Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Love 4th of July!

…it truly is my favorite holiday!  It beats my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving…it is just awesome!  Back when I lived where it was WARM and SUNSHINY we would head to the lake for a day on the boat, water skiing, jet skiing, fire crackers!  And my Best Friend who now lives in Italy, check out her blog HERE, and I would hit up the Steve Miller Band concert!  Ah the memories of 4th of July.

This time last year I was actually flying in from three glorious weeks in Italy.  One of the perks of the Hubs being gone is the excuse to treat myself (and Little Buddy of course) to a trip like that.  This time of year makes me miss my friend…so Em, here’s to you friend! Happy 4th!!

This weekend I have taken in an extra kiddo.  She is 4, same as my LB so needless to say things have been nonstop around here.  knowing myself I knew I HAD to make it to the Y to get my run in or these kids didn’t stand a chance.  This morning I got them loaded up and we headed to the YMCA so I could get 6 miles in on a treadmill in the Family Wellness Center, a room with equipment and a small wall partition to keep the kids in a play area where we can see each other.  I wasn’t in 2 miles before I started hearing, “I’m hungry.”  “I need a snack.” “I gotta go potty” “I’m super hungry.” “I’m thirsty.”   So I upped the speed and got my 6 miles done in 52:12/8:41 pace. I could have gone faster but I was trying to enjoy myself and buy some ME-TIME too.  I’m just glad I got it done.  This week’s mileage is a bit low but I’m not worried.  Week 4 of Marathon #2 Training D.O.N.E.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday!!!


  1. Nice job finishing your run even with all the "I'm hungry" and "I gotto go potty" going on.
    Happy 4th!

  2. Three weeks in Italy sounds DEEEEEEE-VINE!!!

  3. When I was little I was SCARED of fireworks and that has carried over. I love how they look, but the noise, ouch!! Way to work through it and get in that run.

  4. Glad you were able to get that run in! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your 4th of July weekend.

  5. Way to go on your mileage!! I love the 4th of July too :)

  6. YOU make me smile! I wish you were here to train me! Guess I will be taking some baby-steps first to work up to a WALK! I wonder if I can RUN Vicariously thru YOU?
    I wish we were all in Italy together! I thought of you and your little sidekick as our Italian 'friends' went to the JUNE 29th festival, remembering you were there at this time last year!
    I hope we can get back to Italy by the end of the summer as I have only been there during the winter the past few years.
    I think OK has a case of the WA rain forest this 4th of July :(
    Take care! You 'run' through my thoughts daily! Love, 2nd Mom :)

  7. Just found your blog. I love it!
    Running is my therapy and "me-time" as well. :)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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