Monday, August 16, 2010

Bikini Lunges

…if you are brave enough.

We have some new Legs Love Lunges Challengers!

Megan ( if you were actually undecided your locked in now! He he!!!) =)

Mama Twitch




Ok, if I have missed anyone please let me know! I am not very organized. Ok I am NOT organized at all! I don’t want to leave anyone out!! So how has everyone done so far? I actually did lunges 3 times last week. I had to do a set last night, after my Tri. I knew I didn’t need to but a challenge is a challenge and I well, as the President and CEO of this challenge I need to follow my own rules!

AN the RB came over for some back yard sitting for one last time before she heads East. **Tear**. But we had a good time and here she is doing her 3rd set of lunges:

Aug 15 2010 024

Don’t worry, bikini lunges are NOT required.

Ok, last but not least, my Tri race recap! I have not forgotten I am just super busy! I will get it up prob this evening!

Happy Lunging!!!


  1. Ok ... did I do a newby mistake here? Are lunges only for women? Do I win something if I am the only guy in the guy category?

    ... mind you I know the other guys are jealous that I'm hanging out with babes, but they'll laugh at me when we corral up before the start.

    There's a big trade-off here.


  2. -Perplexed (you see how confudes I am I can't spell anymore!)

  3. Ha Andrew! Never fear! Men are welcome! I just ask that you NOT attempt the Bikini Lunges! Deal?

  4. Way to go, bikini lungers! Impressive!!!

  5. No bikini lunges for me ... last time I had my shirt off planes started to make landing approaches on my drive-way thinking that bright white round thing was a landing light.

    I have also averted my eyes from looking at the pictures you posted ... so I can make no comments about tan lines and writing on peoples sides. ... shoot! ... disregard this paragraph

  6. OMGosh I am loving the bikini lunges. Your smoking hot girl. You won't find me doing bikini lunges. You rock.

  7. Looking good doing the bikini lunges! I did lunges yesterday! I'll have to take pics next time...but no bikini here! :)

  8. I am not brave enough to wear a bikini! Neither is Track Coach, shame!

  9. You girlies are super brave! and rocking those bikini lunges.

    I'm sure every guy clicked those pictures to make them bigger! ;-)

  10. I just about peed my pants. That is so funny. Who dedices to do lunges in a bikini. That sounds like one hella wedgie.

  11. I'm participating!

  12. If I looked like that doing bikini lunges, I would do bikini lunges everywhere.

  13. I'm definitly not in bikini lunge shape yet.
    You girls look great, way to rock those lunges!

  14. Bikini thank you!! lol Nice job!

  15. Too late, I already did like 10 bikini lunges.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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