Thursday, March 10, 2011

LMNOP’s of ME!

You can usually assume three things when someone misses a day posting (but not saying any of these are ever true) 1) There is nothing to blog about 2) Things are SO off the chain exciting that the poster just could  not take even a minute to post.  3) The person is done with the blog or taking a break.

Well, in my case yesterday I guess it was #1. I had nothing exciting to post. I skipped my 10 X400’s and said no thank you to my 5 mile alternative. I wasn’t feeling good. Actually I thought maybe I  had the stomach flu for a minute. But I didn’t, still don’t, have it.  So the day came and went and I didn’t so much as break a sweat. I hate rest days. So does the Hubs. I was Queen Grumpy Pants last night. It is ridiculous. I don’t even want to be around myself on rest days.

But today is a new day!! I will be heading to spin in a min and then a nice run afterwards-maybe. AND I have a girls night planned with the Triple Threat girls and a friend from WA who also lives here!! She actually did the Seattle Rock n Roll with me and RED last year AND she is doing it again this year!! She is doing TNT for it too…we should just make our own Seattle RnR TNT training group right here.

Speaking of TNT and ACS….My brother put me over my goal yesterday!!! So of course I upped my goal again! This is so awesome!! The sky is the limit!!!

Want to donate??? Go HERE make a donation and get 5 extra entries in my CEP Compression Socks Giveaway- HERE!


And finally, just to get it over with I am doing the LMNOP’s of ME! Read on readers…

A- Age:  31 years 354 days old. You know what that means? 
B- Bed Size: King.
C- Chore you hate: Unloading the dishwasher, taking out the recycling and folding laundry. All life suckers…..
D- Dogs: Carson-AKA Lazy Dog. A 107 lb German Shepherd who is awesome. He has saved my life at least 4 times, including the time he woke me up in the middle of the night when our neighbors townhouse was on fire and flames were shooting into our guest bedroom. I froze with fright and he ran down the stairs and stood at the door barking at me. I remained frozen. He ran up and bit my shirt and ran down….I should have named him Lassie.

E- Essential Start Your Day Item: Snuggle with LB and coffee.                                                                                                                             F- Favorite Color: You mean there are colors other than pink and all shades of pink?
G- Gold or Silver: White gold 
H- Height: 69”
I- Instruments you play: I am musically challenged.
J- Job Title: Child and Family Therapist
K- Kids: One amazing little boy, Levi (5.5)

L- Live: Yes, I live in NC. I am not very happy about it at the moment but hopefully the beach will make it all better this summer….

Carolina Beach circa 2005---wow, look how round and frumpy I was…


Outerbanks, NC 2005 Life is better with sand and saltwater…


M- Mom’s Name: Mom or Jane

My mom, dad (4 months before his cancer diagnosis) and LB on the OK farm.

N- Nicknames: Amanda Panda (reserved only for my dad)
O- Overnight Hospital Stays:  Just when I gave birth and then when I was waiting for my niece to be born. I slept in the waiting room until until I had to leave to ship out for Air Force BMT. 
P- Pet Peeve:  Idiot drivers---people who don’t give you any room while your are running or biking on the side of the road, jerk drivers who speed through school zones, jerks who think they are the only ones who have somewhere important to be…get it? Don’t be a jerk driver people…not that any of us are, but they are out there and they tick me OFF.
Q- Quote from a Movie: "Hey yoouuuuu guys!”-Goonies


R- Right or Left Handed: Right
S- Siblings: Older sister and older brother

My sister and brother on the farm in OK checking out a rare elk sighting

T- Time you wake up: 5-7 AM
U- Underwear: Yes-yesterday I put on a pair that has been too small and they fit just right. Thankyouverymuch….. And this reminds me, ever heard of Captain Underpants??

V- Vegetable You Dislike: Beets, is that a vegetable?
W- What Makes You Late:  Blogging, my child, forgetting things, procrastination, waiting until the last minute to get ready (like right now, in my PJ’s blogging but have to leave for spin in 27 min)…I am always late. Just ask Mel or any of my workout/running buddies. If we agree on 8 AM then you better plan to start at 8:15. 
X- X-rays You’ve Had Done: Knee cap, hips, back multiple times and teeth. 
Y- Yummy Food You Make: I can bake well, cookies, brownies, cakes…fudge, egg nog bread…I don’t really bake anymore because my hips, thighs, butt and body can’t handle it.  So now I can grill a kick-A chicken breast, make bomb sandwiches, and a mean white chili. 
Z- Zoo Animal Favorite: Tigers. I want one. Baby giraffes are pretty funny too…

Have you done the TUV’s of me yet?  Well hop to it! All the cool bloggers are doing it!  Come on, if one of us jumps off a bridge we ALL jump off a bridge, it’s like the unspoken rule, the law…the deal you make when you begin your blog!  Ok, off to spin!


  1. I'm 69" too. We are cool. And apparently, I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy.

  2. Haha I laughed at your height too so I guess I also have the humor of a 13 year old boy :) Hope spin was fun! It's always cool to learn more about people! I love your son's name. Very cool!

  3. oh my goodness I cannot stop laughing. I read my husband your favorite quote and we both cracked up. When we went to Cannon Beach last year he kept telling me about this movie, The Goonies. I had never heard of it or seen it and then he started doing quotes from the movie and that was one of them. I thought it was hilarious at the time and now it has become his "thing" when he is trying to get me to hurry up or get my attention.

  4. Love it!! I hate stupid drivers too...I yell at one person just about every time I am out on the road...Ummm pay attention people!

  5. I just watched Goonies the other day with my kids. It was their first time and they LOVED IT! ...of course :D

  6. I always seem to slack off on blogging when I have a rest day. Every week I try to work against it, but it never works.

  7. I feel the same way about rest days, but I'm trying to get better - for the sake of everyone around me!
    Gotta do those ABC's yet... ugh. not sure it the blog world is ready for that much information about me! LOL

  8. Hi Amanda!

    Nice blog you have here. FYI, I created a community of triathlete bloggers online called It's still in BETA phase right now but I'm trying to grow the community. You could also win free entry into the 140.6 of your choice! Please check out. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work on your blog!

    Make it a great day,

  9. I've seen the A-Z thing about but yours has pre-loaded you mind if I borrow it?

  10. Yes my pretty friend you are habitually late...did you see my ABC's?? HEHEHE.. course if I know that someone is going to be late it makes it a bit easier and since you are AWESOME totally worth the wait..

    HUGS!! Mel

  11. "LMNOPs" - you are so cute!!!

    YAY for an upcoming BDAY!

  12. Your German Shepard pulling you out of the fire...that IS awesome! Sounds like he's not such a "Lazy Dog".

  13. HEH I can totally hear you doing the Goonies quote in my head!

  14. Love Goonies and your dog is awesome. :)

    What is egg nog bread?? I want some!!!

  15. I was stationed at fort bragg for 3 years in 1997 to 2000. I will also be in NC in about a week for the Wrightsville Beach Marathon.

  16. I love that you called them LMNOP's... I wanna be clever like that! ;)
    Love the answers!

  17. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area around Halloween, you are absolutely invited to our Halloween party.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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