Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Go ahead…say it.

“I told you so!!!”

Yep, rest days are good. I know that but it’s SO hard when there is so much training to be done and so little time left to do it. I’m convinced. Now I really need like 5 of them in a row. But that may kill me.

Thanks everyone for making me feel better about my constant starving-ness not only on rest days but ALL the time really. It’s nice to know I am not alone. I think we are just training so hard that we need to replace those calories, constantly. I am trying really super hard to replace them with healthy choices. But sometimes my mind, mouth and body just want that stupid, dad-gummed Cadbury Egg…evil sweet gooey chocolate with whatever that is in the middle….mmmm…..

After yesterday’s rest I hit it hard today. I did a 4 mile tempo run: 9:07/8:55/8:44/9:30.  Then I drug myself to the pool. I was looking forward to this swim actually, 2,500 yards. I had to Google it to see exactly how far that is in runner’s terms: 1.43 miles. Dang! That is far! It was a rough swim and I kind of wanted to cut it short a few times but each time I was that much closer to my goal. So I sucked it up and just finished.

The lifeguards were being silly today. Too silly actually.First of all they asked me if I was a softball player when I came in sporting my CEP socks.  Uh, NO. We are on a first name basis now, me and Nick and Sanchez. They were standing right at the end of my lane. Maybe I looked like I was dying or drowning and I asked them about it. Hubs said they were flirting…I’ve forgotten how 18 year olds flirt. It makes perfect sense now. I’m flattered. I’m also old enough to be their mother. Le sigh….

Here is a peek in the locker room-yeah, not what you’re thinking... And soon I’ll try and get a picture of the pool…

Mar 15 2001 002-1Mar 15 2001 005-1

I have an all day training tomorrow in Raleigh. I may take my stuff to go for an easy 3 miler over the lunch break but no promises. I’m not at all familiar with the area so I will scope it out. Otherwise I might just make it another rest day. I’m really trying to give my legs a break this week. 

And because I think it’s funny and I wanted to share it with you, here is Lazy Dog in his favorite spot:


All winter long I have been teasing and telling LB that he is “hatching my flowers”. And guess what? They finally hatched!! Lazy Dog is a proud daddy of these daffodils (I think that is what they are???Correct me if I am wrong)!! Here he is looking at them. What a proud papa!


Or maybe he is just ticked off because I wont let him lay in his favorite spot anymore…poor dog.

So what is your go-to snack during the day? I’m really digging my sweet peppers still and pickles. I know I need something of substance too, like a tuna wrap or turkey and cheese on crackers. I need some pizazz though, new ideas. My pallet is getting bored.


  1. My go to snacks are almonds, boiled eggs (whites only usually) and fruit (banana, red grapefruit). boring I know.

  2. Look at you getting hit on at the gym!! *wink*wink* The Ironman training certainly does have some non-selfless benefits. haha

    My go-to snack is a banana with peanut butter or yogurt.

  3. My go to snack is a chocolate rice cake with a little bit of peanut butter on it. LOVE it.
    Still surrounded by hundreds of guys, huh? I'm making my way there soon! haha : )

  4. Danielle---YES! STILL!

    Kimert-Dang it I was going to buy grapefruit today and totally forgot! next time!

    Kurt-totally remember your Go-To snack and birthday present! Awesome!

  5. That picture of your dog is too funny!

    My go to snack is either almonds with dried cherries, or one of my homemade granola bars! Yum!

  6. My snack of choice lately is those Back to Nature stoneground wheat cracker thingies with hummus.

    Or strawberries.

  7. My snack especially after running, cut up Pink Lady apples dipped in fat free plain greek yogurt. YUM!

  8. I like nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, and ALMOND BUTTER. by the spoonful, of course

  9. I hear ya on the Cadbury eggs... way too good!

  10. Yes those are daffodils. Spring has sprung! I love those Cadbury eggs. I've been eating those every easter since I was a kid!

  11. The last three times I have walked in the grocery store I gazed fondly at those awesome sugary Easter PEEPS! I know I shouldn't but GOD I am going to have me some peeps before Easter is past.

  12. Ooh I love me some cadbury eggs too, I'm glad they are mostly only around at Easter. I love that the 18 year olds were hitting on you! My go to snacks are: crackers, carrots, and hummus with...anything really!

  13. Snacks!! This is my speciality!! Lets see, Peanut M & M's of course! When I'm on my rest days I have to behave while eating so I snack on granola mixed in with Danon Lite and Fit Yogurt! It's REALLY GOOD! Wanna make it better add chopped up strawberries, blackberries or blueberries. Seriously good. Now, on the days I run hard...it's a trip to McDonalds for a cherry pie and sweet tea! HAHAHA!

  14. Either celery, apples or a banana and some natural PB. The peanut butter gives you protein and fills you up. Yum.

  15. I told you so.

    Trail mix - can be put together so many ways it never gets boring.

  16. Woot woot! Nice workouts!! LOL at the flirting lifeguards! Take it as a compliment. :)

    Go-to snacks:

    hard boiled egg
    veggies w/ hummus
    PB&J roll-ups
    instant oatmeal
    yogurt w/ granola
    homemade granola bars/squares

  17. My go-to snack is pistachios! I love them! Good job taking a rest day!!

  18. I like to snack on almonds (chocolate covered ones, please)! I also do boiled eggs, cheese, cashews, apples & green smoothies. I make my own recovery shakes for after a workout:

    1/2 scoop Amazing Grass Superfood (chocolate flavor)
    1/2 Jay Robb's vanilla whey powder
    1 cup chocolate milk
    1 raw egg

    It keeps me full and gets me a nice dose of protein after my workout.
    I also just posted a recipe today for a soup that is AMAZING. I seriously can't stop eating it....I guess it's a good thing it's healthy, right? LOL

    Awesome job on the training, BTW. And look at you hot mama ~ getting hit on by the 18 year olds! LOL!!

  19. 1.43 miles in the swim...sounds like you're on track for your half ironman.

  20. My go to snack is the kids cliff bars...zbar..chocolate brownie. So, so yummy

  21. Can I have your flawless skin please?!!

    Oh Lazy Dog! A green thumb! And, pups don't have opposable thumbs!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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