Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Decided…

…to tri.

Aug 14 2010 001 edited

Why not?  Well there were a billion reasons not too, including it is a pain in my backside. Yeah, rivals LUNGES! 

I ran this morning with Katie (dang it, run #2 and no picture. FAIL).  We set out for 11.5 and G. Money decided to stop on me. AGAIN.  This is really starting to chap my hide. It stopped at ONE mile so by the time I noticed it we had probably gone a good 2.5 or maybe three miles.  I quickly restarted it with 11.5.  So I was doing math this morning while running. Poor Katie kept asking “How much further?” “Where are we at?” “How far?” And I could only guesstimate. So by my guestimation we totaled at LEAST 12 miles.  We held a nice and easy pace.  Katie was having a rough run because she did her lunges the night before a long run.  Some people can do this.  I cannot.  So for those of you participating in the challenge: DON’T DO YOUR LUNGES THE NIGHT BEFORE A LONG RUN. Learn from Katie's painful mistake!

Anywho, I was still undecided about the tri until I got home. The Hubs and LB had gone on to a fun day at the local Renaissance Fair.  I had asked him to get my bike off the hooks in the garage.  I wasn’t sure if he remembered.  He did.  In fact he had it out and set neatly beside the house with my helmet.  Drat.  That was my deciding factor….I decided to do it. From that moment I flipped into Tri mode.  I got the directions to the packet pick up and the park for bike set up and headed to Seattle.

The whole thing from home to packet pick-up to bike drop off took me about 4 hours.  FOUR hours of my life.  Oh well…I dropped my bike off and headed to the Renaissance Fair where I was greeted with some sort of tasty popsicle. It has been a busy and long day.  I have all my stuff laid out in a neat (for me) pile (that is for you RED). I am dreading the early morning wake up but looking forward to a fun Tri with my Official Race Crew supporting me as usual!  I am also most looking forward to a delicious, greasy breakfast afterwards (tradition after Tri’s for us)!!

So here is all my stuff for tomorrow:

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Don’t mind the Hubs. He jumped in last minute.  I wont be dragging him to the transition!



Aug 14 2010 027 edited

Here is a close up of my stuff, in case any of you care.




Aug 14 2010 037 edited

They marked up my arm.  Since this is an all women’s tri (boring, no Speedo clad men?! ) there was no age marked on our calf…which suits me fine.





Well, off to eat some dinner and get the logistics planned for tomorrow!!  Stay tuned for the race report! 

I’ll be checking in on the Legs Love Lunges Challengers tomorrow!  We have a few new peeps!!  I’ll update that tomorrow too!!


  1. have fun carbin' it up tonight girl!

  2. Yay for TRIs!! Good luck and have fun!!

  3. Good luck tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'll be curious to read the tri report so I might have a clue on how the whole thing works when Tressa & I give it a go next month.

  4. I wish you all the best tomorrow! Can't wait to read up on it.

  5. wahoo, have fun and can't wait to hear about it

  6. Good luck and have fun! Eating afterwards is always the best part of the race! lol

  7. Good luck and enjoy!!!! Can't wait to hear how it went and what you think about triathlons!

  8. You are done by now, but pretend I wrote this yesterday...Good Luck!

  9. seriously Amanda, you are so beautiful!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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