Sunday, March 27, 2011

When life throws lemons at your face….

…or your training- take them and either make lemonade or suck on them. Either way…

Is it Sunday night? Already? Oops…That means I have had THREE rest days and one more to come. This stinks and it was totally unintended, unexpected, irritating, and not ok. But I kind of new it would happen. I knew when I didn’t get my workout in on Friday that I had a 99.9% chance of not working out Saturday or Sunday since The Hubs is out of town (and has joined the ranks of MARATHONER as of today) and it has been raining all weekend and I am shooting flames out my mouth from my throat and LB has a disgusting infection on his finger that warranted 4 hours at the ER this morning…so as you can see life happened and I have been stuffing my face resting, or at least not working out and to further add to the mess I will be almost 2 hours drive from home for a training ALL day tomorrow meaning no workout tomorrow.


I have a trainer for my bike!!!!!! DUH!!!!


Somebody is going to ride tonight while watching a movie!!!!


Lazy Dog?



I will be back to my schedule on Tuesday-I.CAN’T. WAIT. I hate having detours but life happens. I was supposed to ride 50 miles on the bike this weekend. Didn’t happen and it wont happen on my trainer, I can guarantee you that. And I am supposed to be in another training (2 hours from home) next Saturday and Sunday too. This is ridiculous and I hate it. I’ve been throwing mini temper tantrums about it ever since I found out. I don’t see the point. But what ev.

I know that these rest days will pay off and I also know that when I push my self too hard I get sick, hence the throat that burns like fire. I neglect rest days-there is no time for rest when you have three sports to train for! I find this very challenging and don’t get me wrong,  I love it! But I also miss the simplicity of a running plan. I miss only having to worry about how I am going to get my run in, not my swim and bike too. I am hoping I am putting in enough to make it to the finish line. That is all I am asking- this time around.

I want to congratulate The Hubs for joining the ranks of Marathoner today. While he has covered that distance many times in his training for his job this was his first official marathon, the Bataan Valley Death March, and he did it with a 35 pound ruck sack on his back! Great job Hubs!! I am proud of you!! AND I hope maybe you have caught the bug and will consider training for a more…er, normal marathon with me! I am hoping he will give some sort of race report for us but I can’t make any promises.

This just in:


Atta boy, chicking dudes….making me proud. Although I think the term is “Dooding” when a dude passes another dude? I don’t remember, I will need to refer to The Oh Great One’s post “Chicked or Not”-posted by Jamoosh HERE. I don’t know if it counts when a dude passes other dudes, unless it is in honor of a wife or significant female other? So many rules it is hard to keep them all straight.

Off to get LB to bed and set up my trainer!


  1. damn! hubs is hardcore! Hope LB's finger is ok! no fun!

  2. Congrats to your hubby!!! That's so cool!! I hope your boys finger feels better soon. And I hope YOU feel better soon!!! Rest days have to happen!

  3. Congrats to your hubby for completing his first marathon!

    I hope you and your little boy feel better soon!

  4. Congrats to the Hubs, With a 25 lb ruck sack even cooler... Surely he knows a normal Marathon would be way more fun.. hehehe

    Embrace the Rest Day!

  5. Congrats to you hubby. Sorry the weather is so bad there. Take those rest day you deserve them.

  6. Congratulations to your husband! That's crazy awesome!

    I feel you on the throat thing. Mine has been on fire and now I'm aching...missed my 12-miler this weekend because of it. Sucks. Hope the rest does us both some good!

  7. I was just thinking on my run today how messed up my training schedule has been. I haven't had to miss any runs, but MAN have I had to shuffle and shift. I suppose that is just what "Running Like A Mother" is all about!
    Sounds like you are keeping things in perspective, resting and looking forward! That's all we can do sometimes!

  8. Congrats to YOU for getting up and working out!!! Woohoo!!!! And thanks for the nice post on my blog. Have you entered my giveaway yet??!!

  9. Congrats to your hubby - that's awesome! Hope your ride goes well - I love my trainer! I see you are doing the OKC Half - my husband Jim and I are doing that race too.

  10. Congrats to your hubs! That is so hardcore.

  11. First--get better--stop pretending to be a dragon (flames in throat)!

    Tell your hubs he is hard core---26.2 miles WITH 35 lbs on his back?!?! HARD-freakin-Core!!! Love the "chicked" text!!

  12. Weight on his back and running through the desert. That's tough. At least he didn't have to worry about being bayonetted for stopping or getting dysentery like in Bataan.

  13. I bet your body is loving you, even if you think it isn't. Those rest days will pay off! I know it is hard to believe. Hope you get feeling better!

  14. Yeah that whole chick and dude thing could get confusing. Congrats to him! And to you for staying calm and not freaking out (too much).

    PS: I'm not familiar that saying "when life throws lemons at your face."

  15. What a hardcore family you are! Congrats to your hubs! Hope you all are on the mend!

  16. WOW OH WOW, congrats to the hubs!! That's truly incredible. There were some soldiers out on the 30K course with their packs yesterday and I made sure to give them a good cheer. I can only imagine.

    Hope you can get back into your routine this week!

  17. wow-sooooooo freaking awesome!!

    love this post!!

    love the texts!!

  18. hahaha i love your convo with the hubs, so cute. Congrats to him!

  19. Triathlon training plans are a scheduling nightmare, aren't they?! As my dad always said (under VERY different circumstances), "I'll have plenty of time to rest when I'm dead." haha

    Congrats to the hubs!! A marathon with 35 extra lbs? That's hard core!

  20. HAHA that's awesome. DUDE he did so well, that's badass!!

    Life definitely got in the way for us this weekend as well. Hope little dude is ok :(

  21. Congrats to your husband- that's intense! Also, I can empathize with your frustration over having so many rest days in a row... my weekend was pretty much the same. My theory is basically "Life happens- deal with it as you can." Works for me.

  22. How did I miss commenting on this. I suck!

    Congrats to your hard-a*# hubbs!

    ...since I've gained 7 pounds while trying to loss 10 can I say I'm carrying a 17 pound ruck sack? okay. Not quite the same, I know.


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