Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Misery LOVES Company.


I am grumpy.

Proceed with caution.

You may find my grumpiness humorous.

You may find that it brings you down.

You may totally relate.

You may not.

You may get annoyed and tell me to get over it or snap out of it. Or you may just click on to a different blog…Well let me show you to the door….oh wait, no sorry, that was mean! Don’t go!! STAY! **blogs don’t have doors anyway.

But, hey…I. AM. GRUMPY.

I don’t exactly know why.

There are a lot of little things piling up to contribute to my grumpiness.

Nothing huge or major has happened-thank goodness.

I just folded 57 loads of laundry and have 75 more to wash. Where does it all come from???

It has been raining and feels eerily like Seattle. One word  Homesick.

I have a ton of work to do and am purposely putting it off until tomorrow…One hyphenated word: Self-sabotage.

My elbow hurts. Bad. Can you get tennis elbow from swimming? Or maybe it was the laundry!

I rolled my eyes at the spin instructor this morning as she had us climb a hill with 5 minutes left in class. I think she saw me.

A jerk copped an attitude with me at the pool today for swimming too fast. What ever dude, sorry.

I haven’t returned LB’s books to the library, I have late charges I know, and have no new books to add to his reading chart. Epic Fail in the mom department.

Work has scheduled mandatory trainings during Spring Break. I’ve got plane tickets to OK. We’ll see how mandatory they actually are. I wont be there.

I’ve been missing my family.

My babysitter doesn’t have a driver’s license.


Wow, what a negative post!!! And I haven’t even posted the WORST thing yet!!!!

This morning I took all my vitamins and supplements as usual. Every once and a while I take a Fish Oil. I’m not consistent with it like I should be. It is great for you. But anywho, this A.M. I was reminded why I don’t take it regularly. I ate my cereal and drank my coffee, took my vitamins and took LB to school. I came home and did a little bit of work then headed to spin and swim. For the life of me I could not figure out why my burps tasted like sushi.

Well, THIS is why:


I like sushi, but I don’t like to burp it when I haven’t eaten it….EWE!!!! So I blame the Fish Oil for my bad day!!! I have to blame something!! Not myself, right????

Well thanks!!! I feel much better now!!! I hope my grumpiness hasn’t rubbed off on you!?!


  1. Awww sorry you had a craptacular day! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Skip the fish oil pills tomorrow.

  2. This was my yesterday. Sorry I sent it to you.

  3. I take those too. Maybe next time try taking them after eating tuna salad. That's what I did today, tuna salad with onions, and I couldn't tell which was which. I don't have a remedy for the days you want to eat something other than tuna salad.

  4. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day for you! Positive thoughts are being sent your way!

  5. If you figure out where the laundry is coming from, please let me know. There are only two people in my house, so I'm fairly certain my neighbors must be sneaking in clothes to account for all of the laundry I do.

    Sneaky, sneaky neighbors. I've got my eye on you...

  6. All I can say is thank God you're human! I was beginning to think I was reading super woman's blog or something. From what I can tell, you are one of the most resilient people I've ever met...(or read about) so hang in there and tomorrow will be a new day!

  7. I think Nature Made makes odorless fish oil capsules. I take those. Hang in there! Tomorrow starts fresh with no grumpiness!

  8. I feel your pain! I got mad at my husband for every little stupid thing yesterday....I appologized today but I feel REALLY bad! We all have grumpy days...and it makes us feel better to blame it on something!! Hope tomorrow is better!! a month and 1 day until OKC!!

  9. Hope that you are feeling happy again soon! :)

  10. That sounds like a whole bunch of annoyingness. Sorry! Although I kind of laughed at your title. I am having a crappy morning and kind of liked reading someone else's bad day :)

  11. Awwww! Sorry your day sucked.

    I really need to be more consistent with vitamins. I'm horrible.

  12. 1. Awesome job on the half! I was so jealous. I will be there next year!

    2. Happy belated birthday!!!

    3. I am not a nutritionist, nor do I play one on TV, but I have stayed at a holiday inn...(Ha)...but are you eating enough? Sometimes that can make you extra crabby if you aren't eating enough carbs and protein. YEs, and laubdry makes everyone bitchy, but it is just a thought. I few times you mentioned that you were tired or crabby. Do you keep a daily log? :) Just wondering. I am trying to go to school to become a it is was a thought!

    4. I got some CEP socks and ran in them tody! They ROCK!!! :)

  13. Sorry your day bit the big one! I hope that it is better soon and you are not burping yesterday's catch!

  14. I hear ya, girl! I seem to have developed TWO monstrous cold sores on my face that look and feel AWFUL. I slo keep feeling like I am getting sick so I am taking oil of oregano like crazy and the burps are bru-tal. I can commisserate with you here.

    And everyone at work is freaking pissing me off!!!!!

    Hope you feel better for letting it all out!


  15. Its a brand new day!

    That dude must of been pretty jealous of your swimming to comment that you swim to fast. I didn't think you could swim to fast.

    I dont take fish oil for that exact reason...

  16. I just got over elbow tendonitis. OUCH. It took for.e.ver.

    I had a sad day yesterday. Sometimes you just have to let yourself be in it. There's always a brand new day to come!!

  17. I'm happy to say I have a solution to the fish burps...seriously they are nasty!!!

    Look for 'enteric coated' fish oil capsules. They sell it at Costco if you have one nearby. I switched to this 5 years ago after nasty burps and never get that fishy taste anymore. :)

  18. (hugs)

    you are more than welcome up here anytime! we have an extra room!!

  19. You have company... I am super grumpy!!! ;-)

  20. You're human! I can relate to 90% of this!

    Refrigerate your fish oil tablets and that will reduce the fish taste--or swallow them b4 a meal.

    I know what will cheer you up, me doing the sig spankies! ha ha!

  21. Makes me Chuckle and want to give you a hug.. Text-Vent when you need to darlin. Miss you tons!!

  22. I'm right there with you! Durn cold! Didn't the cold police hear that I have a race on Sunday! I had a cold before my half too. Sucks! That means I fully deserve to be fit as a fiddle before White Lake. Tomorrow is going to be super...right?

  23. Geez..I totally hear you..Right now I am bogged down with the fact that my house is a disaster and the hubs is totally oblivous to it so I get stuck doing it ....where are the blinders when you need them?

  24. Sorry you're having a bad day! Those days seem to be more often than not for me these days! Here's hoping tomorrow will be all sunshine!

  25. My only solution that I KNOW works for me involves chocolate. Like the unlimited type. Get's me out of my pesky mood and then I can resume my life...

    Sorry you have hit the blahs. Kick their gremlin asses tomorrow.

  26. We all have days that suck a$$. Kick it off, treat yourself, and come back tomorrow with a killer attitude.

    Also, I'd do the same with work over spring break - sorry, this is my family.

    If someone told me I was swimming TOO FAST at the pool, you know what I'd do - speed it up even more to spite them. I already splash the aquatics class when they force us to give up three of four lanes (I see it as justified retribution instead of childish).

  27. First, thanks for reminding me to take my fish oil. I am horrible at remembering my supplements. Second, throw your fish oil pills in the freezer. Totally helps. I think because it's frozen, it doesn't break down in your system as early in the digestive system. Hope this helps.

  28. take them with OJ, and I have also heard the enteric coated. sorry you were grumpy I had that for a month.


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