Thursday, July 15, 2010

I may just EXPLODE

….and that could be gross.

Cause of explosion: Pent up energy.

So, I have been so busy this past week! I don’t even know what is going on, which way is up, down, right, left…I keep asking “Is today Wednesday?” “What is today? Thursday?” My whole world has been turned upside down! My new job is AMAZING and I love it but I have a TON of things to learn and get organized. My new job title is Pregnancy Counselor and I work with an adoption agency. I think this is going to be such a wonderful job!! I am just getting things lined up and doing a lot of training. On top of that I am still seeing clients from my first job, so I have two jobs. And to further complicate life (because that is what I do, I complicate my own life) I have two work cell phones plus my own personal cell phone. Having THREE cell phones alone is driving me INSANE!

Have I ever even told you all what I do, professionally? I am a therapist. That's right, I am a Mental Health Professional and I feel funny saying that “Running is my therapy” but it is! But I truly believe that and for those who suffer from mild to moderate depression (and anxiety and other mental health issues) I believe they can benefit greatly from exercise. I will stand by that and back it with research if you want. And I agree when people say, “Running is cheaper than therapy” unless you have insurance that covers mental health, in which case you should just do both! =) Either way, I am an advocate for good health, physical and mental!

In grad school one of my professors was AMAZING. She did her entire PhD on yoga and mental health. She tied it together and at the time I was completely confused by the concept. But these days with my running I know I can have a future in my mental health profession by tying it in with running. I just need to live in one place long enough to get it put together.

So, for all you peeps out there, from your therapist (if I may call myself that?) keep on keeping on…run like the wind! Feel the pavement (or treadmill track:EMZ) beneath your feet…run for your health both physical and mental!

I have not had a good run in over a week and I am not sure when I will get one in. I am feeling the effects of NOT running and I know my friends and son are feeling the (negative) affects of me NOT running! But for now I have a new job and a house to clean…and a hubs with a definite return time!!! Hip hip hoooooray!!! So if I go absent for a while please don't give up on me…just know that I am taking time with my family and to reunite with my husband. While it is always an exciting time it is also difficult to reintegrate into being a family again (i.e. make a little bit of room in the bathroom for his things in the medicine cabinet). We will most likely also be taking a trip to OK to see my dad soon too…

At this point Portland Marathon is still on…it may not be pretty but it is ON! It may not be a Boston Qualifier but oh well! After all, I have Rock n Roll Vegas 8 weeks after Portland!

And because my LB is the coolest kid on the block I leave you with this: Rock out!!

June 12 2010 Rocking out 003


  1. A therapist...sounds like a good fit. Soft voice and gentle you in everytime. Hee Hee! Happy that you are so close to be with your husband. Your job sounds awesome but challenging! Hang in there until your feet can hit the ground...when you do I know you will fly!

  2. hey! I'm new to your blog and enjoy reading it! Sounds like you have a ton going on!!! Thats so awesome that your husband will be home soon!! Oh yeah and I will be praying for your dad! Hope he starts treatments soon!

  3. Therapist. Ahhh this makes so much sense!
    Your job sounds so rewarding. God bless you and the lives you will touch!

    Dont worry about us in blog land. Just enjoy these transitions and the return of your honey.

  4. I'm so happy your hubs is on his way! One of my good friend's husbands came home in April, and another has her hubby on the way home sometime within the next few days. YAY FOR REUNITING FAMILIES!!!!!!

    Good to know where I can reach a good therapist because MY job is about to push me over the edge!

  5. Mental Health Professional - you should do a giveaway for free therapy. I could use some.

  6. I'm with Jamoosh! Long distance therapy might be just the thing!

  7. YAY a huge huge smile from me on the {or treadmill comment] YAY!
    ok. This post IS AWESOME!
    I'm not one to hold back in the comment or TMI department so [hold on to your socks jk] but seriously mental health is critical. I loved your comment "“Running is cheaper than therapy” unless you have insurance that covers mental health, in which case you should just do both!"
    You are so awesome.

  8. Yeah for the new job and double YEAH for the hubby returning home! I was always curious what your profession was so thanks for sharing! Very interesting! Good luck with all that juggling you are doing!

  9. wow- you really have a lot going on! i agree with you about the exercise, it is great therapy :). good luck with everything!

  10. Congrats again on the new job! It sounds amazing and really rewarding. I also believe that running is my therapy....I seriously go crazy when I dont run. Just last week I only ran twice due to a new job as well, and I am sure that my friends noticed my sour mood! I have even seen shirts saying "running is cheaper than medicine!" haha.

  11. Great picture!! It was interesting to learn more about you and what you do for a living. Great wisdom and advice. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yay for your hubby returning home soon! I am a wife to a Marine and recently started running during my husband's last deployment. It was my saving grace and really helped get me through the days (and nights!) It definitely is my free therapy!

    Once again, woo hoo for homecomings!

  13. I'm a new reader (and a new runner) and am so happy to read that you're a therapist...I'm a therapist too and also work in the maternal/adoption field. And that's where the similarities end, b/c I am a very slow runner LOL!

    I completely agree w/ what you said about exercise being therapy (and there is plenty of research to back it up). I often tell my pregnant clients to go out and walk and I always say "nobody is saying you should run a marathon ;) just 30 minutes a day will you wonders"

  14. Not sure when you are heading in this direction...but I found this race:

    My husband and I are going to run it!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    (I emailed you)

  15. Yeah for the hubby coming home. It must be so difficult to be apart for so often. You are soo strong and multi-tasking - 3 cell phones - WOW! :) Hang in there :)


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