Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Captain Obvious!

So apparently when it is cold outside I run faster. Imagine that!

Thanks to my sister I was able to head out for my 3 mile run this afternoon while she watched my Little Buddy, along with her own three Little Buddies. I got dressed and headed out to the snow covered streets. It was COLD. I immediately realized that I had severely underestimated the weather difference between OKC and Seattle. I had forgotten about the bone chilling wind, which does not really exist in Seattle. I spent the first mile wishing I had brought my ear warmer/head band, gloves, jacket, and worn my long tights. I spent the second mile wondering how I am going to make it through my 12 miler this weekend, on my own, and wardrobe-challenged. I spent the third mile wondering why I don't run any faster than I usually do. I know I can I just don't. I started comparing my three milers to Sunday drives. I have no idea why I approach my three milers with such a ho-hum, easy jog attitude but I decided I would run a littler faster because I knew I could, and just see what happened.

What happened shocked me! Cold and snow makes a spoiled Oklahoma born, Pacific Northwest transplant run really fast!!

Mile 1... 9:18.07
Mile 2... 8:28.83
Mile 3... 7:57.95

Total time: 25:48.98
Average pace: 8:35/mile

I like those times!!! Now if I could just continue this for 13.1 miles or even 26.2 (hey, a girl can dream right!? If you can dream it you can achieve it!). We will see what happens tomorrow when I try my six miler.

The forecast for this weekend: snow, wind, arctic blast, slick roads. Brrrrrr!

Today I am grateful for:
A fun fun time with my sister, nieces and Little Buddy at a local science museum for children.
Seeing family that I havent seeen in years! Seriously...years! I love my family.
For a good run today!
Being in Oklahoma....feels good to be home and with my fam. :)
A chance to win some totally neeeeeded Recovery Socks!!! For your chance to win check out Mel-Tall Mom's blog HERE!


  1. Holy cow, Amanda! Fast! Now, get to Target and get some warm gear!

  2. You got progressively faster FAST! Crazy awesome splits, Amanda. :)

  3. From someone who's never seen snow, let alone run in it comes a dumb question. Can you work up a sweat running in the snow?

  4. Oh my stars - speed racer! Awesomeness! Enjoy your time with family!

  5. Damnation! If you were to run the Antarctic Marathon you would probably be running in the 6 minute range! Tempted?

  6. Way to go! That is such a great pace ;-)

  7. i too always seemed to run faster in the cold, until last time i ran outside and i didn't do so well. not sure what was going on !! excellent times....

  8. Whoohooo great job on the run Amanda, love the speed!

    I'm stopping by on behalf of Tall Mom and the 1000+ Mile Club, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Shoot me or Mel an email if you need anything. Happy running!

  9. I completely know what you are talking about! Being a runner in Chicago, we have to run races all the time in freezing temps, or snow, etc. I prefer the cold, as I run much faster! But that might be just so I can get done and inside faster! haha

  10. Don't know how you're running in the snow. I'm a weenie aboutt the cold. I punk out when it's below 30. Luckily that doesn 't happen to ofter in SE Louisiana

  11. Ummm HELLO...who has been telling you that you are FAST and just don't believe it or unleash it?? Hmmmm?? Love it!

    So I guess you better go buy some good gear and hit is hard. We have a 15.78 miler next weekend.

    Hugs to fun with family. Cant wait to see you running buddy..

  12. Very nice run! Sometimes I just run faster because I want to get home quicker to get out of the weather! You rock for running in that weather, especially being under rock!!

  13. great pace! And dont be so quick to pass off running an 8:35 pace at a marathon as just being a could totally happen!!

  14. Holy Cow, great time!! I know what you mean about being able to go faster, but just not. Way to challenge yourself and go the fast extra mile!

  15. Check out that pace...amazing! I wish the cold had the same effect on me :)


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