Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I feel the need….

The need for SPEED! Yes, Top Gun was my favorite movie once upon a time.

I decided today would be a good day for speed work. My rationale? It’s only 4 miles.

I picked up the men in my life late last night.  LB was exhausted from 4 days of being in the wilderness: hiking, fishing, hunting, not taking showers, not washing hands, and not sleeping. He got into bed after 11 PM.  I knew I had to keep him home today so my only hope for a run was dreadmill or track.  Track it was. AN the RB texted me bright and early wanting a running date…YES!  Misery loves company!  I would not be alone on the track!

LB was excited to head to the track.  We haven’t gone as much this season as we have in the past. We got there about 3 min before AN the RB and LB was antsy so we ran a warm up lap. She arrived before we even made it all the way around.  She decided to do mile repeats.  WHAT?!  She did a warm up mile, fast mile, slow mile, fast mile, slow mile.  Bless her heart….that is rough but a good workout.  My work out choice was 4x400’s, 4x200’s, 5x100 to end with 4.5 miles.   I didn’t have G. Money set to record 1/4 mile laps. Fail.  So my mile splits were:

Mile 1_______9:30

Mile 2_______7:55

Mile 3_______8:14

Mile 4_______9:15

1/2 Mile_____4:32

My sprinting did not feel fast.  I felt slow and heavy.  I became aggravated when I recalled a workout I did often in High School: Jog, Stride, Sprint lap after lap after lap.  Today I realized that I have only two speeds: jog and jog a little bit faster. I guess this is something I need to work on.

AN the RB and I finished up our workouts (including lunges!!!!) and I asked LB to take our picture.  This is what he came up with:

me and an the Rb at UPS

I know. He IS talented. He may be convinced to take your photo too, for a small sitting fee.

Tomorrow is 9 miles with RED!!!


  1. That is actually a really cool picture. I could totally see it in a running magazine or as running clip art...he might have a career on his hands.

    Great job doing the speedworkout...those aren't the most fun, well at least not for me.

  2. I have my first speed workout tomorrow and my kiddos first day of school. Just need to get er done right?? UGH!

  3. I can totally relate to your post since I swear that the faster I try to make myself go, the slower I feel.

    My Garmin's name is Need For Speed :) See a trend here?

  4. I love that "jog and jog a little faster" funny!
    Good job!!

  5. Great times Dude! I only have jog and jog slower

  6. I actually really like that picture! I think you might have an abstract artist on your hands

  7. I always dread the track, but once I'm there, it's fine. I'm still looking for my faster speed -- I know it's in there somewhere :)

  8. LOL, so that may not be what you were hoping for but it IS a funny picture! Great job at the track!!

  9. YAY top gun!

    YAY you Mrs. Speed!

  10. Speed can be fun...I wish I could find mine.. hehehe. When can we run together?? hmmmm?

  11. i like the pic he took :). My only speed right now is jog until I have to walk. no speed work for me (yet :)).

  12. I think speed is just mentally tough (and physically too, of course!). Good job getting on the track and getting it done. OH, and I think the pic is cool too! :)

  13. Love the pic. We laugh but sometimes get some amazing shots by accident. Some of my favorites are accidents taken by my kids! Great job on the workout too btw!


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