Sunday, January 3, 2010

To the best Bloggy People in the WORLD!

You all are truly amazing.
Has anyone told you that lately?
Absolutely AMAZING.

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. I am certain that your prayers and positive vibes have carried me the last month. I am feeling better and my Dr. appointment Saturday showed improvement. So Tuesday when I go back in I will inquire about running again! I know I will have to start out slow and work my way back to where I was but that is ok. I NEED to run, more now than ever.

On top of the medical issues I have been dealing with yesterday I dropped The Hubs off and he is headed to lands unknown (for his safety and the safety of those he works with I will just leave it as a military deployment). It is never easy when he leaves. If I wasn't in a cave the last month then I will definitely be in one for the next couple of weeks. It always takes time to get into the routine of being a married-but-single mom and dealing with nerves and anxiety. There are a few things that are just plain annoying during deployment.

To name a few annoying things:
Missing the phone call by literally 2 seconds, answering just to hear the click.
Carrying the cell phone with you to the bathroom so you DON'T miss it by 2 seconds again.
Feeling like you have a growth on your body and it is actually a cell phone.
Watching the news.
People who want to tell you about the news in the given location of your Hubs.
Wishing time to pass quickly when you know that it wont.
Feeling conflicted because by wishing for time to pass quickly you are also wishing your life away.

Thanks for letting me whine for a minute....

Now, about the running. Despite my current condition I just registered for the Mercer Island Half Marathon on 3/21 which so happens to be my BIRTHDAY!! What a great day for a race! I have never raced on my birthday before! I have no doubt I will be well enough by then to run, I may not be in good enough shape to get my sub 2 PR but hey, I have the whole year to do that!

Having an empty calendar is not a good way to start out a deployment so today I sat down to write some stuff in. In addition to the Mercer Island Half I have penciled in Mt. Si ultra relay in April! Yay! I LOVE LOVE LOVE relays!! This will be my third year participating in this race. I am still contemplating the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon at the end of April. The past month has knocked my confidence in a full marathon, but if not the full then the half is a possibility. May brings a couple of local halves to chose from so I will decide later on that. Then we find ourselves in June. June brings the Rainier to Ruston ultra relay! Another of my favs!! Also, my sister and her friend may be heading here to do the Seattle Rock-n-Roll half! So if they come then naturally I will HAVE to do it too! This would be my first race with my sister!! How fun! She will most likely beat me. She has always been the runner of the fam and she is pretty naturally great at it. I just have to work too hard. But that is ok, I just think it is cool that we will be doing the same race! Then, folks, it will be July!!!! Not too much happens in July (insert sarcasm here), there are a handful of Tri's (which I will have to do at least one this summer) and a few local halves. And hopefully, Lord willing The Hubs will be home before our son's 5th birthday Aug 4th!!! Yay!

The only months I see dragging by are January and February. I will dedicate January to healing, getting better, and building my running base back up, and just getting out of bed every day (this includes leaving my cave). And Feb I've got nothing. I plan to head home to OK to visit the fam, since we had to cancel our trip over Christmas.

When I sum up the next 7 months like I just did above it doesn't seem so overwhelming!

With the new year comes changes. I welcome the changes and put 2009 behind me. 2009 has had it's challenges and has hopefully made me stronger. I have grown in many ways and pushed myself beyond my breaking point only to find I did not actually break. My motto for '09 was "that which does not kill me only makes me stronger". I am searching for my motto for 2010 and for some reason this seems appropriate: "God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it" (1 Corinthians 10:13). What is your motto for 2010?

Next up a recap of my Holiday gift exchange gift from Kayte (I feel so bad but I have not mailed your yet! I promise to do so this week!! I have just been beyond distracted)!

Today I am grateful for:

Improvements in my health!

A friend who has moved in with me while The Hubs is deployed! YAY AN the RB!! Welcome home!

Despite the holiday season, looking on the bright side of the negative, I lost 10 pounds!

Run Happy Friends and Have a Blessed New Year!


  1. Hugs to you on the deployment, can't begin to imagine how hard that is on you. Yay for you on the healing and all of the race plans. I'd love to try a relay sometime. congrats on -10 lbs! That is awesome. Happy New Year!

  2. So glad to read a FULL post from you, friend! :-) Continuing to send warm, healhty thoughts your way (though we seem to have gone into deep freeze here in Orlando this week..OMG!).

    Glad to see you've got a calendar in the works.... so important (and yet as you know, so tough) to stay focused on "anything other than" when the hubs deploys. I don't miss those years so long ago, but think of you & your family often... keeping you guys in my prayers.

    Love your new motto for '10! Mine is: "Pay it forward. Make a difference. Run with a purpose." Really, this is life-long, but I'm expressing it for '10. :-)

    HUGS to you!!! Get healthy, stay strong, and know that you have lots of friends thinking about you all over the world.

    the orlando turtle... :-)

  3. Oh please! the last thing you need to worry about is me! lol and plus when christmas comes late it is always fun. I've never had to experience military life and I don't know how you ladies and gentlemen do it. You are some of the strongest people out there. My heart and prayers go out to all military families and my gratitude is endless! I wish your family the absolute best! Keep your head're far stronger than you know!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you! I know deployment can be hard, I watched my friend go through it twice while she was pregnant both times. I hope you have a great week :-0

  5. May you be blessed with strength while the hubby is away. I can only imagine how hard that must be.

    Love the new motto!

  6. Thinking of you, Amanda! I'm so glad you are running the Mercer Island Half, too! Can't wait to meet you in person with the other girls. :) You'll be running in no time. Take care!

  7. Hoping for an easier than normal and a very quick deployment!!

  8. Yippee you have a roommate!!

    Love this post and your honesty, as your running pal I for one will be PUMPED to have you back. I met Zoe for a KILLER hill run today, you would LOVE it!!

    OK we can talk Mercer plans once you are back and running. Either way we need to carpool and lunch after the race is on me.

    Hugs and love during this tough time. You are sooo strong.

    FYI hubs and I are doing Capital City in May.. Good race, small, rolling hills, well organized, long sleeve tech t..

  9. Sorry about your husband being deployed - ugh. Glad you are keeping the spirit up and found a roommate to help keep you company! Hugs to you!!!! Happy New Year!

  10. Oh, jeez. That must be so rough -- I can't imagine. Sending you strength and hugs. Keep on keepin' on!

  11. I have to be honest. I barely remember anything in your post after your talk about your Hubbs. (I will re-read it at a more decent hour) We must be in a similar boat. My hubbs was away for 2+ yrs and now is stateside but away doing work. Yeah, I am all too fimilar with the 'we don't really talk about it' attitude of that kind of work.

    It is very challenging. To have a hubby but not have him there. I will think of you and your family often. Tell him Thank you from us. For all he does and all he is missing to do it! Thank you to you too, Amanda for allowing him to.

  12. I am so glad you are doing better. I miss seeing your posts and hearing your positive thoughts!

    You have quite the calendar for 2010! I know you could do a full this year. KNOW it. :)

    I'm so excited for MI on your birthday! I hope we can all go out for a big birthday celebration afterward!

    Get better!

  13. Hugs to you on the deployment. I literally know exactly how you feel. I think that is the main reason I no longer watch any television even when he is home.

    Thank you for being a strong example for all of us!

    Take care! If you need anything, please let me know!

  14. deployments suck butt. there's no other way about it.
    the beginning sucks when you have to get used to doing everything on your own. the middle sucks because it seems like time is standing still. and then end sucks because things are usually up in the air and you're so stressed by the end that you're just ready for it to be over with. well... that's how they are for me anyway.
    best of luck to you!

  15. It's so good to hear from you again Amanda! And what an exiting runs you have planned, can't wait to follow you in that.

    Sorry the hub has gone away, hope he will return home safely!


  16. Hugs to you and your family!

    You have made some great plans and I look forward to reading about them more in the coming months!

  17. Cheers to a speedy recovery and the Hubs coming home before August! Love your jam-packed running schedule! Laughing at the "whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger" quote because that quote always reminds me of the movie American Dreamer - a great, fun rental if you ever need a lift.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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