Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here in America Part II…

..bicycles have to obey all traffic laws when they are riding in the street.

With that being said, I almost died again today. This time the offender was not in a motorized vehicle but rather on a bicycle.  That’s right, a biker nearly plowed me over.  This dude was hauling buns down a hill and straight up barreling towards the intersection where the stop sign was blatantly disregarded.  He missed me by the hair on my chinny chin chin as he turned right, running the stop sign.  He NEVER ONCE LOOKED TO HIS RIGHT, where I was running from.  If I had a stick I would have jammed it in his spokes. 


Speaking of running, my run today was awful.  From the get-go I was sucking air and my muscles were tight as could be.  It was hot and I was thirsty.  Yes, this was another mid-day run in the heat of the day with no water. Stupid.  Lessons learned today 1). I hate running mid-day when it is hot. 2) Take water on mid-day runs even if it is only 3 miles. 

Today’s stats:

3.4 miles in 29:43 (8:44 pace). 

I hope today was just a bad run day.  It happens to the best of us. Right?

Saturday is 13 with RED!  


  1. Maybe you need to get one of those sweet blinking Christmas light vests. Or start packing...a paintball gun I mean. It depends on whether you would rather prevent, or take REVENGE!

    Sorry bout the crappy run, hope Saturday rocks!

  2. Your area is NOT SAFE.. Take care of yourself..

    REmind me again what time and where you are running. I will see what I can do..

  3. At least you are alert. Those hot runs will pay off!!

  4. OMG! I would have stopped and yelled so loud that he wrecked trying to see what the commotion was all about!
    Glad you were okay. Scary!

  5. Why do some cyclists have to be funktards?

  6. Are you sure you're not running in my neighborhood?? Because I see jerks like that all the time.
    Of course it was just a funky run, and it absolutely happens to everyone once in a while!

  7. pshhh. bikers. always thinking they own the road. you could take down a skinny guy with chicken legs any day.

  8. Bicyclers scare me. They are sometimes going so fast they might as well be driving a car. And they definitely don't all abide by traffic signs and signals, why do they think they don't have to?

  9. I've yelled at bikers before because of this same reason. It seems once they get on the bike, all traffic rules go out the window. They also don't seem to know the words "ON YOUR LEFT!"

    Take care while running!

  10. Hi! I found you through blog hopping and thought I'd stop in and say hello. I'm just a wee bit north of you in Kitsap Co (Poulsbo). I'm just brand new starting out running and reclaiming my inner athlete, but hopefully we'll run into one another at the Seattle races someday!
    I'm looking forward to following along on your blog!

  11. You are not mean, they are just ignorant and think they own the streets. Be careful out there!


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