Friday, August 13, 2010

Power skipping up a hill…

…yeah, I can cross THAT off my bucket list. 


This morning I thought I had the flu.  Or maybe a Mac Truck had plowed me over in my sleep…but no. No. I was sore. My whole body was wishing for death. Let me start from the beginning.

Thursday's are always hard days for me workout wise.  But yesterday was exceptionally hard.  I decided to ride my bike to the Y in the morning instead of drive the Hub’s car.   I rode the 1.5 mile hilly road to the Y. I got there early  so I jumped on the dreadmill, but I was not early enough to get my full 3 miler in.  I ran 1.5 miles then ran to the pool to teach my water aerobics class (for one hour).  I then jumped back on the treadmill to finish the last 1.5 miles.  But I wasn’t done yet.  Oh yeah, I had to ride my bike home. 

Still. Not. Done.

AN the RB, as I mentioned is moving away, leaving me behind.  Her last request was simple, or so I thought. “Come with me to Boot Camp Thursday night.” I knew this would be rough because water x + running is hard enough, throw in there a short-but- hilly bike ride and Boot Camp and I will be inviting the Angel of Death to visit. I agreed.  How hard could it be anyway?  Let me tell you…it was rough.  Have you ever power skipped up a hill? No? Well now I have…5 times! We had to do these stations  and while your partner was doing lunges (got my 2nd set of lunges for the week done), squats, dead lifts, power clings, you name it…you had to run outside to either power skip or sprint up a stupid hill. We did line sprints and other running things and abs.  I was sweating.  By the end I was so glad to be done! What a way to send my friend off to a new adventure, drenched in sweat!

So that is why I did  not post a blog last night, I was exhausted. Tired. Sore. Hanging on to life by a thread. Resisting the white light. But now I am feeling better….a little.

We have new BRAVE SOULS participating in the Legs Love Lunges Challenge!!!  Yay!! Welcome!!

Andrew Opala (I love furry animals!!)


Breaking Pace (Yay!!!  My partner in Vegas Rock n Roll!)


I can’t believe all the peeps joining in! This is so fun!!  I’ll check in Sunday or so to see how everyone is feeling!  Sore?  Probably!

And now tomorrow, 11.5 miles with Katie! I am stepping back this weekend because of the possibility of doing the triathlon on Sunday.  I know, I still haven't’ decided. I am so last minute. Tall Mom hates this about me! (He he!!).  I am just indecisive.  There are a lot of things I want to do this weekend and the tri is seriously monopolizing much of the time.  So here is the deal, you get to vote. I love letting the people vote.  The kicker is though that I need to decide by the end of my long run tomorrow so that I can go to Seattle and get my packet and check in my bike tomorrow morning.  Cast your votes by 9 AM PST!

Should I do the Tri?

Yes  or No

Happy Friday friends!!!! 


  1. Oh how fun!! You mentioned me in your blog! :D I missed the start so I'm going to start it this coming week with the hardCORE Club start day that way it matches up for me :) I'll probably post my leg pictures on Sunday or Monday :)

    As for voting for your tri.... I really dont know lol... sorry i'm not much help! I would say, what are the perks of running? Do you have enough funds to register without having to cutback on something else? What would be the negatives? Something to think about on your long run ;)

    Have a great run! :D

  2. Girl, what a killer workout! I don't know if I'd have that much energy in me in one day! Way to go.
    I'm not one to ask about whether to do the tri or so I'm not sure you should take what I say as a vote, but if you have other things you want/need to get done this weekend and the tri would keep that from happening and if there is another tri you can do later on, then I would skip.
    Hope you have a great weekend! Lunge lunge lunge! ;)

  3. yay! Thanks for the votes ladies! I actually registered for this months ago! I hate not doing races that I registered for, you know? It just is turning out to be an ALL WEEKEND LONG ORDEAL! I guess I will sleep on it!

    P.S. So happy to have you two here!! Welcome to my maddness! He he!

  4. I say, YES for the TRI! Killer work out!! way to go!

  5. I vote for the TRI, definitely!!

  6. Power skipping, eh? Wow.

    I don't know the history about why you are asking for votes for the tri, but I say go for it!

  7. Do the Tri!!!!!

    WTF is power skipping LOL ;)

  8. I would have been dead after that workout too!
    Since I love tris, my vote is to do the tri! It will be fun! :)
    Oh, and I joined the lunges club too! Although it was tough, I posted pics on my blog and everything!

  9. I was going to say NO to the tri, but if you can power skip up a hill ... YES

    P.S. I like yours better than mine (I'm not into furry)

  10. Ok first of all thanks for the link :) And second you are insane!! That's why I love ya so much.
    As for the Tri I have mixed feelings. I say do it if you can, but not if you think you might injure yourself. You've been going full steam (and then some) lately. Just be careful!
    luv C, aka voice of reason, lol!!!

  11. Definitely do the triathlon -- the crazy chaotic weekend will be worth it :) Finishing a race like that is such a great high!

  12. I say go for it, I'll rather DNF than DNS especially if nothing hurts. As a wife, mother, friend we juggle so much so no time is ever perfect.


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