Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can I go to bed now?

Holy speed workout-I am toasted.

Today I decided I didn’t want to do my same ole same ole 400 yd repeats. I did the math and figured 7 x 400 yds would be about 4 miles so I decided to challenge myself and go for 4 x 1200 yd repeats with a 400 yd recovery lap. Oh. My. Goodness.

I started out with one lap warm up and stretching. I was tyring out the interval setting on my Garmin, something I have never used before but now that I know how I LOVE it!  (If you need help figuring it out let me know). The first 1200 yd repeat I hadn’t quite figured out the Garmin yet so it logged my 400 yd warm up AND my 1200 yd run so the total time for that interval was 8:01 min/mile. Pretty good. My goal was to keep each interval under and 8 min/mile pace. So intervals #2 and #3 were identical at a 7:43 min/mile pace. Booo yeah!! Interval #4 was rough but I kept telling myself, “you can rest when your done.” Something that has been on my mind since texting with Mel-Tall Mom after this weekend’s half. I know I don’t race all out like I could. It is hard, I fear being tired or DNFing, or straight up dying. That would not be cool.

I maybe could have done one more interval but this workout was pretty challenging for me. I am excited to see how I improve over the coming weeks.

Here is a little video I made just for you after completing the workout:

This is a jewel…Enjoy!

After finishing up at the track I had about 20 min until J-Ninja and I were to hit up spin class. I did some resting and hydrating and pretty much just recovered as best I could. Once spin started it was time to work, again. Today’s spin class wasn’t the best I have been to, the instructor was crazy fit and well, just crazy (in a good way). Her music was loud and hippity hoppity, up beat and just made my legs want to ride fast.  She was all about speed and riding fast, which is good but just not my fav spin style.  Either way I got my heart rate up and was definitely working hard.

Tomorrow is a swim day and maybe an easy 3-5 mile run or run-rest day, I’ll play it by feel. It could end up being a spin/swim day. This weekend The Hubs is heading to New Mexico for the Bataan Memorial Death March, remember that??? Yeah, still wish I was going…maybe next year. But with him gone workouts this weekend will be a challenge. So I’ll do what I can. That paired with a forecast of rain may cause our planned 50 mile bike ride to be postponed, which would not be cool. So cross your fingers for a dry weekend!!! Plus I need to get my little plants transplanted from my kitchen to my garden!!

Off to watch LB in his first play!! He’s a Zebra Fish, with a speaking part. I’m so proud. =)


  1. Awesome work today girl! Loved the video! Enjoy the play and have a great's hoping it doesn't rain!!

  2. I love vlogs. It's so fun to put voices with the posts!

  3. Yay for planting a garden! And that workout pretty much rocked. Nice work!

  4. Swimming,spin class, track makes me tired just reading it!!

  5. Ditto on what Pam said!!!

  6. Awesome workout! You kicked butt! I need to figure out how to do the interval setting on my garmin

  7. Hey Cynthia!! I'll try to post a video of how to set the intervals on the Garmin--key word: try! =) If not then I figure out another way!

  8. I got a Garmin for Christmas (per my request). I could not figure out how to use it, so I sent it back but lately I have been wishing I kept it and I am thinking about ordering another one. I am pretty sure my husband will think I am crazy when I get the same thing again.

    Ok, I have to get off the computer and go do my work out now.


  9. So bummed I cant get the video to work.. UGH!!

    PROUD of you!! Keep pushing until you believe darlin.. FYI you are faster than me, I know you are, you just don't believe you are..

  10. Signature pose: Ehhhhhhhhh! hahahaha!! Love the commentary!!

    Please tell me people at the track were watching you!

    yeah 12 x 400's! And, I would love to see the video on the G-min interval setting too! right now, I am still on the treddy for speedwork--you remember WA weather right???

  11. Great job! I enjoy following your progress!

  12. Great job!!!! You rock! Hope the play was great!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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