Thursday, July 29, 2010

Severe case of the cranks…

and it is not relieved by exercise.

Today I have nothing clever to blog about. 

I feel exhausted. I think I am still catching up from my whirl wind of a weekend.  I just want to crawl into my bed and stay there until I feel like getting up. And my throat hurts, not bad but scratchy, the kind of scratchy I get when I haven’t had enough sleep. 

Today I considered running 4 miles to make up for yesterday’s cut-short run but I was happy with my (S…L…O…W….) 3 miles.  I was babying my Hot Spot and ran at about a 9:24 pace.  I hate Thursday’s runs because I usually get going right after I have spent an hour teaching water aerobics and I feel so tired right from the get go.  But I had AN the RB by my side so we ran together, side by side on dreadmills.

This evening I had a severe, and I mean SEVERE, case of the cranks.  I have no idea why.  Maybe I need chocolate. I haven’t had chocolate in like 3 days.  What do you do when you get a case of the cranks? How do you not take it out on those you love (i.e. small kids with mohawks, husbands who are all of a sudden THERE, and dogs who drool and slobber)?

Tomorrow is a rest day then 10 on Saturday! I think I have suckered a friend into running with me! She is training for her first half (the You Go Girl) here in September and it works out perfectly that she needs 10 miles on Saturday too! So we will see what happens!!!

Oh and this was post 101!  WOW!  I feel like I should have done something fun, like throw a party!  I’ll see what I can come up with for a party post!


  1. I try to get as much ME time as possible. It was one of those days for me too, my oldest actually said to my hubby, "I know what mommy needs...Chocolate!" He's going to make a good hubby one day ;)

  2. I'm in a funky mood too. I think I am PMSing though. So I try to be alone as much as possible because little things tick me off. I stay in front of the computer, read the running posts and shop for running outfits.

  3. yep.
    Im there today in a way too after TOO much time spend with the four year old crowd yesterday.

    a cranky sweaty ornery four year old crowd :)

    have a great run tomorrow!!


  4. Virtual party starting...NOW! OK, maybe 5:00 in the afternoon (CDT) instead of 5:00 in the morning.

  5. for the cranks if the exercise doesn't get it out. sweets OR sleep

  6. I hate when I feel like that!!! I hope you have a better day :)

  7. Today will be better -- and go eat some chocolate, girl!

  8. Have that chocolate! Hope today is better.

  9. I have a finely honed system for getting rid of the cranks. Me+couch+remote+blanket+dvr, find a good show (Gilmore Girls, The Office, Project Runway, etc), then insert spoon into carton of Half-Baked Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Then procede to remain this way for at least an hour. Usually my cranks are better, if not, repeat process all night if necessary!



You're pretty much awesome!!


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