Saturday, February 6, 2010

12 Miles: Done.

Today, after I woke up at 10:15 AM, I sent my Little Buddy off with Grandpa to feed the cows! This gave me the time I needed to get in my 12 mile run.

Mile 1 8:44.96
Mile 2 8:55.75
Mile 3 8:39.31
Mile 4 9:03.08
Mile 5 9:08.71
Mile 6 9:14.91
Mile 7 8:58.00
Mile 8 8:53.03
Mile 9 8:51.82
Mile 10 9:12.15
Mile 11 9:17.74
Mile 12 9:24.33

Total time: 1:48.23

At this pace I could have my sub 2 hour half marathon! Wow!!!! I'm not even training for a sub 2 right now! I guess I am just getting faster without even trying. My focus is endurance and mileage! We will see what happens at my next Half Marathon in March!

It was pretty cool to run on the wide open roads that I used to only drive on. I even had to get out of the way of my old neighbor driving his big ole tractor down the road. I managed to snap a couple of pictures with my iPhone (thanks to my sister for giving me a cool arm band to carry the phone).

This is what I got to look at for 12 miles!
Today I am grateful for:
A good run!
Fun on the farm with the fam!
Phone service on the farm! I remember when I was in college and a trip home meant I was going to be completely out of touch with the world as long as I was there!


  1. Glad you had a good run. GREAT TIMES!! I love the pics. It's beautiful there!

  2. Awesome run! Great pace.

    I hope you are enjoying the visit home!

  3. Very cool pics and great run! I was thinking about you today when I was running in the sun and wondering if your mom was driving next to you on a snowy road. :)

    Looking forward to see you when you get back!

  4. Love the pics... always fun to see friends' running paths. :-) Great 12-miler!

  5. Your mention of cows reminded me of roads I used to run in northwestern VA.

  6. Excellent run. I will now expect a sub 2:00 in March!

  7. Awesome pics! Great job on the run - super fast!

  8. Great run! I can relate to the passing tractor thing... I'm always on the lookout for farmers gawking at their cows and crops and not watching the road!!! I take it you talked your mom out of driving along behind you??? Too funny!

  9. awesome job! i'm jealous i haven't gotten in a good outdoor long run forever...3 feet of snow is killing me.

  10. May I be the first to say "I told you so!!" Hello speedy legs. Way to work it out and gain some major confidence a month out. Hugs!

  11. That is a great pace and a great run! Having the road pretty much to yourself for a run is great! I love those kinds of runs!

  12. Great job on the amazing pace!
    Your pics give off such an air of calm :)
    Sounds like your little buddy is having lots of fun also.

  13. What an awesome pace! I hope to be there one day. :) Love your blog!

  14. Fantastic job! You'll blow that half away come March!

  15. Kind of disappointed your Mom wasn't driving next to you ;) Congrats on a speedy and long run, I think a sub 2 half is n your near future for sure!

  16. Awesome! Those were great times!

  17. Good luck on the sub 2. I want to do a sub 2 hour half and I have one coming up but I am not prepared for it yet. My best was 2:00:55.

  18. Great pictures - always helps to run with a nice view!


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