Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Kicks: Somnio

…make me run FAST!!!

You know how when you were a kid a new pair of shoes made you “Run real fast!”? Well, I felt like a kid putting on my new kicks this past week!

June 2010 016

The nice people at Somnio (check them out HERE) contacted me and asked if I would be interested in giving their shoe a test run. My Asics have a good couple hundred miles left to them but I am always up for trying something new, as long as it is quality. As most of you recall I have had some pretty significant hip pain, which the cause was recently identified by a chiropractor. But I have also noticed that it worsens as my shoes break down. So I decided to give this new shoe a try and go from there…you know, see just how fast I could run!

So with Kara’s help (the awesome rep from Somnio) I figured out which shoe would best fit me and my stride.

What Kara says about Somnio shoes:

“We’ve developed shoes that are completely customizable and help support correct alignment…leaving runners less susceptible to injury. We can even customize your left shoe differently from your right! We focus on supporting the foot INSIDE the shoe, instead of adding extra weight to outsoles. As a long-time runner myself, I was able to transition from a bulky stability shoe, into a lightweight trainer (perfect for racing a marathon).”

Um, SOLD! And she is not kidding about customizing the shoes…I have a size 8.5 on my left foot and a 9 on my right! What in the world? The last time I got fit for a pair of shoes this was not pointed out to me…I have two different size feet, nice. News to me! Oh well, Somnio worked with me!

Also, another cool thing is that you can go to a retailer (found on their website HERE) to get fit or use their awesome and easy guide to fit yourself! That is what I did and it worked awesome. I found I am a very neutral runner and Kara said, “I think that you’ll be interested to know that a lot of brands actually put varus wedges inside their NEUTRAL shoes…but no one knows about it. So when a brand says their neutral shoe can also be worn by mild pronators, that’s usually because they’ve stuck a varus wedge inside, meaning that the shoe is not actually 100% neutral”. Well, I don’t know a lot about the science behind building a running shoe but I do know that what she told me does NOT sound good in regards to those other shoe companies and me wearing a true neutral shoe.

Once I got the shoes and took them for a spin I could immediately tell a difference. It was hard to pin—point exactly what I felt but I felt like I was working differently. When I talked to Kara about the different feeling she said, “the reason for that is that the shoes were built with your particular alignment in mind. When you have better alignment, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to self-correct, leaving your muscles less fatigued overall. You might also notice that you might not be striking the ground as hard with your heel in your Somnios.”

So do I think this shoe will make me run real fast, as in the same way I believed when I was 8? No. Not exactly. But I did notice that in both runs of 3 mile my pace was a good 8 seconds faster per mile. That is pretty darn good! I do believe that this shoe will help me train for TWO more marathon’s in 2010 and do so injury free. So, take my review for what it’s worth! They sent me the shoes the review is mine and mine alone! And did I mention that that my shoes came is a sweet biodegradable box! Hello GREEN company! Awesome!


June 2010 001 June 2010 005 June 2010 014

Today I am grateful:

Gorgeous weather!

Awesome friends, and yes, i know I said that last post but really, my friends are awesome! Everyone should have friends like mine! =)


  1. Super jealous right now! First, they are super cute and second, they are custom! I totally need to try those out. My left foot supinates way more than my right foot, so my left shoe is dead miles upon miles before my right. Somnio should call me. I'd be a great test subject.

    Hope the shoes continue to treat you well!

  2. That self-portrait is the best ever!

    Sounds like a great pair of kicks. May they carry you through many fast, happy & healthy miles!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Very interesting, and a well-written review. I think the people and experience behind buying the shoe is often as important as the shoe itself, and it sounds like the service was great.

    My recent PF issues have definitely highlighted the fact that my feet are no longer a 'matched pair', so this may be something I should look into. Thanks for the info.

  4. Thanks so much for the review. I have really wanted to try these. After my recent knee surgery, my PT has found a major imbalance in my hips and that my knee has a tendency to turn in on my rightbside because of it. Because these shoes focus on any imbalances, maybe they would work for me. My local running store fits them, so I may go try them out.....

  5. Great review! I am liking mine so far too!

  6. They look really nice too, I must say! I'ld wear them even if they didn't make me faster.

  7. Love this! I will have to check them out! I have been faithful to my Sauconys but you gave this product such rave reviews! Enjoy them...injury free!

  8. Glad you got to try them. They let me try some a while back also. It is a great concept.

  9. AND the shoes look good as well! Glad you got the chance to try them!! :)

  10. I think I'm definitely going to have to check these shoes out. Cool fact: their HQ is only a couple hours away from me!

  11. When I read Somnio I think Insomnia. Shoes that make me fall asleep! Doh... They look good on you and hopefully they are the perfect shoe for you.

  12. Love the pic at the top of the post. I also like the idea that Somnio lets runners customize per foot. I recently found out the one foot is a neutral stride while the other overpronates! I can't find a shoe that covers both...maybe I should look into Somnio's!

  13. Love the self portrait!! Those shoes look super cute and its nice they are customizable!

  14. OH, those shoes sound amazing!! you might have me sold!! Running portland too! Hope to see you there!


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