekend.....how about you?


  1. My goodness..ten miles of hill. That is a BIG challenge. I am just hoping to get over this bad cold so I can even go on a long run! Look forward to hearing how that run goes!

  2. I just love reading your blog. It always makes me smile. :)You are a great motivator.

  3. Ever thought about a kickboxing class? I loved mine so much I'm planning to take the same class at another gym since the instructor moved, and trust me- punching someone becomes FIRST nature after a while. Plus it counts as cross training!

  4. Um, I cannot count the times I have woke up mad at my husband because if a random dream! He seriously thinks I am a little bit crazy ;) Good luck on your hilly 10-miler!

  5. I'm terrible about telling anyone where I am going when I run because it's usually during the day when Travis is at work, although I usually run on my road in front of my house, but sometimes I venture farther. All of my long (more than 5) miles are usually with someone else. And I need to carry my phone.

  6. Your texts all crack me up! Sounds like training is going stellar and it is so nice to have a partner in crime for that!!

  7. That's a lot of hill running!!! It scares me that you need to even think about taking a knife with you. Yikes.

  8. I have the weirdest dreams but they usually involve real-ish people and situations. It sucks because it's gotten to the point where sometimes I can't remember if things happened in my dream or in real life. I'll start talking about something and my boyfriend will just look at me like I'm crazy. Then I realize oh, maybe that didn't actually happen.

  9. Ouch! Sorry about your hand. I was JUST talking to Matt about how I wish the base offered self-defense classes for free to the spouses. There are enough people trained in that sort of thing, it shouldn't be a problem and it would be volunteer hours for the instructor. I told him to put a bug in someone's ear.

    So I know I "went dark" by deleting my Facebook and Navy Wife blog, but I'm still around! Text me if you want to get together for Spades or disc golf sometime.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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