Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mid-Week Long Run

Today was my mid-week long run of 7 miles. I guess I should have done it yesterday but I put it off. So now I have 4 miles tomorrow and this week's long run of 10 miles on Friday. I am heading up to the Olympics Friday afternoon and Saturday so my other option is 10 miles on the treadmill Sunday afternoon (which will be a challenge considering the Y no longer has Sunday afternoon childcare so my Little Buddy will be hanging around and restless). So my only real option is Friday mid morning.

Today I headed out with no route or plan for my run, just 7 miles on my Garmin (poor guy still needs a name, click HERE). I know better than to set out without a route in mind because it makes it too easy to find myself heading home at 4 miles. So I set out and quickly came up with a plan. I headed to the local University half a mile away and ran a mile on the track. After that I hit up my usual 4 mile route and ended with another mile on the track and a half a mile home. It was perfect and running on the track gave me legs a nice change of surface to run on.

I felt really good throughout the run until about 5 miles in. My hip started to nag, just a little bit. So while waiting at a cross walk I gracefully executed my straight leg kick and heard a loud POP even over the sound of my blasting iPod. I took off again and was relieved to feel that the small nag has subsided. Now I just have to figure out how to keep that ball in it's socket. Ugh. I think as long as I stay in tune with my body and my aches and pains I can ward off serious injury. I have to remember to not only run hard but to run smart.

Today's stats:
Mile 1 8:55
Mile 2 8:30
Mile 3 8:45
Mile 4 8:58
Mile 5 8:37
Mile 6 8:30
Mile 7 8:24

Total Time: 1:00:51
840 Calories Burned

Would you look at that!
Not one single mile over 9 min/mile!!
This is exciting! I am not even focusing on speed these days, just logging the miles! I figured for my first marathon I just want to make sure I can go the distance. For my next one (listen to me, as if I wont die during my first marathon AND as if I will want to do another one!) I will focus more increasing speed. I got to wondering about what pace I would need to maintain to qualify for Boston. This is what I found:

"The slowest you can run and still qualify for the Boston Marathon is 3:40:59. This is a 8:25 per mile pace. If you train at 30 miles per week, you need to run a 5 K in 21:37 which is 6:57 per mile pace."

Hm, not impossible but not my goal...this time.

Today I am grateful for:
An excellent run!
A business proposal and plan in the works! I may become my own boss and business owner!!
A couple of awesome giveaways! Check out Mel-Tall Mom on the Run for your chance to win some GU, a handheld water bottle (if you dare try after my own review! But hey, some people love them), and a RoadID! Also over at Endurance Isn't Only Physical you can enter to win a running skirt! Kerrie over at Mom vs. Marathon did a great Nuun review and is giving away some tubes of Nuun, a water bottle, and socks!!! Check out these awesome blogs!

**And don't forget to enter my Give My Garmin a Name contest! He needs a name more than ever!! HERE I have had a bunch of fun suggestions and a couple that tickle my fancy, but keep the ideas coming!


  1. I can't believe that hip! But I can totally believe you rocked that run today! Woohoo!

  2. Nice consistent pace, awesome!!!! You're marathon is soon coming up, can't wait to read about your journey!

  3. Olympics! I hope you win Gold!

  4. I love the idea of naming the garmin!
    I have major hip problems too and it helps to know others are running through it too!
    I am so excited to hear how your marathon goes!

  5. Nice pace! What are you going to at the Olympics? I am jealous! Have fun.

  6. Great pace! Sorry the hip is still giving you issues, hope you find a solution soon. Looks like Friday is my only option this weekend for my 10 miles too, so I will be out there with you...well not with you but out there too :) Have fun at the Olympics!

  7. Oh just you wait! You will run your first, fall in love, go home, pick your next marathon, sign up, qualify for Boston...repeat.

    I am jealous you are headed to the olympics! I was up at the border the other day but didn't get to cross and go to the games! Have FUN and can't wait to hear about your experience.

  8. Awesome run!! I hope to be running at that pace one day.

  9. Great pacing! I hope the hip is getting better!

  10. Popping the hip back in during the run...that is cool!
    Great job on the amazing pace...Wow! :)

  11. Great pacing!! Hoping for a speedy recovery with the hip thing!

  12. Boston Baby!!

    Look at those sub 9's...I have told you all along and I will tell you AGAIN, you are soooo much faster than you give yourself credit for. Now if you can just keep that hip in place.

    Thanks for the link love.. I totally forgot to connect with you this week for a Long run.. Too bad you cant come here on Friday afternoon, I would do 10 miles with you.. Would just have to ask my boss for a LONG lunch break.

  13. Great speedy run. So nice that you weren't even worrying about speed and you are getting it! Miles will do that for you over time.

    I hope that POP is the last you hear.

    I have quailified for Boston many of my 12 marathon times and I don't always run a 5k in 21:xx. Some days you just amaze yourself. Your marathon day COULD be one of them.

  14. Congrats on your long run during the week! I find it easier to do long runs then too....

    Awesome time too!!

  15. Great job on the run!!! Have fun at the Olympics! What events will you be seeing??

  16. Great run...look at those times! Great job. Hope your hip doesn't keep popping out. Get better HIP! I did my 10 miler today...wasn't great but hey...there are days like that.

    Hope your 10 miler goes well. Great weekend for running.

  17. Oh wait I forgot you are in Canada...HAVE FUN! YOU are so lucky.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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