Monday, January 11, 2010

Today I Ran.... the pouring down rain. But I ran 3.5 miles. I didn't expect anything less of the weather and the forecast calls for rain the next 7 days or so. It is just life here in the Pacific Northwest.


How does one keep their spirits up in a place like this? I am not sure. This time of year is always hard, and this year, just like last year (only last year The Hubs was returning from Iraq in January, not having just left) is harder with part of the family away. The only way I can keep my spirits up is to run. Today as the rain fell on me, soaking me from head to toe it felt good. It made me feel like I was alive, healthy, albeit a bit out of shape, and strong. I need to feel those things now, when I am my weakest both physically and emotionally. AN the RB ran with me for the first time in a long time and we took it nice and easy: 10:01, 9:49, 10:54 (that may be too slow....) and 4:49. We have many more runs in our future since she is running the Mercer Island half with me, AND she is my new roomie until The Hubs returns! And can I just say it is pretty fun having a roomie, it is a lot like college minus the homework, partying, late nights, drama (wait, no there is plenty of drama just different drama) and add a 4 year old, two dogs, responsibilities, cooking real food, mortgage, and different drama. We are adults now. :)

I have one week to get back in the swing of running before embarking on my 9 WEEK Half Marathon Training Plan! This is the first time I am trying a plan other than Hal Higdon's, which I love. The only reason I am choosing this new plan is because it is 9 weeks and I only have 10 weeks to Mercer Island. My base has dwindled and I don't feel like I could start in week two of a 12 week plan. So training begins Monday. I am curious to see if this plan will get me my sub 2, something that Hal's Intermediate (with Advanced parts added) plan has failed to do for me (this is not a reflection of the plan rather of the trainee, I assure you!).

Here is a dilemma I am now facing: I have not given up hope for the OKC Memorial Marathon. I know I could do the half but I want the full. I have 15 weeks from today until OKC race day. Is that enough time? I could switch from half training to full training....ahhh! what to do what to do!!! Either way I am locked in for the 3/21 half, signed up and ready to run with all my local blogging buddies plus AN the RB and a co-worked that I may or may not have planted the half marathon running bug on. He he!

I will decide about the full after a little bit of plan searching...

Today I am grateful for:
Movie matinees by myself.
Moments of calmness.


  1. Great comeback run. You will be back to your speedy self in no time!

  2. Hallelujah for distractions!

    Great job on the run! No advice on the marathon, just wanted to cheer you on!

  3. Yay for running! You'll be back to full speed sooner than you know.

    I ran a full on 16 weeks of training with no base, I had only run my first 5K two months prior. I think if you are mentally ready to run a full, you can do it!

  4. I can't wait to hear how the training goes :-)

  5. I wish I had advice for keeping spirits up but the cold, dreary weather gets me down too!

    One day, I really hope to get out to OK and do the memorial race.

  6. Good for you!!! Better rain than snow, right?
    The weather and darkness I think has everyone down :(
    Keep running!!!!

  7. OK so does this mean I am or am not pacing you for a sub 2 hour in Mercer?? Please let me know.

    GOOD WORK running in the rain, you are tough!

  8. Great job running the 3.5, Amanda! :)
    Sometimes running in the rain is just an amazing feeling.

    Oh, and I love movie matinees by myself too.

  9. Girl you've totally got this!!! Can't wait to see how it goes!

  10. WOW. That is awesome that you get to have a roommate while your husband is gone. That is nice.

    And I don't think 10:00 is slow.

  11. I think just train for the full if you don't make it you don't make it. Just do what you can.

  12. Good for you running in the rain! I am impressed! Sending smiles and sparkly fairy dust your way (a joke between a friend and I that always makes me grin!)

  13. I'm so glad you have a roomie! As for marathon training, life is short, I say go for the gusto. You can do it!

  14. My biggest complaint about a marathon is finding the time for the training. I have 3 boys 6 and under so it is tough to find the time to train. I remember what it was like to train for the marathon pre-kids. I say if you have the time to train, then go for it! Kudos to you for running in the rock!

  15. This is why, living in the PacNW, I joined a gym with an indoor track for the winter. I can still run in the rain but I don't *have* to.

  16. So glad you got out there despite the rain! Can't wait for 3/21. It's going to be a blast!

  17. Good luck deciding!

    I love running in the rain. It is so calming. It helps create that one-ness in the world.

    Whatever you chose to do, enjoy it!

  18. Your run sounds alot like my race this weekend...COLD AND SOAKED! But good for you! Can you do me a huge favor and let your readers (especially the Bondi Band Lovers) about my big Giveaway/Raffle to Benefit Ulman Cancer Runs until Valentines day!

  19. Good to hear you were able to go out and run!

    I can't help you with the marathon question, have no experience in that.


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