Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Free-For-All….

Hippity Happity Friday!!!

I’m feeling a little flightiy and I have a lot of random things on my mind.

First of all -Will you take a look at this?!?!? 


Holy moly----- 90%! !!!!!

That is just ridiculously awesome!! I’m thinking of raising my goal amount to $2000 but we will see. Look for a list of donors soon! I want to thank each and every one  of you!

I made a pot of coffee this AM and it is weak. I’ve made it too strong before and just add some water, but how do you fix it when it’s too weak? I miss WA and having about 5 choices of coffee shops within about 8 blocks of my house. I have to drive to the Marathon gas station here for a cup of coffee, or about 30 minutes to the nearest Starbucks. Stupid.

Wednesday night I made dinner. It was gross. Sadly this happens to me pretty often. Too often actually. But to totally make me feel better about my ability to be a good wife/mom I made a bomb-diggity dinner last night!

I didn’t work out yesterday. I was pretty busy doing this:


I was renewing my CPR and First Aid. I have been CPR, First Aid, and AED certified for about 16 years now. I love having the knowledge and have only had to actually use the CPR once, the Heimlich, now called Abdominal Thrusts, a few too many times. I had to give LB the infant Heimlich, head down, back blows, flip him over and press on the chest, when he was about 9 months old, he was choking on an animal cracker. It was terrifying. Then last winter LB choked on a piece of ice and I had to do the abdominal thrusts. Also terrifying. And most recently, about three weeks ago, LB choked on a piece of hard candy and was seriously choking, the worst ever. I was once again terrified. But the good news is that after being certified for so long the reaction is automatic, there is no panic or stopping to think about what to do. You just react then the terror comes when the candy, ice, animal cracker flies across the room…It would take WAY too long for any emergency responders to get here. Choking scares me to death. I think I was traumatized in high school when my dad broke his jaw in an accident and had to have it wired shut. He would blend up food and in liquid form eat it. I have no idea now that I think about it, how this happened but one time he choked on cheese from a cheese pizza with  his mouth wired shut. It was awful. So I urge you all to think seriously about educating yourself about First Aid and CPR. It’s a skill you never want to use, but if you have to you will be so glad you have the knowledge.

Ok, that was random…..

Last Friday I forgot to take my lock off the locker after my swim. I didn’t even realize I had left it behind until I went in to swim on Tuesday and it was still dangling on the locker, with the key in it. I was happy to have it back and my faith in the human kind was renewed... Wednesday, at a different gym, I forgot to take my lock off the locker after my run….I hope the lock is still there but I don’t have high hopes. I hate being so flighty and forgetful and doing stupid things…and I hate even more not having a lock for my locker and having to buy a new one.

This morning I have a bit of work to do then I will hit up spin class and go for a swim. If I have time I may do an easy three mile run. I have missed spin this week….I am itchin’ for a good sweat! Tomorrow I have an 11 mile run on the plan! Is it weird that I am excited? I have total Marathon Envy these days. It’s real and don’t you doubt it! Have you ever had Marathon Envy?

Any awesome plans for the weekend? We are getting LB a trampoline! I can’t wait. I am totally going to work that into my training plan!

So a ton of you already entered my CEP Compression giveaway, but if you didn’t you still have time! Go ahead and enter, you might just win!!! HERE!!

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. I first had my CPR, First Aid, and AED certs back when I was a lifeguard and my first job has me getting recertified later this month. I never had to use any of my training, but it's good you were ready for it when LB was choking! That would certainly scare me into getting certified if I wasn't.

    Today's awesome adventure is testing out all my new swim equipment; I might be at the pool for awhile. Tonight I may go see a hypnotist with some friends. Other than that, no big plans.

  2. Way to go on your money!!! How encouraging that must feel!

    I have been looking into getting CPR certified. I really just want to take the class so that I have the knowledge of what to do if anything would happen. Isn't it crazy to think how many teachers are out there that aren't eat snack in our room every day!

    I love the randomness and I totally get marathon envy!

    Have a blast with the trampoline! My nieces have one and I always kick them out so I can jump high! We spent half the summer in it!!

  3. About the coffee - I would suggest getting a Keurig. Everyone says their great. I've only used a friends and the choice of flavors was fun. Found a website that has some info and reviews:
    We were taught CPR every year in the AF. I just need a refresher. As for the weekend, I have a 16 miler on the schedule. Fun, fun!

  4. it jumped to the wrong page! opps!

  5. Just last week I renewed my certifications. Luckily it is required for my job so I get it every two years. It's good knowledge to have. Fortunately I've never had to use it. I hope you get everything in that you've planned!

  6. SHHHHHH don't broadcast the giveaway - you're killing my chances!!

    WOWZERS congrats on the fundraising. You rock!

  7. My son is cpr certiified.. hmm actually he needs to renew it! BTW your guy looks like he's covered in chocolate

  8. kids/choking has always been a huge fear of mine. When my first baby started eating cheerios, I would seriously cut each O into 1/4ths.
    Ya - I was a little over the top!

    Whenever I see a mom hand her wee one a whole banana or chunk of bread to chomp on, I hover like crazy.

  9. i totally know i should do a cpr class and really just haven't taken the time, naughty runner.

    you crazy spin still scares me!

    congrats on teh fundraising!!

  10. Congrats on yout total for your fundraiser.

  11. Good grief! LB has choked three times?! I would seriously be considering putting the kid on a Jello and mashed potato diet.

    I've never completely choked, but one time I was eating a cheese stick from Sonic and when I swallowed part of it, the cheese strung all the way from the part of the stick that was in my gut all the way up and was still attached to the other half of the stick that was still in my mouth. lol I didn't choke, but it was still a terrifying feeling.

  12. New trampoline and CPR might go hand in hand. ;-)

  13. Be careful on that trampoline. See the photo here for why:

  14. I need to look into getting my certification again. I used to have it.

    You need a Keurig. Perfect cup of Tully's coffee.

  15. I hope you don't mind, but I posted a pic of you falling off your bike on my blog---needed it for my would you rather post! It was crucial that I use it!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on almost reaching your goal!!!

    And, you remind me--I need to renew my CPR/AED certification. Gah!

  16. i feel your pain on the coffee, we dont have a starbucks in our po-dunk little town either. about the best i can hope for is dunkin donuts, which is still a 20 min drive. ugh!

    ive been CPR certified for a looong time too. funny how you take it for granted, ive never had to actually use it (outside of my job in the hospital setting). but its a good feeling to know that i would know what to do. everyone should take it

  17. Congrats on the awesome fundraising!!

  18. I was either on vacation or just behind on blog posts when you asked for donations. Sorry that I missed it. I have donated now!

  19. 90% you rock sister..

    I have not won a giveaway in AGES.. I need to win..

    I am tired. Off to bed..

  20. I did the CPR training 2 days after I extracted 4 wisdom teeth. Needless to say, when I proceeded to resuscitate the "baby" I just can't seem to blow enough air to it. The CPR coach kept telling me my baby is dying and to give it more air.
    Oh My!


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