Saturday, July 31, 2010

No rest for the weary…

Ok, here is my 101st Post Party, only on my 102nd post.

So…PARTY it up ya’ll!

Today was a rest day so of course, I didn’t rest. The Hubs and I got to go for another bike ride! We set out with nary a plan or route, only the intention to ride. We ended up riding around T-Town and across the Narrow Bridge:

narrow bridge It’s about 1 mile across and the cross winds can be ferocious. But it is a beautiful ride and view! In all we rode 11.29 miles in 1 hour and 6 min. And now my bottom hurts. RED informed me that she has a seat designed for women. WELL, LA te DA. Maybe I should invest in something like that for my dear rear.

It was a great day of rest….at least running rest. Now tomorrow is 10 miles! Woo who!!

Thanks to all of you for your advice on my Serious Case of the Cranks! You all had some seriously helpful hints, like eat some stinkn’ chocolate before you bite your kid's head off... But I have to say, hands down, Tressa, the Adorable wife from Training w/ a Track Coach and His Adorable Wife, had the best advice:

I have a finely honed system for getting rid of the cranks. Me+couch+remote+blanket+dvr, find a good show (Gilmore Girls, The Office, Project Runway, etc), then insert spoon into carton of Half-Baked Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Then procede to remain this way for at least an hour. Usually my cranks are better, if not, repeat process all night if necessary!”

Advice taken. Cranks gone. Crisis diverted.

Happy weekend everyone!!!


  1. Happy to help! It has saved my marriage and kids from near death many times.

    That bike ride sounds awesome, can't wait to get my bike so the hubs and me can do that around beautiful, scenic...Chehalis? Oh well, maybe we will drive somewhere first!

  2. Great advice! I usually go with the wine and chick flick movie version :)

  3. So sorry I missed the cranks post. My advice would have been a Tall Mom Hug :) run this week in T-town on my jury duty Lunch. Or I could meet you in the AM before jury duty, if you will let me shower up.. I have to be to the courthouse by 8:45. Let me know.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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