Monday, February 15, 2010

Hip-o-fun and Giveaway!

Sunday I rested. I was thrilled to wake up and feel that I was not sore from my Million Inch run, per se. My calves, shoulders, neck, ankles, feet, everything that generally hurts all felt fine. This is how I know I could have done better. It was my dad-gummed hip that was still giving me the most trouble. So Sunday I took the day off and did not run.

I love having a smart sister. =) She is an OT and discussed some possible causes to my hip pain. When I was training for the Seattle Half in 2008 I had some hip issues that resulted in a snowball affect causing IT Band issues. My hip had slightly came out of socket, however that is possible. A nice chiropractor dude helped me out and gave me some exercises to do to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that hold that socket in place. I got to feeling better and forgot about those exercises, literally. I couldn't tell you one today. Anywho...back to my smart sister. She told me to kick my hurt hip leg up and listen for pop. I did so and and heard nothing. She told me to kick it up and out to the side....I did so and POP! Ahch! And whala! I am back in place! I think! SO now I just need to work on those strengthening exercises to keep that ball in it's socket! For crying out loud! I think I am just dealing with residual soreness now from the bone rubbing on muscles and ligaments where it should not have. I think I will try to schedule an appointment with a sports chiropractor early next week. I don't want to do any long term damage. The hip is kind of important.

Today for my easy run I felt pretty good. I ran on the treadmill since preschool was closed in honor of President's Day.

Today's stats:
3 Miles
8:46/mile pace

Thanks to a certain blog reader (not naming any names here Jamoosh) I had the brilliant idea of a contest to name my Garmin. I have been calling him Coach Garmin since day one and that fit for a while but not now. So to help you all get a feel for my Garmin and to assist you in coming up with the perfect name here are some key personality traits and things that make him special to me:

He is green.
He is fickle.
I can't stand it when he beeps so he doesn't beep.
He is set in his ways and does not like change.
He is loyal yet opinionated.
He is honest, brutally honest and does not sugar coat my pace.
I like him a lot and would say I am completely ATTACHED.

So you have until Feb. 21 at 10 PM PST to suggest names for my Garmin. So first off please become a 5 Miles 2 Empty follower if you aren't already and you can give as many suggestions as you want but please leave them in separate comments. If the same name is suggested twice then the comment I am looking at when I decide I like it will be the winner (hey...I'm telling you this is completely up to me and biased!). The winner will be picked solely by me and my liking of the name. It is completely up to me...and will be completely biased. I will choose whatever the heck I want, it's my Garmin after all! =) The winner will win a cool goodie bag of stuff that will be specially selected based on the winner and my research of that winner's blog. Good luck and may the best name win!!!!

Today I am grateful for:
A fun day with my Little Buddy!
All my new followers!! Welcome to the madness friends!
SKYPE! I totally forgot in all the excitement of my run Saturday that I got to Skype with The Hubs Saturday morning before I left for the race! That was the first time I had seen him, even if via web cam, since Jan. 2!

Stay tuned tomorrow for lessons learned during 15.78 miles of running!

Good luck naming my Garmin! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. I'm glad the kicks helped (in the therapy circles, they're called straight-leg raises). I have the same problem, so I know it well. I have a funny story from our adventure today, so I'll email you that in a second.

  2. Great that you figured out the hip problem!

    My suggestion - The Hulk

  3. I'm a follower!

    My suggestion: Oscar (The Grouch)

  4. Don't even start with me about hips. I have an ongoing battle with mine.

    Ok now for the garmin, since he's a coach how about one of the best?
    Alberto as in Salazar

  5. Um, "Kermit" - duh!

  6. I'm a follower ... personally, I would call him Dill ... He's green (like a pickle), He's fickle (like a pickle) and he does lots of specific things that are specific to your taste (just like Dill is a spice that has a very specific taste).

  7. I follow
    Obiwan-I think that is how you spell it.

  8. Everyone is so original...

    Mr. G

    Great Green Garmin that tells you when it's time for Gu :)

  9. I suck at this, which is why my Garmin is nameless. Hey, maybe I'll call mine the Nameless Wonder!

    How about...Father Time!
    Okay, that one's just dumb. Told you.

  10. Oscar the Grouch? He's green. :)

    I keep dinging at Spike to get Skype, I haven't seen him since Jan. 3rd and there is just no excuse for not having it. So excited you got to see the hubs! :)

  11. I am learning this week just how important the hip is!! And those dern IT bands...UGH- I hear you on that!

  12. Since I'm an Army brat, my first thought was Major Payne. :)

  13. fickle and green...hmmm. Pickle? lol I'll be back with more

  14. Camo for your husband?

    DI Garmin

    DI G

  15. Congrats on your long run!!

    Since the theme is green names, I would go with Yoda. Because the Garmin is "all-knowing and wise" (tracking time, pace, distance, etc)

  16. Milton for Military?

  17. Also, I tagged you in an award. I believe you might have already tagged, but I wanted to send some sunshine your way!! :)

  18. Hmmm, I'll have to think about a name. Mine Garmin's name is less than creative.

  19. The fleet feet owner Paul's dog is called Miles, get it?? I think "Miles" is a very good name for a Garmin :)

    Save yourself on Shipping and pick me :)

    Oh and I am a case you didnt know that..

  20. I am a follower duh... Gizmo.. he was a gremlin, and I know I've heard mention of the Garmin Gremlins from Gizmo starts with a G and yours is green. I think Gizmo fits in with the personality profile you wrote about!
    Miss you!

  21. Glad your hip is a bit better. Nice run.

    I am a follower but...gee I don't know what you should call your Garmin. I am not tech-dependant with my running but if I were I'd probably call my Garmin...Sanity. Because that's what running gives to me. (Yeah I know, not all matchy matchy rhymey rhymey. Sorry)

  22. Lt. Dan! Haha he pushes you hard, its military like your husband, and well...he doesn't have any legs. I'm sick I know.

  23. Well, even though I'm not a blogger (yet) I do follow you faithfully. Anyway, you could name the garmin "companion" or "the-companion", I know, it sounds cold, but hey, it's the only one you'd rather run with, right? Just sayin' ;)

    Keep up the good runs!!!!!

  24. My garmin came with a name, Fred. (he's second hand)

    You didn't say if you think of you garmin as a girl or boy. I don't have a good name either way. (I'm not good at this game)

  25. Hmmm, so it's a HE, huh?
    Kermie, Kirby, Scooter, Sammy, Chuck, Linus, Coach, Captain, Gilbert, Dwight...

    I like the suggestion Gizmo..that's cute!

  26. Galileo because he gets all his info from the sky and I am definitely a follower

  27. Oh I like Michaela's :) Gizmo is good!
    Perhaps I shall steal it ;)

  28. How about Sponge Bob's snail? I seriously thought about you last night while watching S.B. when he said Gary. I thought "Wait, THAT'S what Kerrie should name her Garmin!" Sad isn't it. :)

  29. Amanda! I think it should be named "Chronos" after the Greek god Chronos, the keeper of time. What great imagery as you run: You AKA Nike(the goddess of victory) wearing Chronos (the keeper of time)!

  30. I immediately thought of the fickle pickle...

  31. I;ve been a follower for a while...and had to share that I finally recieved a package of Bondi Bands that I ordered today..saw them on your blog a while ago!

  32. I just named my Garmin Gus. If you want to have matching names that's OK with me.

    Otherwise what about Sven? Sounds like a very Scandinavian, kick you in the butt coach.

    And I'm a follower.

  33. Ivan(the terrible), Sprocket, Inspector gadget, The force, I think mine are going down hill.

  34. I had thought of


    before reading the comments. So, I will hopefully come back with more.
    Also, I just signed up to become a follower.

  35. Are you sure it is a boy? I suggest Bonnie G.
    I am a follower too!

  36. I have thinking some more and thought of Nimrag! (Garmin spelled backwards!)

  37. Also thought of Carmin! (Coach Garmin combined...kinda like Brad and Angelina....Brangalina!)

  38. Hmm no idea but want an extra entry. How about GTO! (Greatest Thing Ever)

  39. I thought of Gus...maybe because Cole told me his name was Gus today...but he can't really talk so who knows what he really said? He is only 20 months...

    I'm not creative...I liked Mel's idea...Miles...that's funny!

  40. I am a follower....I am a follower!

  41. Hmmmm....I am now a follower for starters. My green Garmin's name is Sergey (which after I named him I looked up the name and it means servant!! )


  42. Dante, thats all I have right now...I'm glad your hip is feeling better


You're pretty much awesome!!


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