Monday, February 22, 2010

I look forward to running!

Today I had to get my 10 miles in. I should have done it on Friday but time just did not allow. I knew if I didn't get it in on Friday then Saturday was out of the question because we had a big day in Vancouver, BC planned. I toyed with the idea of attempting a treadmill 10 miler on Sunday afternoon but I knew that would not work either. My YMCA stopped their Sunday nursery SO I would have had to try to run 10 miles with my Little Buddy in a small fenced in area in the Family Room watching me run. The most I can ever get is 4 miles without him needing a drink, needing to go potty, getting bored, or just "Mom." "Mom." "Mom."-ing me to DEATH. So that was a no-go.

On Friday all I could think about was wanting to get my run in. All I needed was about an hour and a half but it just wasn't there. It is amazing how things have changed for me. Used to I would just shrug it off and promise myself to make it up later or whatever. Not now. Something has switched on in my noggin and I actually look forward to running, look forward to counting my miles, look forward to the time spent out there reflecting and just having me time. I look forward to running. How did that happen? And more importantly WHEN did that happen? Saturday I was pretty distracted but still running crossed my mind and I knew it wasn't going to happen until Monday. Sunday came and went and then...then Monday came! 10 Mile Day!

I waited for it to warm up from 38 to 50 and at 1 O'clock I hit the road with G.Money Nimrag. It was an uneventful run which is good. I headed out and the sun was shining, I was feeling good and my music was loud. I made it about 9 miles before my hip started hurting. I tried to leg kick hoping to get it back in place but that did not work. I was determined to run the entire 10 miles so I kept going. It got worse and worse and I started feeling a numbness in my bum that radiated down to my ankle. It was very strange because while it was numb it was not I have an epidural numb, I could feel pain and it was bad. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain in my life, ever, I would have put it at a 7. This is not good.

I spent my last mile thinking about making a doctor appointment. I know it could be a stress fracture, but I think it would hurt all the time and not just after 4 miles, or today 9 miles. Going to the doctor is kind of like when I was in high school and I wanted to do something that I knew my parents would say no about. Do you ask them, "Mom, dad. Can I go to so and so the most popular boy in school's party?" When you KNOW they are going to say "No."? No, you ask them if you can go to your BFF's house to watch movies. Going to the doctor right now would not be good. He would tell me to rest (not an option, I have a marathon to run people). Then he will tell me to come back after 3, or 4, or 5 or 6 (GASP!) weeks off if it still hurts after running again.

So how do you know when you should go to the doctor? How do you know when you are doing more harm to your body than good? How do you know when you could be causing serious damage? When you can no longer walk? When tears stream down your face? When you can't help that you are making crazy sounds like a dying elk while finishing the last mile of your run (not that I was doing that or anything). I think I will give it a few more weeks, a few more runs, a couple more tries. I will see if tomorrow is better...there is always tomorrow. Maybe I will just wait until it is no longer bearable. I know. That is not smart. But I want to run, I want to train for my marathon.

Today's stats:
10 Miles 1/2 mile cool down

Mile 1 8:17
Mile 2 8:41
Mile 3 8:45
Mile 4 9:00
Mile 5 8:44
Mile 6 8:38
Mile 7 8:42
Mile 8 8:44
Mile 9 8:59
Mile 10 9:09
Total time: 1:27.48
1/2 Mile cool down: 9:36
Calories burned: 1,218

Overall I had a good run and am thrilled with my times. I will get in my 3 miler tomorrow and a plan is in motion to meet up with Mel-Tall Mom Wednesday for my mid-week long run of 7 miles.

Today I am grateful for:
My couch.
Ice cold water!
Dinner with friends!

Post 102!!!


  1. Does it hurt when you're not running? If it's hurting all the time then I'd have it looked at. A marathon won't be any fun if you do have a fracture.

  2. Time to see the doc. You need to know what's going on.

  3. I have also gone to a chiropractor or PT. They may also tell you to take a break but give you useful things to do to speed recovery along. My chiro. runs and totally gets my desire to not be laid up. Good luck.

  4. I agree with ajh - if you find a doctor who also runs, they really do get that you don't want to be told get off your feet unless it is absolutely necessary. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Don't blow off that pain. Get into the doc. Seriously. I know how badly you don't want to hear to rest it. But dealing with it now will pay off in spades (and running) later.
    Take care!

  6. Get to the doc! Don't want to do permanent damage and not run any more marathons, right! I totally know how you feel though. I often follow the "no news is good news" approach. It's OK to feel sore and hurt a bit during a run but a pain #7 should probably get checked out! Maybe it's something simple that could be easily fixed!! Wishing you the best of Luck! Have fun with Tall mom!

  7. WOW! Great paces on your long run!! Have a great time with Tall Mom ;-) I hope that you are feeling better and you can run pain- free!!!

  8. I can't believe your pace in the last mile considering the amount of pain you!
    I agree with most that you need to get this checked out, perhaps start with a PT or someone more into sports. Maybe they'll know how to fix it fast...fingers crossed XX

  9. You are such a speedy little lady! Go girl!

    I'm so sorry you're having issues and are in pain. I'd say get checked out, though I am not following my own advice. I signed up for Rock 'n Roll Seattle, and I am doing it. No matter what. That said, I can see how physical therapy could help (both of us). Good luck!

    Yesterday evening I had an intense "looking forward to it" moment. It was awesome. :)

  10. GO! I waited until I was almost in tears, and here I am 6 weeks later still in some pain, and not sure when I'll be back to normal. I know, and they told me if I had just let it heal for a couple of weeks I would be fine now.

  11. Well, obviously I have a different opinion, but don't go to the dr. If your hip is really displaced, then it slipped out somewhere along mile 8-9. The leg kicks didn't work because your muscles were very tight from the long run. Next time, try this-when the pain starts, slow to a walk and let your muscles relax. Do some stretches. Then try the hip kicks again. The numbness is probably the slip impinging a nerve.

    You need to start implementing pilates and core strengthening. Your hip muscles are not strong enough to hold everything in place. This was a problem before, after you had your child. Now you've had some medical issues and probably some of that is impacting it.

    Just an FYI-that advice is what I do to myself. And I know we have similarities based on genetics. Give me a call if you want more details.

  12. I'm a wait & see kinda person when it comes to pain. This might be a bad plan b/c I have a super high tolerance for pain.

  13. OK SPEEDY, loving your AWESOME run, but not so happy to hear about your hip.. A "7" ouch!! Like equivalent to contractions while giving birth?? OUCH!!

    Let me know if you are better for Wednesday, I will send you directions. SOOO EXCITED!

  14. I don't want to offer advice about the hip. But I will say please listen to your body. I like to remind myself that I would rather give up a run or two than give up a lifetime of running because I didn't do what I KNEW was right. If your body is talking please listen.

    You did do a great job on your run and held a really good pace for that level of pain. I am glad you got out to do it. Have fun with Mel. Listen to that hip...maybe she will run out of things to say!

  15. I too am an advocate for going to see the doctor or chiro BUT I had the same kind of horrible hip pain for about three weeks. It hovered around a 7 for me too and even when I wasn't running I felt like something was stuck in my hip. I would almost be in tears running, thinking about how I'd have to go to the doctor and get sidelined, etc. Then suddenly the pain started to decrease and within a week was gone. I don't know if that side was weak and it started to get stronger, I'm just thankful it is better.

  16. Great times...especially knowing that you were in pain. Training for a marathon does something to the mind I think...I am feeling the same way about running. I hope your hip starts getting better. I am so sorry to hear that it's still bugging you. Might be time to see a doc. Take care and keep us updated.

  17. Wow on your pace! And uh-oh on your pain.
    I would get it checked out, at least you'll know what's going on. Aggravating it further may lengthen the healing process.
    But then again, I am a chicken when it comes to pain.

  18. I so admire you runners with small kids that you have to find childcare for. I need to think about that next time I make excuses to not go for a run!


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