Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dear July:

Um, where did you go?

I can’t believe it is already nearing the end of July. I can’t really say much about July. It has been a blur. I can’t even begin to fill you in on the past three weeks.

I had a quick trip to Oklahoma to see my dad and attend my Grandma’s 90th birthday party as a bonus this past weekend. Since Jessica (AKA My Official Race Crew) is pretty much amazing she was able to get me on a standby list (because her boyfriend works for the airlines) to fly to and from OKC for dirt cheap. The only problem? Standby. Getting into OKC was a breeze. Coming home, not so much. It seems everyone and their dog (literally, I have no idea how many dogs I saw) wanted to come to Seattle. I got bumped from 5 flights on Monday. I got the last seat on the last flight last night to get me home by midnight.

It was such a quick trip I didn’t even take my running shoes. My plan was to spend as much quality time with my dad as I could and not worry about running. I left LB home with the Hubs for some MAN time while I made the quick trip. This is the first time since my son was born that I have been to see my family alone, without him. It was weird.

And now, because I care and I hope that some of you may learn from my mistake, this is what happens when you leave your Hubs, who has been in a 3rd world country for 7 months, in charge of your LB (who has his 5 year old birthday pics this week) for + or – 72 hours:

mohawk 2 mohawk

I came home to find (when I went up to kiss him hello and goodnight at midnight) my sweet little boy with THIS atop his head.

Good thing it is summer. It will grow? Right?


Today was the beginning of week 8 of Portland Marathon training. I went out for an easy three miles in the sun! Since July has been pretty much crazy (and I’m not sure things will get much better any time soon) and I have skipped more runs than completed I have decided to step back to Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 plan instead of Novice 2. I may switch back in a few weeks if I feel I haven’t lost a lot of my base. So tomorrow is 6, Thursday 3 and this weekends long run is 13. Oh boy….maybe I should climb back under my rock.

Today’s run felt great.


And can I just say, I can’t wait to get my new Yurbuds! Headphones have been a pain in my…. EAR. Seriously, for the last year, or so. They never stay in my ears. They slip and slide. They short out when I sweat and they just all around make me angry. I was super pumped when Hank contacted me and asked me if I was interested in testing a pair. Um…Yeah! So I am checking the mail every day like Ralphie on a Christmas Story, waiting for his Decoder (…Eat more Ovaltine). So hopefully they come soon and I can give them a try! Stay tuned for that!

Today I am grateful:

For the chance to go home last weekend and see my dad and celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday!


  1. I say embrace the hair as best as possible and go with a rockstar outfit for pictures :) Gotta love some of the choices our spouses make for the kids... or not :) I think it's cute.
    Glad to hear the trip was good and that you made it back safely.

  2. Your kiddo rocked that hairstyle! It will grow out, I'm sure. Or, when it is time to go to school, you may just trim whatever he has to match the length of whatever that's growing. :)
    It's good that you made the trip to see your family. Also, don't fret about running. It will all fall into place. :)

  3. "A crummy commercial?"

    Glad you got to see your fam. Sorry about the haircut. Yes, it'll grow back. :)

  4. Well, at least he looks good! Just tell yourself it's better than a mullet!

    I am a newer follower, I found you through Mel. Love your blog. Just thought I would introduce myself so you knew who these weird comments were from!

    Tressa (Adorable Wife)

  5. Haha...the haircut is very funny. You're right...it'll grow out. Thanks for the Yurbuds link. I have this same problema and will have to check them out.

  6. Hope you had a nice visit! Score on the cheap flights, but the waiting to get home was surely no fun.

    Good luck getting back into training!

    Yurbuds... I need some! Can't wait to find out how you like 'em.

  7. Coming home to a mohawk.....hilarious!! I have 2 boys who have asked for mohawks on many occasions....luckily, I also have a mother who has done hair for 30+ years so she knows that I would kill her if she gave my kids mohawks! It actually looks cute though!!And yes, it will grow...as for the pics, at least you will have a funny memory...... So funny! I will never forget when my 7 year old jumped in my mom's chair and said " Shave me down, and make me round" ( thanks Spongebob!!) LOL!!!

  8. I am 100% with Amanda up there!!! Rock that hair for his pictures! It will DEFINITELY give you something to look back on!

  9. Those ear buds never work! Mine fall out while sitting at my desk. Running no way! Good luck with Yurbuds!

  10. You'll love your yurbuds. I love mine.

  11. Hysterical! Glad you had a good trip home and the MEN did just fine. :)

  12. I'd love to hear about the Yurbuds after you try them out, they never stay in my ears either.

  13. ahahahahaha!
    Glad you had a wonderful july. :-)

  14. love the hair!!! inspiration for my two boys! :) that is what summer is for...not sure how pictures fall into that look...hmmm??? oh well! ;)

  15. Earphones = blech! A pain in my ear too! And ohmygosh, the hair is hilarious!!!


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