Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet G. Money Nimrag!

My Garmin has a name!!! Yay!!! There were so many excellent entries that I had a hard time picking one! So to be honest, I chose two...So two people win!

May I introduce to you G. Money Nimrag!!!! I bet he will most often be called G. Money but his full name is officially G.Money Nimrag (Garmin backwards! I know! We got a thinker out there!).

So Kerrie from Mom vs. Marathon and Stephanie from Girls Just Wanna Go Run I will be in touch for an address!! Be on the lookout for a fun surprise!! Thanks so much to all of you for your suggestions! Like I said there were so many!

My Little Buddy and a couple friends and I headed up to Vancouver B.C. to the Olympics to watch the preliminary round of women's Curling this weekend. It was such a blast!

Here we are in front of the torch. It was dark but still very beautiful and impressive! Too bad you can't see my Little Buddy's face but he was all about seeing the fire.

Check Spelling
Here we are posing with the sign.

And here we are celebrating the big W! USA beat Great Britain, just barely! It was such a cool experience and I am so glad we got to go. My Little Buddy did say as soon as we went in and sat down, "where is the guy skiing down the mountain?" Poor kid thought we were going to watch skiing or snow boarding. But he was only disappointed for a minute then he settled in for the nearly 4 hour game!

On the agenda for tomorrow: 10 miles. I wasn't able to get it in Friday between work and travel then Saturday was out of the question. Today was out because I don't run with a stroller. So tomorrow it is. I must say I felt pretty guilty all weekend having not completed my long run yet. I also wanted to run. Weird. More on that tomorrow!

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting post 105 this is 101! I have some cool things lined up for one of you (trust me, it is cool. I may comment just so I can win! ha!)!!! Stay tuned for my 105th post giveaway!!!

Today I am grateful for:
An awesome weekend and trip to the Olympics!
Sunny weather and a chance to hang out with my Little Buddy as he rode his bike around the block. Over. And over. And over....
My glasses because my contacts hurt half the time.
Unlimited texting! I finally broke down, bit the bullet, gave in, got sick of overages and purchased the unlimited plan. Now I am a texting fool! =)

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  1. This last point would explain why I got that text this evening! My husband caved and got me unlimited about two weeks into it.

    Anyway, YAY! So glad I came up with the winning first name, but I probably shouldn't take all the credit. Zoe and I were throwing around names for my Garmin a few weeks ago and I bet that one came out in that conversation. I can't remember, but I can't believe I would think of that all by myself! I never did find a name for mine. I'm sure one will come to me. :) Maybe I should take a look at your comment list....LOL!

  2. Four hours of curling - either patience or passion!

  3. Curling?? Do you curl? I lived in Quebec for a year and I did curl and have quite a good time doing it. But I have forgotten all I knew. Cute remark about where are the skiiers? Sounds like a good day.

  4. I am seriously so jealous that you got to go to the Olympics. What an amazing experience!? I love all the pictures. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. What a great trip, and love what you named your Garmin!

  6. OOOH the Olympics! Looks like so much fun to actually be there and see it! So jealous you got to go!

  7. Yea! So excited that one of my names was chosen! Also, thank you for commenting on my blog! So fun to have followers!

    My son is only 17mos old, but when he gets older, I will definitly encourage him to do the kiddie much fun!!!

    Also, that is AWESOME about the Olympics. What fun memories you and your son will have from that experience!

    Thanks again for picking my name! Such a fun contest...and looking forward to what your 105th post contest will be!

  8. Unlimited TEXTING... Oh the fun we will have :)

    Glad you had a rocking weekend.. Sooo if you run 10 today and do another long run on Saturday you will have a crazy mile week, just sayin..

    FYI Zoe and Janna will be meeting Fleet feet in your neck of the woods next weeked for a long run on Sat AM. You should try to connect with them if you can, show them the T-Town ropes.


    Any time for Lunch run this week??

  9. I love the garmin's name. Congrats to the creative winners.

    What fun to take the fam to see the Olympics. Great photos!

    Enjoy your long run! Isn't it nice to want to get out there and run instead of feeling like you HAVE to?!?

    105th post! Yeah. I will make sure I don't miss it.

  10. So exciting that you were able to go to the Olympics! I went to Whistler a few months ago and I would do anything to go back during the games.

    Love the name G Money too!

  11. So cool that you went to the Olympics!!!

  12. I am pretty jealous that you got to go to a live curling match ... at the Olympics. What a great experience!

    Super cool Garmin name :)


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