Monday, August 30, 2010

True Confessions…

…of a running pedestrian who also happens to drive a car.

This is going to be hard. And I mean, like, really REALLY hard. Harder than getting busted trying to sneak out in high school…

Harder than calculus.

Harder than running 20 miles…

         Harder than concrete…

Ok, here it goes…

I almost plowed over a pedestrian today.

Oh, I’m sorry.  Can’t really read that? Let me make it clearer for you:




Are you happy now? I am not a super human driver. I guess I do make mistakes.  I know, it busted my bubble too…you’ll be O.K.  BUT, your honor, in my defense the dude was wearing ACU’s (Army Combat Uniform) designed to blend in with urban settings.  Um, yes…they succeeded in their design.  The guy was crossing the street in a shady area wearing freaking camouflage designed to make him disappear into the pavement. For crying out LOUD.  And he was in the middle of the intersection when the light went from green to yellow then quickly to red.  I was trying to beat the yellow light and I would have had I not had to stop abruptly.  Unlike me though, this guy did not make eye contact and inflict a huge amount of guilt upon me. Nope. He stopped, turned around and went right back to the side of the street he came from.  What in the world?  He was way past the the middle of the street.  It was closer to the other side.  Oh well.  He did not get smashed today, at least by me. So if you wear ACU’s here is my advice, unsolicited I know, but still…When crossing the street while wearing camouflaged designed to HIDE you in pavement wave your hands real big above your head like a banshee back and forth so that everyone can see you.

Well, prior to my near mishap I was on post today with RED to sign up for the JBLM Half Marathon on Sep 18. This happens to be the weekend of my upcoming 20 miler.  Oh the 20 miler of Marathon Training!!  We decided that we would register for the half and show up a bit early to run 7 miles before the race then line up at the start for 13.1 more.  Great idea huh?!  I think so!  It will be a good way to have a supported 20 mile run.  Now I don’t want to go out and race it but it would be nice to test myself a little bit and see how I feel at that point of the training.  Anyone else think this is a good idea? Terrible idea?  Crazy idea?  Don’t worry, I’ll still do it! =)


And lastly, I need some new music for my iPod….what are some of your favorites that make you run fast and keep your mind occupied?


  1. I totally think that guy was testing the camo, that's why he turned and walked back to the sidewalk. He's logging how many times he's almost gets killed!!
    I just loaded a few new songs onto my ipod and tonight when I was *this close* to giving up and saying *&%$ it, Pink's "So What" came on and gave me just the umph I needed to finish my run! I also love me some Black Eyed Peas ~ they really get me moving!

  2. Oh man, I've been in that same situation - twice! And in the same spot. I call faulty intersection design, totally not my fault at all. But, it was quite the humbling experience. I feel your pain!

  3. I concur with Jessica, its the only explanation that makes sense.

    p.s. why do you work out at the Y when you can use the base gym? just curious...

  4. Camo should be outlawed unless you are on a military or police mission in the desert or jungle.

  5. i was going to do that race before I hurt myself. last year it was my first race EVER and I did it in 2:05. I ran the course about 2 months ago in 1:47 so I was on track to kick some serious PR ass before I got hurt. It sucks.

  6. spooky mea culpa - maybe the guy was on a death wish

    run before the run? WTF girl?!? why go half way ... run from home before the before-run!

    AC/DC - shoot to thrill, you shook me all night long
    Nickelback - rockstar, hero
    Journey - wheel in the sky

    (sorry for some of the old stuff ... but hey I'm old)

  7. Sorry about your scary experience...don't beat yourself up, though. You did a great job avoiding disaster.

  8. How can you be blamed for something like that if he was wearing camo!? If you ask me, he was probably testing it to see if he got hit. Luckily you passed.

  9. This made me laugh like crazy! It wouldn't have been so funny if it had happened to anyone but you! But after seeing all your rants of late, it just struck me as hilarious!

    It's only funny because it turned out okay. Good job compensating this guy's idiocy. :)

  10. Hi!
    Cool to find you/your blog. saw on your profile you're a therapist. cool. what type? I'm a former counselor who is now a SAHM w/my kidz;-)

    have a good day;-)

  11. Wow- that had to have your heart pumpin for a few minutes! I have to say it was a funny post to read first thing this morning (sorry :)) that camo must really do it's job! glad it was all ok :)!

  12. Hahaha that's so funny! Way to make sure ya didn't totally end him!

  13. The fact that he was wearing camo should definitely put more blame on him than you!
    Run 7 before the run? I dunno about that one...good luck! :)

  14. Thanks Amanda! I needed a really good laugh. You are hilarious.

  15. So much great music and only so many hours to run during the day. You need to add some old school Journey to the mix. Whenever I hear one of their old songs come up in my iPod, I can't help but smile.

  16. I have almost run over a pedestrian on many occasions and I feel so horrible when it happens! Sometimes I just don't see the person.


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