Monday, January 9, 2012

Did I Just Say That?

No! Never....I would never say, "It seems these days, despite my grumbling and attempt to hate the night runs, they are growing on me. The darker, the colder, the wetter the better..."

LIES! All of it.....

Today, as I was sitting in a TWO HOUR meeting at Juvenile Justice I could not stop thinking about going for a run. In my daydream I pictured myself busting out of the office, the two glass doors flinging open behind me....It was sunny and warm, almost hot, but for some weird reason I was wearing my coat, scarf, hat, sweater and slacks and heels. I tore off running, heading for an open field with beautiful grass and flowers, flowing to and long hair whipping around me, flapping annoyingly in my face. I was slinging items of clothing left and right...I must have had on a lot of layers, coat, scarf, sweater to the left, short sleeve shirt to the right, camisole to the left (I don't even know WHAT a camisole is...its a daydream people). As I ran my heels flipped off and flew behind my head. My bare feet clinging to the earth momentarily as I somehow, with great skill and amazing finesse, flung off my slacks.....


There I was, running with the most satisfied grin across my face, running through the meadow-somehow in my favorite running attire-it just magically appeared.

I have no idea how long I ran but I do know for the rest of the day I was feigning for a run...big time. At (my 15 minute) lunch I tried to satisfy the need with a cup of coffee but there was none. FAIL. Then I eyeballed a piece of carrot cake. DON'T DO IT. I was trying to find anything to satisfy my craving....the need to sweat, to run, to get my heart rate up. It hit me, there was only one way to satisfy my craving. I needed a fix. Too bad I couldn't get a fix until I got home, and even then it would be later.

Finally at about 8:30 I was able to head out for my easy three mile run. It felt great. The rain was slushy and almost snow. My breath came out in a thick puff that hovered in front of my face for a few seconds. It was quite, except for the swish of my hair inside my hood and my feet hitting puddles. I ran sans headphones. It has become my best practice when I run at night, in the dark. I like to have all my senses available to me. But I like the silence, the peace and quite. So, yeah. I guess my evening runs are starting to grow on me. If I can't be a mid morning beauty runner then I'll be a bundled up evening runner...and like most of you said, I'll take my run when I can get it.

Have you ever totally feigned for a run? This has happened to me before and it is so hard to be stuck at work all day when all I want is a quick, sweaty fix that includes a few miles.

Have any of you helped your kiddos make New Year's goals? LB made a few for himself. He resolved to wake up every day and do his exercises, i.e. run through the house like a banshee, do his jumps (on the couch), then run back to his room. He also included play basketball every day and ride his bike everyday. Then yesterday as I was working on training plans for a couple of my readers he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was making training plans for a couple of friends and would soon be done. Our conversation went something like this:

ME: "I'll be done in a minute then I can play with you."

LB: "No. Then you have to make my training plan."

ME: "Oh? Really? Are you training for something?"

LB: "Yes. A kid race. And a tri."

ME: "Awesome! Let's do it!"

Hot-digity-dog!! Our active lifestyle and example is paying off!! It's going to be a fun ride when my LB can run along side me and train for tri's with me....not so fun when he beats me but hey, I have a few more years. I think.....


  1. I like this. All of it. It makes me smile. I have so been there!

  2. Completing a fun run with each of my boys has been some of the MOST rewarding runs EVER! (For all of us!)

  3. I love your detailed running daydream! I can totally relate. :) Glad you got your "fix" addict, you.

    Way to go, LB! A tri??? Yeah!

  4. oh my goodness that is too cute! i am so excited that your LB wants to train like you-thats precious!

    and im glad you got your run that you were craving :)

  5. Isnt it awesome when our healthy lifestyle shows on our kids! Bad habits show up so quickly, the healthy not so fast. My 5 year old informed me that he wants to run as many races as I do this year and when he got new tennis shoes yesterday the second he got home he asked if he could try them out on the treadmill - too cute!


  6. Fun daydream! How cool the active example you are setting is rubbing off!

  7. Go LB! I'm doing a post about my training later on today!

  8. This post brought a smile to my face. I definitely know what you mean about "feigning" for a run... I used to stash running clothes and sneakers at my desk so I could sneak out between meetings if I had time. :)

  9. Your running dream had me grinning from ear to ear!

  10. Awesome that your son wants to follow your healthy example!

  11. I get this and need a FIX as we speak (type). Day 10 of rest. BOO!

  12. Just found your blog and wanted to stop by and say hi! I totally yearn for lovely, mid-day runs in the sun. Sadly, most of mine are done on the treadmill while my 2 yr old is asleep in the am because it is so dark in the mornings. But someday, sigh!

    Oh and I love that you used hot digity 2 yr old is on a mickey mouse clubhouse kick so we hear this expression way to often!!


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