Sunday, April 1, 2018

Already Ahead....

...once I hit PUBLISH I’ll already be ahead of my 2017 blogging. Can I get a high five?

So I’m still in for Blooms to Brews! Tulips are already in full bloom here in OK so you better believe I threatened Jessica about the tulips up there in the PNW. She assured me that the tulips in fact would be in full bloom end of April. I’m pretty excited to get back up there and run a race… it’s been far too long.

Although this won’t be much of a race per say.  I’m not going for a PR. The training just hasn’t been there. I have no doubt I can cover the distance. But injury has set me back significantly. The past three years I have been busy with something called Crossfit. Ever heard of it? It has been an amazing experience and I’ll be the first to say it’s not for everyone. But for me it has been awesome. If you’re curious you should most definitely give it a try. The atmosphere and community are unlike anything you have ever experienced, except maybe like the military. Anyway, I digress… the 2018 Open brought with it, like it does every year, challenges and weaknesses are exposed. During 18.1 (1st of 5 workouts) I did a doozie on my body. Long story short over a month later and I am still slowly recovering from an injury sustained to my ribs, shoulder blade, rhomboid major, and AC joint. It sounds serious and awful. It was certainly awful and one of the most painful things I have experienced. But not serious. It just needs time to recover. And I’m not good at taking time off. Especially when I have race to train for. But overall no permanent damage has been done to my body.

 If you’ve ever popped ribs out of place or cracked or injured your ribs in any way you understand just how hard it is to even breath. Forget sneezing, coughing, or laughing. Breathing is so difficult that small shallow breaths are all you can handle, which over time causes a feeling of almost hyperventilating. Not. Fun.

So how the heck can you run when you can’t breath or stand unassisted for more than a couple of minutes? You can’t. Nope. Not at all.

But here I am, 5 weeks later, and I’m hoping to start running Thursday! The Dr. on Thursday threatened to put put me in a sling if I don’t hang on one more week and take it easy.... so I am taking it easy. A few more days. Then I have three weeks to get some fitness in.

So Blooms to Brews won’t be pretty but it’ll be fun!!

And on a final note I need a challenge for the next 365 days.... I turned 39 in March and the next one is gonna different than any other birthday I’ve had. I’m working on an epic 40th birthday trip, but until then I need something to keep me going. When I was a military spouse I ran a half marathon every month during the first deployment. I think a half a month is a bit too ambitious given OK doesn’t exactly have the race scene that the PNW afforded me with. But maybe a 5k a month, or a mile a day, or yoga every day, or some kind of registered even a month.... something. And I need to figure it out fast! So give me some ideas!!

Epic BDay cake made by Summer

Ace was super impressed by the bday flowers!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Well HELLO 2018....'s been so long. Actually, strangely enough it has been ONE year and ONE day since my last post. That is really weird. I had no idea unit I sat down to actually write this post. I have no idea why I didn't really blog much last year. Maybe I'll do more this year. Maybe.

So what have I been up to the last year? A lot. And well not much at the same time. I guess you could say I've been up to a lot of the same things. Cross Fit mostly. That takes up a lot of my time and attention. I'm definitely hooked. And so my blog title 5 Miles Past Empty doesn't seem to fit anymore. But changing it is pretty overwhelming. It's something I'll be putting a lot of thought in to the next month or so.

So this morning I drug myself out of bed for a run.  I was supposed to do that last weekend but it was 18 degrees and the windchill was just stupid, much worse than that. So why on earth would I purposely go out and run in that kind of weather??? I wouldn't. But this morning it was 54 degrees at 6:15 AM. So I had no excuse...other than wanting to go to Cross Fit at 9 AM. And my friend promised me breakfast afterwards. So of course I was in. And I missed the CrossFit class.

During my 5 mile run I was thinking about all sorts of things, you know, the way you do while on a good run. I was thinking about breakfast, running, Cross Fit, what happened to my love for running, how did I get so out of running shape?? How was I able to run miles and miles and miles and now its so hard? How long will it take to get back in running shape? And the biggest question......

HOW!?  How do I balance my love for Cross Fit and attending classes 3-5 times a week and running any sort of significant mileage? The short and honest answer is I don't know. But I am gonna try.

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting in shorter treadmill runs during the week at home on days I don't go to the gym or "box". Cross Fit is so intense, at least for me because I am not a young spry  whippersnapper anymore, and it takes a toll on my body, so I find it very hard to do both in one day, unless I were to run in the AM and hit Cross Fit in the evening. But even then I am exhausted and my body retaliates. Recovery doesn't come as easy as it used to. And lets be honest, I hate getting up any earlier than I have to.

Now more than ever I am trying to focus on nutrition and recovery as well as injury prevention. After all I wanna keep on doing what I'm doing. for a long time.  And well I have a 13.1 to run in April, Blooms to Brews in Washington. And the best part I'll be running with lots of friends I haven't run with or even seen in so long! And secondly I'll be running past fields of absolute favorite! So with a plan on paper, a goal in my eye,  and motivation in my heart I am off to a good start in 2018!

So here I am....Cross Fitting, Running, and trying to get back to my blog!

It feels good to be back!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Put in the werk, werk, werk....

...and you will see a change. This is 100% true. I don't know what kind of change you will see....but you WILL see a change.

The changes that come with living an active and healthy lifestyle aren't always in the waistline or size of your clothes. While those changes are awesome those aren't the ones I seek. Those aren't the ones that keep me going, time after time, to the gym, mile after mile down the road. The changes that keep me going are the ones I feel on the inside, physically and emotionally. 

Just before Christmas one of the coaches at the gym released some stats. If you know me you know I love LOVE LOVE stats....and I was floored when I saw them. Last year I attended 167 crossfit classes. 167! I think that is a lot considering the significant work that goes into a crossfit class. My girl Kristy was the female leader with 181 classes!! And Brandi was second with 170! I was a close third for attendance. Also, if you know me you know I have a slight competitive side. I didn't know this was being logged and monitored but you better believe in 2017 I know.....

Another stat that tickled me pink was the PR Leaderboard....all my runner readers, we know what PR means....I lead the females in PR's in 2016. And was third overall in the gym including dudes. So I was better than myself 65 times. 65 times I pushed myself and did more, heavier, or faster....and that is awesome! 

Starting anything new is hard. But if you put in the time and the work it gets easier. It may even become fun! And then it just becomes a part of your day-to-day and it is no longer new. When people say, "Yeah but.....I can't's hard for me...." I get it. I used to think I couldn't too....I used to have every reason under the sun why I couldn't do something or that it was harder for me for some reason. But the truth is once I decided  I made it happen and it was no longer became an option. We all have busy lives, hectic schedules,  health problems, kids, jobs,  mortgages....whatever.... excuses.  Find something that interests you and do it! It doesn't have to be CrossFit or running marathons! It could be frisbee golf or tennis, or yoga, or power walking. It could be jazzercizing or swimming. It doesn't even matter. You have the ability to make it a part of your life and you will not be sorry..... You will see how it changes you, slowly from the inside out!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello 2017...

Time keeps marching on. I guess that is a good thing.

Hello faithful followers, old and new. It's been a while. I remember when I used to blog almost daily. My how times have changed. Sometimes I miss it terribly. Sometimes I don't at all. That's OK, I know it is here and when  the mood strikes me I can come and write. I have enjoyed looking back at many of my memories, good and not so good. My blog and my life have evolved and of course that is expected. I miss the days when I was logging miles and my race calendar was full. I miss my running buddies and the camaraderie we shared. But I can look back and smile and at the end of life that is all I can ask for, many happy memories that bring a smile to my face.....

So for 2017 what will I be up to? I decided to get out of bed and sit and think about this. As I started thinking I realized that my blog has always helped me think and has been an invaluable tool for me in my personal growth. So I decided to think about 2016 first. What did the past year teach me?

2016 taught me to acknowledge hurt and pain, to be kind to myself, and forgive and let it go. It has taught me that some people just cannot, will not, do not, and/or won't love me the same as I love them. And that is OK. I have forgiven and let go of those who maybe had no idea it even needed to happen. And that is OK. I have accepted that maybe the quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson has some truth to it; It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all..... I have learned to by happy with me, myself, and I. I have discovered that I love myself, fully and unconditionally. I have adjusted my mindset and my my motivation for doing and accomplishing things is not longer for the end result of being good enough....because I am already good enough.

For the first time in maybe ever, the history of ME I have realized that in 2017 I want to continue doing what I am doing. Being unapologetically me. I want to keep striving for health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. I want to teach and lead my son, guide him to continue growing into an amazing, caring young man. I want to continue growing and pushing myself. I want to live life and make it happen, not let life happen to me.

I still need to think of some solid, measurable goals and post them. That will be coming soon. In the mean time HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for following along as I stumble through life and occasionally fill you all in!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I am not "Lucky"...

Quite a few months ago I was approached on the sidewalk while in Nashville. The well-intentioned man told me, "Congratulations!" I was dumbfounded and looked at him with that expression of confusion and surprise....he noticed and quickly explained, "For your body. Congratulations. I just wanted to tell you that." I again just looked at him, confused. And said, "Ok. Thank you?"

I turned to my friends and was still confused. They assured me it was a compliment. I was upset. I didn't win my body at the county fair....I worked hard for it. They explained it was a good compliment, congratulations for working hard and being fit. I accepted their explanation but it still didn't sit well with me. But I soon forgot all about it.

Recently I was talking with a person about fitness, diet and nutrition, and just all around life. She told me, "You're so lucky." I immediately felt my face get hot and heart pound a little harder. Clearly I have some issues with body image here....I need to work on that. But anyway, I could feel myself getting angry and defensive. I am not lucky. I am working against some difficult genes here.  I have to work so hard to just be within normal/healthy BMI. I work out HARD 4-6 times a week. I watch every piece of food that goes into my mouth. I am working against my bodies natural, comfortable tendency to carry so much excess weight in my hips, buttocks, and thighs. I can SMELL cookies and gain weight. Its true, I ready a study that proves it. Go ahead, GOOGLE "Can smelling cookies make me gain weight" and just scroll down the pages of articles......That is me and my life.

I am not lucky.

I am disciplined. I am dedicated. I am cognizant. I am self-aware. I am determined. I am fit.

Luck has nothing to do with it.....its not luck that I get off work and rush home, say hello to my kid, throw on my workout clothes and go straight to the gym. It is not luck that I pay a significant amount of money for my crossfit membership. It is not luck that I can afford it....I budget it it, I make sacrifices. It is not luck that I have time or energy....I make it happen.

I am not lucky....I'm not unlucky either though, don't get me wrong....but my muscles and strength are not due to luck. They are due to me making a decision that I want health. I want fitness. I want to be the best version of myself for as long as I can.

So if you ever find yourself thinking someone is lucky...remind yourself that it may not be luck. Its most likely hard work and dedication.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

San Francisco 13.1 Recap....

What day is it?? It's only Monday? That means I completed the San Francisco First Half Marathon yesterday. I'm only a little sore, mostly my calves due to the hills here. You can't find hills like this in Oklahoma.

I would most certainly rate this race/course in my top 5 most beautiful and scenic races. As I was plodding along I was mentally ranking them:

1. Big Sur....hands down, no doubt about it. Absolutely breath taking. 
2. San Francisco Marathon and half
3. Seattle Marathon
4. Tacoma City
5. Portland Marathon
6. Las Vegas Rock n Roll HALF---not the full...the second half of the marathon was the most boring, industrial scenery I have ever experienced in my life. Miles 1-13.1 are along the strip and now at night. Beautiful and fun. 
7. Virginia Beach Rock n Roll -but I cannot under any circumstance recommend this race. Ever. Not without feeling so guilty and extreme anxiety for you, your life, and your wellbeing. I think I almost died in this race. It's held Labor Day weekend and it's so hot and humid. I lost count of all the people I saw being taken away by ambulance, in the medical tents, getting IV fluid, one having a heat stroke, and one person died on the course. This, in my opinion, is a very irresponsible time to have a race of this distance. So yeah, pretty but not worth it.

I'll still stay I have never experienced a race that comes anywhere near the local support, crowd, and all around experience as the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Ever. 

I didn't mean to make this a review of races, maybe I'll thoroughly review and rank my races one of these days.

I really enjoyed this race but I did notice that the local support was lacking. One of the water stops was so understaffed that the cups were empty and they couldn't fill them fast enough for the runners to get any. There were small sections with cheering family members, locals here and there watching from their windows or door steps. Toward the end of the first half there was a nice sized cheering crowd. The ones who were out were so friendly and enthusiastic. One man, a worker I believe, on the Golden Gate Bridge, was cheering and high-fiving anyone and everyone who came along. He was so cool! But overall the sense of community surrounding this race was lacking. But that's OK and really doesn't detract from the overall experience. It's just different. The scenery and views were amazing, even with the San Francisco fog. 

With a 5:30 race start for the first half I was worried that it would still be too dark and I wouldn't get to enjoy the views. But the sun came up and I could see everything around me just fine. 

Pre race selfie....

Starting line view of the bay bridge!

Ghirardelli!! Mmm.... I was thinking how nice it would have been to get a nice piece of chocolate! 

Alcatraz in the distance! 

And of course the Golden Gate Bridge! 1.7 miles across on direction! This was a fun part of the race! Windy and chilly but also just awesome! 

At about mile 8.7, halfway across the bridge on the way back, I finally felt lose, warmed up, my calves loosened up, and I got my second wind, or maybe my first wind. Up to this point I felt slow and tight. So I picked up the pace a bit and just cruised right on along.... 

I heard some lady tell her friend, after a huge awful hill, that it was all downhill from here. I turned a corner and saw right in front of me a huge hill. I felt sorry for her friend. I felt sorry for me. It was steep but short(ish) so I did the only thing I could do. I put one door in front of the other and overtook that stupid hill. 

I knew my Garmin was off by a little bit, as usual, due to running the tangents, or not. And weaving and dodging. So when I hit mile 13 and didn't see the finish anywhere in sight I just had to remind myself it was close. I was close

When I did see the finish I was so glad to be done at mile 13.1 and not going on for 26.2. I came on in to the finish line and as always felt a huge sense of pride and a smile across my face. Another one in the books and I survived. 

Of course the signature pose....

And there you have it, San Francisco First Half Marathon.

I met a couple of nice ladies on the course from Tulsa, OK (because I forgot my headphones and that gave me an opportunity to be present in the race and not antisocial) who may have convinced me to do Tulsa Route 66 in November. I've toyed with the idea of this race for a while now so we shall see....That might just be what's next. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Active Recovery....

What does that even mean?? Since starting CrossFit active recovery has become a more and more clear necessity.  

Back in my high-mileage running days active recovery was not something I really did. I laid on the couch, iced my shins and compressed my calves, if I was lucky. Otherwise I went about my day chasing LB around and being a mom (active recovery at its finest). I didn't really put much thought into it. Rest and recovery days then I'd get up and do it all over again. 

But now Crossfit is a whole new beast. It keeps my body and muscles guessing as to what's coming next. I may crush my shoulders and upper body today and then smash my legs, quads and butt tomorrow. So active recovery has become a fun way to shake out the muscles, move around and get that lactic acid out, so that I can do it all again. Active recovery is usually less intense than normal training and done on "rest days". 

So what does an "active recovery" day look like for me? My new favorite is stand up paddle boarding! 

It is a great way to be active but not feel like I'm doing much! And ...I've been trying to get Ace out and on the stand up paddle board with me. It wasn't going so well and all he wanted to do was swim. I decided to get him a life jacket so he could swim, I could paddle, and we both could enjoy ourselves. He finally got the hang of it and had a nice time paddling around for a few hours this weekend! 

I also enjoy just walking. A nice 4 mph walk is an excellent way to actively recover. Swimming is a favorite of mine as well. Even better if you can drag your friends along! 

Other fun things are yoga and my new challenge is practicing my headstand a and hula hooping. 

Got a terrible cramp in my hammy after this one....

These are just a few of my favorite ways to stay active. I think at the end of the day, for me, active recovery is a lifestyle. It's being active, outside, doing stuff, enjoying each and every day to it's fullest!

This weekend I'll be actively recovering on a surf board and a skate board in Santa Cruz and San Francisco! 

Go ahead! Get out there! Actively recover and actively live life! You won't be sorry! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

San Fran 13.1 Prep Time!

So it's time to start prepping and packing for next weekend's half marathon. This morning as I was facetiming my Little Buddy, he's been in San Fran since early May, I noticed he was wearing a thick hoodie. It's hard to imagine why since we've been sweltering here in 100+ heat for days on end. 

I decided to check the weather and this is what I discovered: 

Umm......perfect running weather! 

Compared to here:

The only thing running here is the sweat....down my face and back and legs and body! 

I definitely love the heat but running in it is another story. Although our Crossfit gym is hot as can be and I handle that. But we we aren't usually in the direct sunlight like it is with running. 

So I'll be getting my race day outfit picked out. I'm thinking the difference in temperature is going to be pretty drastic for me so my initial thoughts of shorts or running skirt and tank top may not work.

One year when I was living in North Carolina I went from there to run the Seattle RnR half in June. The temperature difference was pretty much the same as this will be and I ended up getting a 13.1 PR of about 5 minutes!! I'm not expecting a 1:50 half marathon next weekend but it could happen! That would be awesome! We will see.....


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