Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whipping My Hip into Shape

Today I decided to rest, kind of. I took the day off from running, which was called for with my plan since yesterday was my long run. I am just replacing this weeks short run (which should be tomorrow) with my mid week long run so that I can meet Mel-Tall Mom for a lunch 7 miler! Yay!! I figured it best to have a rest day in here, especially considering my throat hurts and I have an annoying cough AND oh yeah, my leg just might fall off. Maybe I am falling apart. Or maybe I am just in the throes of training. My smart sister sent me some exercises to initiate to strengthen my hips, core, and back. I agree that I just need to strengthen those muscles and hold that darned hip in place. So I am going to give the exercises a try and take the wait and see approach when it comes to seeing the doctor. Thanks to all of you for your input. I must admit, if I wasn't enjoying my training so much and didn't have a marathon on the books I would probably take myself to the doc. BUT I will see how this goes and I will listen to my body, it hasn't told me to lay off just yet.

Here is my first video on the blog...no laughing!

Today I did 10 min on the elliptical to warm up before hitting the weights. And that about does it for my workout today.

Today I am grateful for:
Flip Flops. That's right, I have been wearing them...out of the house.
Clean, fresh laundry. Even though I have to fold it!

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  1. I didn't laugh - promise! OK, I might have chuckled.

  2. Liked the video a lot. I hope your hip gets better soon.

  3. Thanks! Good stuff...hope you get swift results!

  4. Great video :-) Hoping you get better quickly!!

  5. A video is a great idea! Hope you are all better soon.

  6. Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery. Nice video!

  7. Ugh hip problems :( When my back was hurting the doctor gave me most of those exercises to do...actually in combination with a stability ball. Works alright I guess when I actually do them. We'll see what the physical therapist tells me to do about my hip problem next week :) I hope your hip gets better!

  8. Great video. I can definitely tell that side is weaker than the other. I think they will help soon. I'm going to send you an email with a few pointers momentarily.

  9. Love the video!!!
    Hope the exercises work wonders!

  10. good call on listening to your body. I have had great luck with stretching and strengthening

    can't wait to finally meet in seattle, you are a luck duck to run with Mel frequently

  11. You are so cute in your video! That was great! I did a few of those exercises when I had hip problems and I saw results really quick (like 1-2 weeks but i wasn't doing any running while strengthening). Hope these work for you!

  12. You crack me up!! Love it.. Although hubby looked over on the second to last position and asked me what I was watching LOL!!


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