Monday, July 12, 2010


I know, maybe I have been a bump a log lately…..

Sorta like this little bump on a log:

bump on a logI have not lost track of my goal (10/10/10 Portland Marathon) but I have a lot, and I mean a LOT, going on right now. To name a few: A new job is underway and I am learning a new company, manual, computer system, setting up a home office…making decisions about the job I already have (i.e. do I stick with a dying company that I could totally dog on right now?), wrapping up case files from that old job so I can say sayonara, getting signatures so I can transfer licenses from WA to NC (eventually)…see?

AND last but not least the return of The Hubs! Yes, you read that right, Hubs will be returning home finally and for OPSEC (or Operation Security) I cannot tell you exactly WHEN he will be here, nor do I actually know exactly when. So I have been a little nutty lately.

But let me tell you, a good sweat would do wonders right now. You know the kind of sweat that runs down your face and gets in your eyes and burns like the dickens?

Like this:

sweat in eyesI NEED that.

Soon. Soon! SOOOON!!!!

Today I am grateful for:

The American Red Cross

Friends who have helped me beyond what I ever imagined this past week!

Beautiful PINK daises from AN the RB.

My dad may be able to start chemo next week…yes, still having complications. So I am grateful for all of you who have expressed concern for me and my family and who have been praying for my dad. It is much needed and appreciated.


  1. Happy Homecoming!!!

    I'm such a Navy wife. Out of that whole blog, the one thing that popped out to me was the return of your hubby. I love those "first kiss" moments. They're the only thing that makes the separation worth it.

    ps. sweat-stung eyes are therapeutic for sure. hehe.

  2. Glad your dad gets to start chemo me tomorrow maybe we can go for a nice walk!!

  3. Glad you will have your hubs back soon--that must be so tough. And I hope all goes well with your dad--it's a step towards being done, right?

  4. Wow! You do have a lot going on...glad to hear your hubs will be back soon and hope things go well for your Dad.

  5. Very glad that you will have the hubby back! My brother-in-law is military and I know how much the wives have to do and how strong you ladies are and thanks you for that! A strong woman is ALWAYS behind a wonderful man :)
    Totally know about the sweat in your eyes. I sweat a ton and man..its work trying to keep eyes open during that.
    Keeping your dad in my prayers!

  6. Long time lurker...first time commenter...

    first, thanks for the motivation to get out and run this morning. I wasn't going to and then i read your blog for the day. my husband is in the military and is home (for now) so I know what it is like to have them gone. And knowing that he will probably be going somewhere soon I had to take advantage of him being home. We jsut moved to Fayetteville this summer and are slowing getting settled in. Thanks again for the motivation...

    I am typing this as sweat is pouring into my eyes!

  7. Holy Busy!! But exciting that hubby is coming home soon!!

    Hope you can get out there it SWEAT IT OUT some time soon.

    Keeping your dad in my thoughts and hoping they can start treating him SOON.

  8. Thanks for information! Fayetteville is huge and somewhat scary. I may be using you for some information. I figured we would have to go to Raleigh for some fun. But what to do with the kiddos? My girls are almost 7 going into second grade. We are living in Gates 4 mostly for the schools. I like this area but I am not sure what is a good area. Like what library should we go to? Should we do most things on post? Do you stil own a house in Sanford? Are you going to live there again? We looked in Anderson Creek and loved a house there, but there are some over crowding in the schools and I wasn't sure of the area. I would love to run with you...I will need to get a little faster to keep up. :)

  9. You got a job and your hubby is coming back?? Wow friend I am OUT OF THE LOOP.. Miss you lots, need to run soon.

  10. Cutest bump on a log I've seen in a long time! haha!!
    Hang in there! Prayers for your daddy and a wish of safe travels home for hubby!!!

  11. You are so amazing.


    Yay for Hubs returning home!!
    On your Dad --- Prayers heading your way.

  12. Yay! So glad your hubby is coming home. And hope your dad does well.

    PS: Your LB is so darn cute.

  13. Great news about your husband coming home! Best of wishes on his return AND your acclimating to a new job :)

  14. Wohhooo for hubby coming home. That must be so tough! I hope all goes well with your dad :)

  15. That's great that your hubs is coming back soon! A bright light in what sounds like a stressful time right now- hope your dad does well!

  16. your dad will be in my prayers


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