Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little bit of this….

…and a lot of that.

Today was an easy run day. I decided to run on the dreadmill because it was warming up outside and I didn’t feel like dealing with the great outdoors and traffic and everything else that comes with running on the streets. I also wanted to do some weights and lunges. So I headed to the air conditioned YMCA.

I knocked out my 4 miler in 35:40 (8:39 pace). I decided to crank up the speed when I was at about 3.5 miles and I had it up to 9 mph, or a 6:40 (ish) pace. I held it at that speed until I was at 3.94 miles then I slowed it back down. I was remembering my old cross country days and how I ran a 5k in about 20 to 21 min on a bad day. That is 7 min/miles or better. Where did those days go? How do I get back to that? I would love to be able to run a 5k in 21 min. When I was a senior I ran a 21:14 5k at the state cross country meet. That was an awful time (I had mono at the time). I felt bad like I had let the team down.

I guess ever since Stephen Paske sent me his book to review, Breaking Stride, I have been reminiscing my high school running days. I didn’t know about road races when I was in high school. Did they even exist? I’m sure they did…If you have a junior high or school aged kid who likes to run I would highly recommend this book to them. It was even a good read for me. I wish I’d had a little bit more of a competitive edge when it came to running back then but my focus was on basketball at the time. I only ran so that I would be in shape to sprint up and down the basketball court.

From his book:

“I have a choice. I can run timid, ensure my health and have a happy productive but unspectacular career. I can be ordinary. Or, I can push the envelope. I can run three times a day, at a blistering pace, in sweltering heat or mind numbing cold. I can defy those who tell me I’ll get hurt or burn out and increase the intensity of my training. I can choose to take the risk, that my sacrifice will be in vain. And in taking that risk, I can become a running god.”

It is hard to imagine running with that sort of intensity. This book kind of made me realize that I truly am a recreational runner. I run for my health. I’m not really into pushing the envelope. I’m not going to the Olympic trials, although that would be bad A dude! I think the most crazy I will get is to shoot for a BQ…eventually. Another quote in the book that made me smile was this one, “When you’re suffering, you simply long to curl up amidst the waving grasses along the trailside. Beckoned by primitive recollections of the womb, your one desire is to return to where there is no pain.” Been there. Done that.

So if your looking for a quick and entertaining read check out Stephen’s website HERE. You can purchase the book or even download it for free. He just says that donations are appreciated.

Tomorrow I have 8 miles on queue with RED! Yay!! This is going to be a high mileage week with a potential for 34 miles (if I don’t slack off)! Like I said before, meat and potatoes of marathon training! Bring it on!! Although with the arrival of this marathon comes mixed emotions. That will be my last weekend here in the PNW. More on that later…

Today after my run I did upper body weights and lunges with 10lb hand weights. I’m getting crazy up in here! =) Now, off to do Day 2 of Jamoosh’s Hard Core Challenge…Ouch.

And I leave you with this photo from June’s Rock n Roll half:


I never buy any of these pictures taken during a race. Why are they so DAD-GUMMED expensive? Seriously! It is $30 for this one photo. What ever…

Happy Tuesday!


  1. i loved that quote. Great race pic!! that one might be worth the 30 bucks! :)

  2. Love the race pic! I agree...I can't buy them for that price. Your doing great with your weekly miles! Keep it up marathon lady.

  3. I haven't had an opportunity to buy a race pic yet... but i may have to for my firsts :) you have a great finisher photo!! lol... all the ones that my friends or parents take of me crossing the finish i look like im on my deathbed haha!

  4. Great, inspiring quote, but you've got it figured out--doesn't really apply to the real world where we have families, jobs, etc.

  5. Love the pic--but I agree they are $$. Nice paces!

  6. They ARE expensive, and I've never bought one, but if one turns out halfway decent in Vegas, I just may have to come off the $ and get one.

    This one of you is AWESOME!

  7. The quote is great, sounds like the talk I got when I was in the middle third of 39 cadets trying to make it to officer grade. "We have enough civil servants - I thought you guys wanted to be pilots?" Then came the "balls out" "hair-on-fire" speech.

    I'm certain that there are enough runners out there that want pictures of themselves to coordinate with one photographer to take a load of good pics of everyone running for a lot less. Or is there some waiver you sign as a runner saying picture services will only be by race sponsored photographers?

    You and your lunge challenge!

  8. I, too, reminisce about the cross country days. I wasn't quite as fast as you (my FASTEST were 20-21 minutes for a 5K). I wish I could get back there, too. I also didn't know about recreational races, etc. Wish I had.

  9. I was a sprinter in grade school and freshman in high school, I remember those days. I just tell myself I'm 31 now and didn't run my first real mile until I was in my early 20s...things just don't work like they used to ;)

  10. Wow, I just might be with julie on this one.... that pic MIGHT be worth the $30. MIGHT.

  11. You know they might actually get people to purchase some if they lowered the price. I just can't imagine that they sell very many pic's.

    I purchased my finish line picture and one with my son from the Komen Race for the Cure - 1/2 of the price went to the charity.

    But outside of that I have never purchased a picture.


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