Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hungry Muscles and Rockin’ Refuel Review

I wanted to thank all of you for your helpful input regarding the chiropractor. It seems that most of you have had a pretty great experience with it. Some expressed concern that simply popping my back would not be enough, I agree and so does the chiropractor. He actually explained that my intensive treatment of 3 x week would consist of exercises to build the muscles evenly and help me stay in alignment. As for right now, I’m still pretty sore. It is crazy what simply popping one’s back can do!

Today was supposed to be a short 3 miler. I was super busy: taught my water X class, hit up the morning matinee of Eclipse (priorities people!), then I had to go to work. So I passed on my 3 today. Not to mention my legs are S.O.R.E. My Hammy’s are KILLING me and my back and neck are sore. Just the thought of running today made my body ache so I decided to rest today and do my 3 tomorrow which will leave me in a bind for my long run this weekend, as in it may just not happen. I’m not worried about it, maybe I could do 6 on a treadmill Sat. Or I could just have a serious step-back week. Flexibility. Yep, that’s my middle name.

On a side note, Adam from Shamrock Farms sent me some AWESOME Rock in’ Refuel to test out!

Rockin' Refuel Product Packaging

He sent me three flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. What Shamrock Farms say about this recovery drink:

Shamrock Farms is introducing Rockin’ Refuel, a first-of-its-kind protein-fortified, low-fat chocolate milk that helps your body recover after exercise. With the delicious goodness of real milk, Rockin’ Refuel provides 20 grams of protein, naturally-occurring electrolytes and an excellent source of calcium.
Refueling is a hot fitness topic with a renewed focus on the importance of post-workout routines and how you can best help your body recover after working out. Experts suggest there’s a two-hour recovery window after exercise – the best time to refuel and rehydrate your body to keep it in top shape. In fact, a new study presented by the American College of Sports Medicine found that one of the best post-exercise recovery drinks is chocolate milk. It offers a recovery advantage to help repair and rebuild muscles

Rockin’ Refuel™ is especially formulated to maximize post-exercise recovery – hydration, muscle repair and refueling - by way of its unique, balanced nutrient composition.

I must say that I have used this on three separate (workout) occasions and it worked wonders!!! While I drank the last of the three he sent me more than two hours after my half on Saturday I still feel that the protein did help in my recovery. I was NOT sore at all come Sunday. I even went for my run on Monday which is something I rarely do two days post race. I am a believer in and user of protein drinks post workout. However, this one in particular- Rockin’ Refuel-is way more convenient than what I currently do, mix some thick powder with milk and water and stir it like crazy, drink it up and choke down some chunks and get it over with. This on the other hand, is already mixed together and VERY tasty! There is no gross texture or chunks to deal with; only grab, shake, open and drink! So if you are in the market for a new protein drink I highly recommend you give Shamrock Farms Rockin Refuel a try! Look in your local grocers dairy section!

Do you currently feed your muscles post workout???


  1. I LOVE that stuff...yummy AND effective. Hope your back's better soon!

  2. My muscles get a bacon cheeseburger after runs of longer than 10 miles.

  3. My muscles definitely get fed post workout. If not I'll pay for it later. Great review!

  4. I'll have to try it after my next long run... and maybe chase it with a cheeseburger :)

  5. I love that stuff :). It's so yummy and tastes much better than a protein shake with the powder!! Sometimes there are coupons in the paper for this too :).

    Amy Lauren

  6. That stuff is my favorite!! Completely ditched my expensive health food store crap for this and I have been sooooooooooo happy!

    YAY Shamrock!!

  7. I don't have anything fantastic to say about muscle recovery, but wasn't Eclipse awesome?! My neice and I saw it last night.

  8. I really want to try that stuff! I love Shamrock Farms milk more than other milk anyway. It always tastes so fresh!

  9. Hey, if there is every a time NOT to worry about missing the long run, it's a week after your rockin' HM PR!

    I love good old chocolate milk post-run.


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