Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here in America…

…a red light means STOP.  I’m pretty sure it is the same in other countries but specifically, here in the US I know for a fact that when you see a red light and you are driving a car it means stop. It is not optional.  So, to the lady who was late for her hair appointment: Please do not try to roll up to a red light at a fast speed and make a right turn while there is a person in the middle of the cross walk.  Ok?  Thanks.

I seriously almost died.  I saw her coming and decided not to jump out of her way.  I was almost hoping she would hit me just so I could teach her a lesson, just so she would feel reeeeal bad. The look on her face when she saw me was priceless! I am not lying when I say she slammed her breaks and stopped within three inches of my side-knee.  I just gave this woman the evil eye and I know it burned into her. Maybe now she will think twice about rolling through a red light.  Maybe.  From what I have learned though  people think pedestrians are at fault, we are in THEIR way, we should not be in the cross walk, forget that her light was red.  We are inconveniencing THEM. What ev.  Since I have been running the streets more I am more cognizant of pedestrians and I try really hard to always slow down and give them the right of away. I can’t even tell you how many times I have almost died because some Ya Who wants to make a right turn (like today) and I am running from the right, they look left and NEVER EVER EVEN GLIMPSE to the right…bam. Amanda Juice…messy.

But alas, I survived to finish my 7 mile run today!  I had 3 on the schedge for today but tomorrow is going to be SO crazy that I knew I would not have time for scheduled 7 miles.  I switched days and I will hope to get three in tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath! I have to work all over creation AND it is LB’s 5th Birthday!  Yay!  So we have dinner plans tomorrow night!

I learned a few things on today’s run.  1) I am not a good mid-day runner.  I set out at 2:45 and it was HOT. Ok, hot by my spoiled PNW standards: 75 degrees. I know, some of you would like to throw me under the bus for saying that, or better yet wishing I was Amanda Juice. But really, when you are not used to blaring sun and warmth it is hot and the pavement gets hot too. 2) It might actually be in my best interest to jump out of the way of a car and not try to teach the driver a lesson by sacrificing my legs. 3) Remember to  take water. My general rule of thumb is anything under 10 I am ok without water. I can usually make it 10 before I die. Well, not today. When it is sunny and warm and I am heading out for a mid-day run I need to take water. Otherwise this is what happens:

Aug 2 2010 iPhone 006

I will show up at my friend’s house dying of thirst.  This is Jess’s house.  I had 2 miles left in my run and I literally could not make it another minute without water.  I knew she was at work but I hoped her boyfriend would be home. Nope.



So I scoured the grounds and found this:

Aug 2 2010 iPhone 010

Oh yeah, sweet water! I was unsure if it would actually work. It was covered in spider webs and leaves. I had to dig it out then pray it would come on! It came on alright! And I felt like a cowboy on the high plains, riding for days with an empty canteen, who had just found a spring or river.  Only  I was worse off. I was the stupid cowboy who didn’t even HAVE a canteen. I would never have survived back then.

But I drank. And drank. And drank…sorry about the impending water bill Jess, just put it on my tab:

Aug 2 2010 iPhone 008 

See the water running in the back?


Thank goodness for friends! Friends who live nearby with water…



So today I finished my 7 miles in 1:01.45 (not counting the time I stopped to drink).  I held an 8:58 pace.  I miss the  days of 8:30 pace but I know it will take some time to get back there. I just felt blah and heavy today. Hopefully I’ll get 3 fast miles in tomorrow and 3 Thursday, but this week is turning out to be crazy so I am doubting I’ll be able to.  All I know is I have 13 on Sat and I wont be missing that one!

Off to wrap up some super sweet birthday presents for my LB!!


  1. Happy Birthday to LB! I love that pic of you after you had the water, too funny!

  2. You are welcome to come in and have water silly!

  3. A runners second worst enemy...people in cars! Love the pic!!

  4. Stop signs means STOP too, but too many people roll through them without slowing down. Stupid drivers.

  5. So true! I was almost hit by a crazy cab driver last year in DC. He and I even made eye contact and tried to speed up to beat me to the intersection [it was just a stop sign, not a light]. I was not pleased.

  6. Love the pictures! I hate rolling "stoppers". I have had a few close calls myself!! Good job getting out there and Happy birthday to LB!!

  7. OMG I'm glad that lady didn't hit you! Funny that you saw the look on her face. Sometimes that makes the near-death experience worthwhile.

  8. UGH, drivers rolling through reds to turn right are my BIGGEST pet peeve. They never look right. Glad you didn't turn into Amanda Juice!! Awesome job on the run.

  9. I'm just wondering what her neighbors must have thought when you were scrounging around her house scavenging H2O. Surprised someone didn't call the cops for suspicious activity!

  10. ha! I'm not sure why, but that picture of you with the huge grin on your face w/ the water running in the background cracks me up.

    I hate it when drivers don't stop at lights. in PHX, they have tons of those red light cameras which I LOVE because I think it helps a little bit. Not a lot, but a little.

    BTW - finally got you added to my reader. I'm hooked now! ;)

  11. Hahahaha! (about the water; not the car)

  12. That's not-awesome about the Amanda Juice but you almost could have added a splash of Tressa Pulp because the SAME thing happened to me last night. I had the walk signal and started to make my way across then, BAM, white SUV in my running capris. Great old lady drivers!

    Awesome pics too!

  13. I have been on both sides of this - I have been the runner and also the driver! Sometimes I feel like I do not see the pedestrians walking across or biking. I really do try but I don't know, its just bad! i should be better because I am a runner and I know I complain about drivers but then I do what I hate to others!

  14. Drivers are the worst! Glad to hear you're more aware of pedestrians...same with me since I started to run.

    I'm a morning runner so when I try to go out anytime after 8:00 am I die!

    Thanks for sharing! Stay safe!

  15. My sister got hit by a car in college while running. The same situation. She was in the cross walk and car turned right side swiped her. Luckily, only her wrist was fractured. Can you say that's lucky? The car didn't stop to help. She didn't run with her cell then so she had to walk home. Then could get anyone on the phone to bring her to bring to the ER. She walked herself to the ER to get checked out. She only had to war a brace for a little while but she was really shaken up for a long time.

  16. When I lived in Chicago, drivers were far more considerate of runners and cyclists than they are here in San Diego. It is very frustrating. I hope you taught that lady a lesson! :)


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